Time of the Enterprises

To break out

..Two hours and thirty minutes later...

Naturally being a attractive woman leads to getting anything you need or want. This form can last two years as it were changed from a holoprogram into a human being with my mind in place. I chose the form of Doctor Beverly in the attire that woman would wear except there is some additions such as a fur coat, a bracelet made out of twigs with little stones, and a knapsack with tools to mend wounds. I had the knowledge of vast medical procedures without using technology.

I walked into the prison.

Picard needs a mate and he will get that.

Because he will, frankly, never find a person like Beverly again in this time! Picard doesn't have many friends in this timeline, I am sure of it. He does not have a mate, that I am sure of, knowing Trelane's twisted mind. Am I insane for trying to help John-Luc? Maybe I am and McCoy just did not have the heart to tell me that. Men stared at me. Silence was in the air as some can put it.

"Where is the bald man and his companion?" I asked the guard who is slouching in a chair drooling at my exposed breasts.

"Down the hall, turn left, and come right back," The Scottyonian guard said.

I grab the Scottyonian guard by the throat right above the metal collar.

"I do not have the time to waste on your sexual fantasies," I said. "This is life or death."

"You are hotter than the devil," The Scottyonian guard said.

I tighten my grip.

"I will never be yours," I said. "I belong to one man and you are holding him prisoner."

The Scottonian guard gasped for breath while squirming in my tight grip.

"Ah-," The Scottyonian guard gasped for air.

"Scream hard as you want," I said. "But I won't let go till your throat is crushed and sliced in half by my blade," I stab my blade into the table. "Unless you give me the right corrections to my promised one and his friend. Are we clear?"

"We can...arrange...a session between-" The Scottyonian tried to negotiate.

"No deals,Ferengi," I said.

"I am not a Ferengi," The Scottyonian said..

"Ferengi's make deals," I said. "You are trying to make one."

"Fine!" The Scottyonian guard said. "I will tell you!"

I let go.

"Good choice, Scottyonian," I said, lightly patting on the side of his face. "And I have a thousand silver coins to share if you ignore their departure."

"But the king-" The Scottyonian guard started to say.

"Screw the king!" I said, dramatically interrupting. "This is not his life in danger! We serve no purpose in his life!"

The Scottyonian guard sighed.

"Fine," The Scottyonian guard said.

I placed a bag of coins on his desk then yank out the blade. I listened intently to the instructions followed by a simple nod that I understood. I left the foolish guard at the chair making my way to the cell that held Picard and Conjuctor. Several men held their hands out pleading for me to come near. I tuned them out only focusing on the given directions. I took several right turns (30 in all) and a couple left turns (42 in all) going deeper and deeper down the stairs.

Eventually the path became a staircase.

That featured a lot of walking. While walking, I did a lot of thinking how to play this escape. I had given a thousand coins to the head Scottyonian prison person. This is a brilliant idea, so utterly brilliant. So simple yet absurd and most likely comical. I finally made it to my destination.

Picard stood up, his face white as a ghost, and shock on his face.

"B-Beverly?" Picard asked.

I also included memories of her past, the other past where the Enterprise is a war ship.

"Who the hell is she?" Conjuctor asked.

"I am a Doctor," I said, coming to the bars. "I am here to get you two out."

Picard came to the bars.

"How did..." Picard said, bringing his hand through the bars to the side of my face.

"Your friend summoned me and had me put this attire on," I lied. "He told me what happened. He told me everything."

"Where is he?" Conjuctor asked, as Picard took his hand off the side of my face.

"On our way; there was a earthquake," I lied.

I can feel that Picard is still in Pon farr despite the overwhelming shock of his mate appearing. When you are very close to someone you can feel them,sense them, and have a conversation with them from a far distance. You can even get objects from them in this very strange and strong empathic relationship.

"No," Conjuctor said.

"He didn't wheel fast enough," I said. "I only managed to escape to safety by getting out of the way."

"Damn it," Conjuctor said, his right hand in a fist. "Starfleet is not going to be happy about this!"

I used my blade to break apart the very object that locked the cell.

"Bev..." Picard said.

I opened the door.

"I paid off the jailer," I said. "So happens your friend came across a stash of Q power and was able to make all this for me."

"How the hell did you pay off the jailer?" Conjuctor said.

"Coins," I said.

They were not in their uniforms but in the attire that the natives usually wear. I caught the glance of the shortcut mentioned to me by the jailer that leads to the entrance. On the way up the stairs I was told by the men that to them it had been seven years since they last saw their 'Professor Quarty'. How could it have been seven years? It has been only a year since they saw me! Picard reasoned that 'Professor Q' heard about his current 'illness' and decided to show off he really did have the power of the Q and found it logical to bring his wife into the picture. I honestly found that offensive but I did not show it.

"-And we have made a machine capable of perpelling us 5,000 years into the future!" Conjuctor went on.

"Have you tested it?" I asked.

"With a conversation in the future, why yes!" Conjuctor said.

"So you haven't actually used it to save yourselves," I said.

"No," The two men said.

In the body of a female I felt easily irritated. I wasn't very irritated easily in the body of a male but it is easily and visibly obvious to a Q. I prefer taking on the body of a male rather than a female because it seems convenient. I like being a male. I don't know why but I just do.

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