Time of the Enterprises

To create a life

..4 days later...


That day I felt sick, overwhelmingly sick. I curled up on the flat boulder serving as a bed. Cold sweat trace down my skin. I felt a fever. And whatever I had eaten earlier wanted to come right out my throat. I began to fear what it could be, and since it only happened after mating it became apparent that it might be happening.

To me!

As a woman, dear reader.

In a white flash I saw a late version of the trash can appear beside the boulder. I leaned over and let it out. Everything passed through my neck, my throat, and my tongue. I could not do a thing but let it go. I gripped to the side feeling a yucky feeling in my mouth. My head landed on the flat surface.

From the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white light.

This light took on a despiseful figure.

"I can't believe you would do that for this Picard," Trelane said. "I thought you would pass it up."

I feel sick,outright, and feverish.

"You..." I said, in hate. "You messed with this planet's time!"

"Well, I tinkered," Trelane said. "Not exactly changed it, Father."

I lift myself up using the fur to cover myself up.

"You...You made their downfall," I said, in anger.

"I only gave the Scottyonian's a different choice and intelligence," Trelane said.

I stared at Trelane.

"You...what?" I asked. "Did I hear you right?"

"I made them so below your intelligence," Trelane said. "And yes, you did."

"You gave them the intelligence of a human being and you expect me to believe you did not expect them to go over a dangerous war that resulted in the stabilization of their planet and required life energy to keep it ALIVE!" I shouted at Trelane. "Where is the Bafallo!"

"Oh," Trelane said. "That."

"Trelane, I can always find another patch of Q power and punish you," I reminded him.

Trelane shrugged.

"I simply misplaced it into another dimension, Father," Trelane said.

"You don't just misplace STAR SHIPS!" I shouted.

"Well, they did make Altantis," Trelane said.

"They..." I gasped. It made sense now why Atlantis has much sophisticated technology and civilization explored in the various media such as 'Stargate: Atlantis' and the line of cartoon movies around the idea of Atlantis. "You...Made the legend of Atlantis."

"You should be impressed," Trelane said. "Normally you are impressed when I make a new and ancient civilization."

"I am impressed," I said. My hand broke granite in half. "You yanked people away from their families."

Trelane frowned.

"But they started anew," Trelane said. "And their own families. They should be quite happy about that."

"Nothing will ever fix that longing to rejoin family members," I said. "Ever!"

"Like you ever felt that," Trelane said.

I used my remaining strength to slap Trelane.

"Say that again," I said. "And see what happens."

"Like you ever gave a two cents about me when we were separated!" Trelane said. "That new kid on the block? He was just made to end the issue in the Q continuum. You made him out of circumstance! I was made because you claimed to be 'caring' for my mother! Will you treat q the same way you do to me? Will you be the same way when he is a full grown man? Because I certainly think so!"

I slapped him so hard enough he fell back on his butt.

My head felt hot.

"You..." I said. "You are a different story." I felt the urge to puke but I do so in front of Trelane's feet. I wipe off what remained of my puke from the corner of my mouth. "Your mother is part of the superior Q and I gave all the tolerance I had for you. My son, q, doesn't kill his toys."

"But he will have to come across that choice, one day," Trelane said. The puke vanished. "And he will become me."

"He will never become you, Trelane," I said.

The horror of q becoming Trelane seemed impossible.

"Oh really?" Trelane said. "I don't see you watching over him. It is bound to happen."

Trelane vanished.

"No," I said, sickly.

Being cared for is not one of my strong suits. However I learned to appreciate Picard. I can't believe I am going to say this but logic really had a hand in my recovery. When Picard was gone for hours and I had almost nothing to do but being sick; I factored in the conditions of the planet's era and the kind of dangers that lurked. Knowing John-Luc pretty much did it all and eased my worry.

That was one month and two weeks ago when Trelane appeared.

By this time I feel much better.

One day by the lake side I spotted a young boy in a star fleet uniform crying, knelt down, hands covering his face. The voice sounded very familiar. I had been plucking strawberries (Believe it or not Scottyia has some delicious fruit and vegetables that were not grown by Conjuctor and Picard) earlier, so I came over to the boy. I put the bowl on the ground beside me then put my hand on his shoulder.

I noticed his uniform is a lot like the one worn in 2371.

"Come on," I said. "No need to be weeping in front of a lake. There is a better place to do that...Like in front of a wedding or a joyful moment."

The boy lowered his hands then he looked over to me.

It was, in fact, q.

"Only my father would do that," q said.

I take my hand off his shoulder.

"What are you crying about?" I asked.

"Nothin'," q said.

"Nothing?" I repeated. "I think not! You wouldn't be crying in front of the lakeside because of nothing on a calm spring day."

"Yeah..." q said. "That is a good point."

"I am the one who makes the points, usually," I said. "Tell me. I will try to understand."

"A man claiming to be my brother vouched to help me have 'incredible fun' that I wouldn't believe," q said."I...I.." Tears rolled down his cheek. "I ended up killng a innocent person just with his advice!"

q has the appearance of a teenage boy about 17.

I pat on his back.

"There,there," I said. "We all make mistakes."

"But mine was an entire planet!" q said. "I don't think I can forgive myself for that."

"What did he exactly advise?" I asked, curious.

"To make a pathogen where people did stupid and crazy stuff," q said. "I am afraid of telling my father that...My brother claimed he was shunned because of the exact same mistake he did."

I remember that day clear as a star.

I remember because it was the Enterprise.

The original Enterprise, I mean.

The original Enterprise is very distinctive.

I remember stepping over the dead body of Captain Kirk alongside a station near to Scotty. I had appeared to the Enterprise in a white flash. The twisted, venomous look of vengeance on a Vulcan's face is so not pretty. Uhura was covering a wound on her shoulder staring at me in horror. I never seen fear toward me in that kind of way before. All that was left of the turbo lift was a hole. The entire bridge was burning and smoke was floating to in the air. I saw Trelane, laughing, amused. Scotty, he too, was dead. So was Sulu and Bailey. Spock lunged toward me and I stepped aside seeing the Q blade shine as it passed my face. Spock attempted to kill me! What a waste of his attempts.

Spock landed on the floor.

I froze time.

The smoke flickered burning my eyes.

"Do you like what I did,father?" Trelane had asked, sitting in the captain's chair.

My hands had rolled up into fists.

"No," I had said. "You are not my son." The smirk on Trelane's face faded. "And I disown you for killing Kirk's crew!" I held up my hand prepared to fix what he had done. Oh but Spock,Spock and Uhura, they were the only survivors. Yeoman Rand's body lair on the floor with a hole in her chest. "I will not tolerate your silliness any further."

"Father!" Trelane shouted, standing up. "I didn't mean i-"

I snapped my fingers returning everything to order and decided to become what Kirk last saw me. A giant blue ball of power. I grabbed Trelane by the neck then shoved him out of that plane right into a different timeline where all there is are flying talking air planes and talking cars. I turned him into a vehicle to let him see how death affected vehicles in the world of Disney. He didn't learn his lesson but sure as hell faked pretending to know. I didn't know he was faking it at all!

I cleared my throat.

"Who's fault was it?" I asked.

"Mine," q said.

"Who's idea was it?" I asked.

"My brothers," q said.

"It is his fault, not yours," I said. "He wouldn't shun you. He wouldn't shun a pretty boy."

"But being disowned is worse than that," q said.

"Look, if anything," I said. "Where is your father anyway?"

"On the Enterprise teaching a lesson to his favorite crew," q said. "As always."

I looked at q concerned.

"You know," I said. "Your father really loves you and I find it to believe he'll..."

"He is unpredictable," q said.

"How are you so sure where he is?" I asked.

"I am a Q," q said. "I know where he is."

I kissed his forehead, unexpectedly.

HAH! I am still unpredictable!

"Your father is lucky to have you," I said.

q blinked.

"You are not going to ask what I am?" q asked.

"I have seen many aliens and you are a mystery that should remain what it is," I said.

I get up then take the bowl with me.

"Goodbye," q said.

q vanished in a white flash.

"Goodbye, junior," I said to thin air.

I rub my stomach feeling like butterflies are inside. It is remarkable and incredible feeling that will be followed by hell. But it is all worth it being a parent and a woman; all in all! One step closer to one of my favorite toys. Well, I am currently one of my toys! I smile heading back in the path I was suppose to be heading in. Trelane had done damage to my son's future that was partially mended by me. q didn't ask who I was. Perhaps he'll learn or...Eventually things will catch up.

I am carrying a developing child inside and it is miracle.

And it won't be a miracle when they start teething.

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