Time of the Enterprises

After the miracle

...9 months after Conjuctor's disappearance...


"You have a beautiful child," Doctor Wrong said.

I had delivered in a pool because it was much 'sanitary' and 'clean' enough for delivery. I suspect he didn't want to see his pregnant patients die. Picard had caught our little one using his hands ever so carefully. We had a beautiful and adorable baby girl who happens to be Vulcan. I guess the Vulcan traits are not going away until a couple generations later. I don't know how long it will take for it to phase out. Probably a long time.

"Yes,she is," I said, in a bed where the little one began breastfeeding.

Doctor Wrong shared a glance with Picard then left.

"What do we call her?" Picard asked.

I smiled, looking up toward him.

"I was going to ask you," I said.

Picard sat down alongside me looking at the little one.

"T'fara," Picard said.

I look back toward T'fara.

"She has your ears," I said.

"She has your nose," Picard said, warmly.

I had a short lived laugh.

"That she does," I said.

Before long she learned how to crawl and eventually she began to walk. It went to show me how much time passed even though I ate,slept, and normally took care of the little one. I did the caring while Picard did the 'hawk watching' when I wasn't around and had to earn a living as well. I wrote numerous books in my free time without the child. Tales around a spaceship that was the size of the Enterprise that held a Commanding Officer who was a Scottyonain with a diverse crew.

I had to write in a godly being, besides, if there were not it would be unnatural and disturbing not to include that!

It has been two years since Conjuctor vanished.

"Mommy," T'fara said. "There is a human."

We had expanded the house to accomidate T'fara.

I looked away from the painting.

"What?" I said.

"Human," T'fara said. "He wants to speak with you."

"And daddy," I added.

"And daddy," T'fara said, with a nod.

I put down the brush.

"Tell him I am coming," I said.

"Okie dokie!" T'fara said.

T'fara went out the door.

I started to get up but ended falling on my side. I felt a timer going off in my mind. Panic took over. T'fara and Picard would leave without knowing this was all a hologram but she was real as Picard. T'fara is real. I look toward my hand to see it sizzling. I cannot feel my legs. I can hear T'fara heading back toward the door calling, ''Mommy! Daddy waiting for you!"

"Tell Daddy, Mommy is sorry," I apologized.

T'fara came into the room.

"Mommy -" T'fara started. I sizzled. She screamed. "MOMMY!"

Then I vanished.

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