Time of the Enterprises

To test out

..Four hours and twenty minutes later...

I know, I have to tell John-Luc on the last day that this form gets to be real. Anyway, we came to the location where this device had been created. If I had known feelings of affection would be increased in the female human body before I might have actually dappled around experimenting with it. My feelings toward Picard were...Let's say...Amplified. Not only did getting into character feature her memories but seeing him in her light made Picard seem idealistic lovable.

Like puppy adorable.

You can't help but love him.

My perspective began to change on Jean-Luc's character.

No longer did I see him as the 'insanely boring Vulcan version of Picard' but a rather complex man who had the Federation close to his heart and had all its interest regarding the future. I find myself puzzled at how one dimensional he seemed to me at first but now three dimensional. Well, I do at least care about my Picard's fate. Because he is my friend. Who would not care about the fate of someone close? A mad man, I will say. I might be brainwashing myself about liking John-Luc, or am I not? This affection is what humans referring to as 'caring'.

"This communicator can be adjusted into this machine we made using our vaporizers and phasers," Conjuctor said. "We had to tear it apart."

"It was not easy figuring out where goes where," Picard added

"We had to use some tree branches, ore, metal, and some spears to get the metal out of the rock," Conjuctor added. "My fingers are still aching from hours of work." He rubbed his hands appearing grateful. "It took a majority of my time finding work and food in the other city."

Their destination had not been in the forest for so long, but rather in the open where rows of unusually ugly cows grazed the field and there lay ahead a cave. Across from the cave is a simple brick house that seems to be occupied by a garden and a unusual contraption that I can't at first seem to describe. They were definitely vines and rock all designed to a certain degree of a shed that had weapons sticking out. i am currently what is seemingly a foundation fortress to a rather small device. The fortress has been made out of trees while the other remaining trees were chopped down.

And this is all they achieved in seven years; how typical.

But it is puzzling how much time passed between them.

"Does it work sending a person?" I asked.

"I am sure of it," Conjuctor said.

"Perhaps we should have done a test run beforehand," Picard said. "That would have been the logical choice."

"But you heard Captain Kirk's voice!" Conjuctor said. "It works."

"If you are so sure; then you should be the one to try it out," I said. "Then be the one who makes the refinements in the future."

Conjuctor had a pause.

"That's a good point," Conjuctor said, ending the pause. Conjuctor went over to the machine. ever so slowly. "You might want to back out of the room. It'll probably take us all in if you two are very close. It might throw you off further into the past."

Picard and I walked out of the foundation.

Conjuctor pulled a leveler.

Everything inside it, including Conjuctor, vanished in a white flash.

Picard and I waited for an hour.

Conjuctor did not show up for the better part of the year, I would learn. This night we mated in the stone building that the two had created. But during the mating I ever so causally slipped away letting Beverly take over. The Beverly John-Luc loved so affectionately. I believed it wasn't my place for them but the littlest power I had was to summon her spirit and explain in thought the situation.

Beverly, regardless, was happy to be with her loved one.

It wasn't my place to be mating with a man who thinks I am his wife!

By the Q continuum their desire to be together for this one purpose lasted for hours.

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