Time of the Enterprises

To save a life

...One year later...

I found a pocket of Q energy I had saved on this planet along ago in the mountains thanks to Wilbert. Enough power to send two men through time and I was not to be one of them. It is not my fault Trelane made the judges easily find me and not have a fair trial. As part of the exile I cannot transport myself in time using the power of the Q but what I can do is two things; change my appearance and teleport others. I can send others in time but not myself. So that made it urgent to find the two then send them on their way to 2265.

I decided to visit Village Square (As most Scottyonian's refer to it) since if they were still wondering about me that is where they would go. Searching for a strange man in a wheelchair with a goatee, dark brown curly hair that is visibly graying, and could be in a gray attire just like the Scottyonians. Well that matched about 30% of the male population except they lacked paralysis.

Perhaps they already have found their way home.

I can't believe I had only recently found that pocket in a circular stone.

"Hey forest man!" Erik Call'ie called.

I had been right in the middle of telling a couple of young man the funniest joke ever. You lived with it and died with it. It was like an addiction if it were told too much. I turned away from the young men telling them I will finish this joke later. The young men frowned then they left. I wheeled right over to Call'ie.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Did you hear about the two strange beings who wondered off into the kings forest?" Call'ie asked.

"No," I said.

Idiots, I thought, they lost their way.

"Well, they are currently in prison and talk of some guy in a wheelchair!" Call'Ie said. "Said they've came in contact with the sky and claim it has been an hour for the god in space!" He was so lively by this point. "They mentioned they came into our time because of that wheelchair guy which I think might be you. Are you a lunatic or a religionist?"

"I am neither," I said. "But I am unimportant."

"They claimed you used to be omnipotent," Call'ie said.

"But I am not," I said.

"Yeah, and I just realized you made a pun with that word!" Call'ie exclaimed.

"Unimportant and omnipotent are two different words, young man," I said.

"I know, I am a genius," Call'ie said. "And they claim that they are not going back without who they were sent to find."


"I will bust them out," I said.

"Well, you should beware of the bald man," Call'ie said.

"I should not!" I said.

"He's acting aggressively," Call'ie said.

That pegged my interest.

"How aggressively?" I asked.

"He refuses to eat," Call'ie glanced from side to side. "Between you and me; the released prisoner was told it is urgent that you come along."

"Pon farr," I whispered.

"What's that?" Call'ie asked.

"Personal thing to Vulcans," I said.

"Vulcans..." Call'ie repeated.

"How long ago did it start?" I asked.

"Two days ago," Call'ie said. "That's when he started acting up. He was taken in with his friend three days ago."

The ground trembled beneath making rumbling sound clear as day. The ground broke apart followed by screams of panic. I looked down to see the ground cracking, breaking apart, and shaking. There is a mighty roar from the ground. Picard is in Pon farr, there is a strange earthquake occurring, and the men have a way to return to their timeline. Could this be that something has disturbed the temple? Never in this time had I been part of a strange occurrence on the planet surface.

I wheeled my way to the temple.

When I came to the temple staircase the rumbling had stopped.

Wilbert came to the stepping stones of the temple looking down upon me. Wilbert had his fists on the ground and his eyes fixated on me. I saw a reflection of my older self in his eyes in a cliche kind of way. He reached his large hand out to me with fingers spread wide open slightly bent up. If it were animated in a way kind of like Tarzan the movie it would convey much more meaning to it.

I took Wilbert's hand.

Wilbert helped me up to his back then he climbed remarkably fast up the stairs. If I had a stop watch all indications probably would say it took at least four minutes to get to the entrance. Wilbert knocked on the wall. The wall opened up shaking dust off. Some would say that is the dust of fairies. I say that is nothing of the sorts because bacteria tends to gather in the least expected places including sand. Trees find many ways to adapt to their climate just like the lost ancient city being taken by trees!

Wilbert walked into the place.

"Thank you," I said.

I looked over to the where there laid a skeleton.

"Careful, Wilbert," I said. "Don't step on the phaser."

Poor Blaffoy.

Wilbert carefully took Blaffoy's skeleton off the table then put it on the floor behind the table.

I take out the opened rock of Q power from a bag and stare at it.

What to do?

I know what to do.

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