Time of the Enterprises

Won't let go

Dear John Luc:

I had a feeling last year that I might not get to tell you the truth. To tell you that you have been living with a hologram turned real possessed by the mind of your own and sincerely, Professor Quarty of the Colonian colony. I am alive, tadah! But I did that for you. I developed real feelings and unearthed old ones with you. I want you to know every moment, every bit, and every second of it was real we shared together.

I took the mind of your Beverly and when we were mating; I used the last bit of my powers to bring her entirely there.

It wasn't my intention to hurt you if I have.

John-Luc is seen sitting down in a chair reading the letter.

John-Luc's eyes scan the paper as it trembled in his hands.

I am at the temple, alive and well. Just not awake. Best to compare it to a coma or a comatose state. Keeping the planet alive, age-less, and seemingly capable of keeping everything under control. The life source of a former Q is indefinite. We can be reincarnated and be very different than how we were previously; appearance wise. Anyway, none of the moments we had together was fake. I want you to go with T'fara into the future if Conjuctor comes back and I am not around. I have a strange feeling I won't be there. I just hope I really don't have to rely on this letter to sort things out.

I will remember all the good I brought you and the hell I brought upon you.

I am sorry, John-Luc.

John-Luc glanced over to T'Fara who was playing with her domesticated ape friend.

Picard, through Beverly and my own eyes, I have seen a different man. A man I wouldn't have thought at first for my heart to have been smitten by over time. The only mortal in this entire universe who I could give two lives over. You are not just the kind to fall right over, to die for, but to cherish. Your counterpart may deny he does not like children and feels uncomfortable, but when it is your child that is very different. You are complex, sometimes logic provoking, and at times...At the end of the day I find myself with a loyal man who wouldn't give a second thought to snap me to my senses. You are a gift to the universe. I could have written you in the constellation, made a snow globe of the Enterprise, and done so much more as a omnipotent being.

You are quite really the first man I ever realized I did have deep feelings for.

And that is saying a lot.

If you are reading this, the holoprogram has been terminated. It can not be brought back. But I will always remember you and the kid. If you prefer to do something about it; then read 'Sky Trek: The land of Suluonian' chapter 14 that deals with the planet's issue. You can fix everything. By the way the captain of the ship is based on you, Andy Lola is based on Riker, McCreary is based on Data (hence the puns such as McDreary made by Lola),and you can guess the rest. If you prefer to think of the planet as a real name in the novel then please just imagine it as Scottonian.

The novel is tucked in-between the wall to the bookshelf beside our bed.

John-Luc went over to the bookshelf then pried his hand through the crack. He felt around for the book. John Luc's hand came to a stop once feeling a hard surface along with pieces of paper. His fingers wrapped around the wooden surface between the pages. John-Luc took out the book.

Might as well just write it.

Because frankly I might not even say it in real life after you read this letter.

If you want me to say it again, if per chance I manage to live after you read this letter, then it must be between us.

Only us.

John-Luc opened the book paging through for the big font indicating the chapter number.

I love you, John-Luc.

Sincerely, Professor Quarty.

"Come on," John-Luc said. "Where are you chapter 14?"

John-Luc went out of the brick house.

"Where is Beverly?" Conjuctor asked.

John-Luc looked up from the novel with his face pale.

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