Time of the Enterprises

To step foot


..Friday 6th...

I rolled into the turbo lift. I grabbed one of the stick that stuck out from the side to the turbo lift and requested to be taken to the bridge. Kirk had ordered me to the bridge while I was making a group portrait of the crew to the Enterprise D. I still am not used to taking orders even from a different captain. The turbo lift went up.

The turbo lift came to a stop.

The doors opened.

I came out of the turbo lift.

"Well, as it happens we do have your creator aboard this vessel," Kirk said.

On the screen is a pink humanoid race with pig like ears, green eyes, gray metal bands around their necks, and a seemingly ugly riddled face. I came to a stop at the staircase leading to the chair. I recognized them on the spot. Oh no, not them.

"No wonder the ship hasn't been able to go on course," I said.

"What are they, Professor Quarty?" Kirk asked.

"Scottyonians," I said. "They are super intelligent and can beam anyone off a ship with-" The next minute I find myself in a dark purple room. "No hesitations required..." I saw two Scottyonian guards standing by the door holding long sleek weapons resembling sniper rifles from the 21st century. "What do you want of me?"

In the room strolled a young confident yet otherwise attractive woman with pig like ears, sharp crystal eyes, and a metal band around her neck. She wore a unusual kind of fabric that seemingly reminded me of metal. She had the face of a human. She put her hands on both sides of her hips making a smile.

"Hello, creator," The Scottyonian said.

I raised a brow.

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"The name is Ella," Ella said. "Commander Ella." She leaned forward with a small smile on her face. "And I am the next Scottyonian in line for the title of 'President'." She backed off observing me. "You look older than the sculptures portray you."

"Why did you abduct me?" I asked.

"Our planet is dying," Ella said.

"No, that cannot be," I said. "That planet can live for another trillion years."

"You gave us extreme intelligence and we need you to undo the damage we did," Ella said.

"I am a Professor in Science," I said. "And very human." I looked over to her dagger then back toward Ella. "Stab through my hand."

"No," Ella refused.

"Yes, you will," I said. "You are not convinced by my word. I am a liar after all!"

"We do not hurt people over the truth," Ella said.

"I do!" I shouted, yanking the dagger out of the sheath then strike it through my hand. "I..." I am trembling. "Am..." I looked back up toward Ella. "Of no use to you." Ella yanked the dagger out of my hand. "Ah!"

"I told you we do not hurt," Ella said. "We simply want your help."

"What kind of help needs a human being?" I asked.

Ella nodded toward another Scottyonian guard.

"You will see," Ella said. "You know the temple as you made it." The Scottyonian guard came to my side holding a needle. "The problem started 5,000 years ago. You see..." She hovered a metal item above my hand. The wound healed moments afterward. "We need a new body to keep the planet alive."

Of course!

I was a idiot to believe these sane logical and very intelligent beings would leave their planet for a new one. I made that temple as a way to give them history after making a colony, boats, tools, and all of the required items a tribe would need for the next 10,000 years. Five thousand years they screwed up; badly. They screwed up in the technological age and did the worst thing possible: They upgraded the temple.

"You could have just left the planet," I said.

"We love our home too much," Ella said.

"Are you prepared for the Enterprise to fire?" I asked.

A sharp sensation went through my shoulder.

"Anything for Scottyia," Ella said.

My vision turned dark and sound went mute.

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