Time of the Enterprises

The mentors unlikely pupil


...USS Enterprise...

"Keptain, we seem to be having trouble!" I heard a new voice. A flawed Russian accented voice.

It has been far too long since I had heard a Russian voice.

"Something is happening to the engines!" Came a Scottish voice.

"Scotty, what?" Came a young man's voice.

"It is like someone or something is repairing them,Captain," I suppose I should call him Scotty.

"I have reports of immense power being sent through the machines," Oh, that sounds like...A woman, obviously.

"Red alert!" Came the Captain's voice.

"Captain!" Came a older man's voice. It sounded like a old Vulcan Halfbreed I knew. "Look!"

"Ello there, my friends!" Came a very familiar voice.

My eyes jerked open to see the insides of a rather faulty at best bridge.

"Trelane," The Captain said.

I looked down to see I am slumped over a rail feeling...I can't feel my legs. I can't feel my legs! I looked forward to see this young man. It then became apparent who this man is. How could I have forgotten? James T Kirk! The one that my-...Oh no. Not him. Not the spoiled brat I failed to teach properly! James T Kirk, the man I see, is the one my failure likes to bother.

I saw Trelane, my failed pupil, standing at the door to the turbo lift.

"I decided to bring my father here to begin his sentence," Trelane said. "I can't just tug him around where-ever I go."

I fell off the rail on my side knocking the side of my head against the rail by accident.

"Trelane, whatever games you have-" Kirk started but Trelane interrupted him.

"Oh trust me for once," Trelane said, shaking his hand. "I would have told you if this were a game. You can take him wherever you please..."

From then I lost consciousness.

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