Time of the Enterprises

To find life


...Sunday 10th...

"Hail the Scottyonians," Kirk said.

"Hailing,sir," Uhura said.

Kirk was rather impatient by now. The Scottyonians had denied Professor Q ever being beamed aboard the ship when according to everyone on the bridge the late man had vanished. Kirk tapped his fingers on the arm rest to the chair. He had enough of these denials from them. He just wanted to get the Professor then go back on his original course.

"Hailing established," Uhura reported.

"On screen," Kirk said. The screen flickered to the ugly Scottyonian Captain. "We want our friend back."

"He is doing our planet a favor by giving his life," The Scottyonian captain said.

"His life," Kirk repeated.

"Yes," The Scottyonian captain said.

"What do you mean by...Giving his life?" Kirk asked.

"His life source is currently keeping our planet together," The Scottyonian captain said.

Kirk turned toward Spock, his First Officer and Science Officer.

"It seems some kind of power is fueling the planet," Spock said. "Class M, has a civilization that has reached Warp capabilities, and the climate is very similar to Earth."

"So for all we know, he's dead," Kirk said.

"The Professor might have been lying about his life span," Spock said. "I suspect he is still alive."

"He could be alive or could be dead," Kirk mused to himself. "Question of the day," He turned back toward the screen. "And where would he by now?"

"In the ancient temple on Scottyia," The Scottyonian captain said. "I will give you the coordinates."

About fifteen minutes later it was decided a security team would be sent to search for Professor Quarty. As it turned out, John-Luc Picard was part of the group. This feels a lot like it was arranged when in fact it was not. They had to make sure there wasn't any traps set up by the Scottyonians first and then send the landing party once it was assumed to be safe.

The security team beamed to the entrance right at the fleet of stairs. In the group is Security Officer David Conjuctor, Security Officer 'Lewis Jerkey Pocirld' John-Luc Picard, and Security Officer James Blaffoy. The three took out their phasers set out on stun mode. John-Luc looked up toward the intimidating staircase. Conjuctor and Blaffoy just take one hard look at the sight seemingly disgusted by it. So much for 'impressing' other people with my marvelous yet hell bent creation.

"Looks disturbing," Conjuctor said.

"To me, this is rather remarkable," John-Luc said. "The first of its kind."

"Are we at the right temple?" Blaffoy asked.

"Sure is, pal," Conjuctor said.

"Fascinating," John-Luc said.

John-Luc started up first observing the sculptures set along the staircase coated in dirt. There are weeds growing in between the cracks of the stair steps. There are little pebbles in some of the corners to the stair case. On some of the sculptures are bird nests where there lay a clutch of eggs inside. A average person can tell that the only Vulcan in the group is delighted by the historical significance yet otherwise fascinated. An emotion that John-Luc would be quick to deny.

John-Luc admired the designs.

The three officers came to the entrance of the temple after two hours climbing the stairs and the group reporting on their progress. It turned out the Scottyonian had given them the wrong coordinates that lead to the stair case instead of inside the temple itself. That at the least took away two hours of their life. Two hours wasted on climbing. There was a wall blocking their way into the building.

"Uh, how do we get in?" Blaffoy asked.

"Knocking, logically," John-Luc said, then he knocked on the wall three times.


The wall went up.

"Follow the leader!" Conjuctor said, sarcastically.

"I am not your leader," John-Luc insisted.

"Never mind," Conjuctor said. "It was a joke."

John-Luc went in first to the temple then came Blaffoy and Conjuctor.

Conjuctor sneezed.

"Bless you," Blaffoy said.

"Thank you," Conjuctor said.

John-Luc stopped.

"Was Professor Quarty in a Star Fleet uniform?" John-Luc asked.

"No," Blaffoy and Conjuctor said.

"What is it, Pocirld?" Conjuctor asked.

"Look," John-Luc said. "On the table."

Blaffoy and Conjuctor's eyes land on the table. Where on the table is what remains of a red shirt on top a black shirt, black matching pants, black socks, and black boots pointed up toward the ceiling. John-Luc looked over stepping forward. His boot crushed a metal item into two sending out a strike in the wall across. John-luc looked over to see a fresh new hole in the wall. John-Luc turned his attention toward the floor to see a broken and very old phaser beneath his boots. He looked back up toward the wall to his right.

John-Luc read the inscription in his mind.

John-Luc's eyes lit up seeing the shape of the Enterprise below with the lower deck designs acting as lines. For 5,000 years this image remained unscathed by the wrath of time. John-Luc placed his hand on the wall. These were the design of a phaser being used not a kind of rock chipping tool. Using a rock chipping tool would result in chips,cracks, and apparent pauses in the letters. These letters were all done at once.

"Blaffoy to Enterprise," Blaffoy said. "Come in."

John-Luc looked up at the corner of the ceiling to see holo-emitters similar to security cameras hooked in.

"How old does it seem to you, Mr Conjuctor?" John-Luc asked.

"Five thousand, but rather...intact," Conjuctor said. "Except for the body. It is beyond return."

Behind the table is another uniform exactly like the one on the table. There is a metal collar at the back end of the table on the floor covered by remains of leaves and branches. Conjuctor walks around the room knocking on the walls attempting to make the same thing happen. It all turned out clear.

"I will be right back," Blaffoy said. "The communicator won't work in here."

Blaffoy exited the temple.

The wall slide down behind Blaffoy.

Conjuctor and John-Luc turned toward the sound of this unexpected event. John-Luc turned toward the right hand corner of the room then aimed the phaser right in the direction of the holo-emitter. John-Luc pressed the trigger using his index finger. A shot jolted out of the machine hurling toward the Holo-emitter that apparently had some strange crystals embedded into the side.

From outside the temple we see Blaffoy knocking on the wall.

Right in the moment then did Blaffoy vanish as did everyone inside the temple.

To the past, of course.

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