Time of the Enterprises

The white planet

Captain's Log: We are heading to Earth to drop off a comatose Professor Quarty. But, however, we come across a rather perplexing white planet that stands right in our way...Strangely. Spock,me, Chekov,Doctor McCoy and four security guards are investigating this planet.

...Wednesday the 13th...

...Unknown planet...

The group arrived to the planet surface. However, there is many things different about the main bridge crew. Chekov looked rather younger with light brown hair and he had on a yellow see through shirt over a black shirt. He also had a different badge that was just a golden arrowhead.

"Uh...Keptain?" Chekov said, staring at McCoy who had dark brown hair.

McCoy looked like a young man in twenties.

"No," McCoy said. "I am not the captain."

"Captain?" Came a younger voice sounding similar to Spock.

"Yes Spock?" Kirk said, sounding a lot younger.

"You are not twenty-two," Spock said.

"What?" Kirk asked.

"You look younger," Spock said.

Chekov and McCoy's eyes adjusted to the whiteness of the room to see a rather different Spock standing next to a young man with blonde hair. The blonde man had a yellow shirt over a black shirt and black matching pants along with black boots and black socks. He didn't look close to being 35 at all!

"You look younger, too," Kirk said. "Well...Your face...Is so different."

"So does yours," Spock said. "The only reason I assume you are Kirk is because Kirk was beside me when we beamed down."

"Jim, I don't know what's going on but for some reason we all look different!" McCoy shouted.

Kirk looked around.

"Hey, where are the other three?" Kirk said.

Picard appeared to be standing behind the three bridge officers, apparently fine.

"They should be here," Picard said.

I grinned.

"Exactly!" I said.

"Q!" Kirk said. "I should have known!"

"But that is not possible, Q is back on the Enterprise," McCoy said.

Picard looked around, wondering about something I don't even know.

"Oh relax," I said. "I am not even here."

"Then why are we hearing your voice?" Kirk asked.

"I have been stuck here for the past 5,000 years and I really, like really, want to be a body," I said. "I have been so bored. Bored. You know how being bored is? Oh right, you are concerned about the red shirts. They are dead. They do not have counterparts in the other universe."

"Five thousands years..." Picard said.

"So that makes me seven billion five thousand thirty-three years old," I said.

"What other universe?" Kirk asked.

"Well, you see..." I said, as by now everyone is staring at the sky. "Spock went into the past along with a Mining Romulan called Nero and did so altered the past. Your father died and you were delivered on a ship called the USS Kelvin. Your father bravely died distracting Nero...Oh Prime Spock was very old by then and everyone declared in the prime timeline that he had died because of some trip."

"So let me get this straight," Kirk said. "I am younger because we are on a mirror planet?"

"If that's what you prefer to call it," I said.

"How come you are not appearing?" Kirk asked.

"Because I have only appeared in the comics," I said. "And second of all I haven't appeared in those movies where Uhura and Spock are in love because it would seem too 'trekky' and that my actor feels like it's...Oh well...Might as well be just happy my mind didn't get blown to bits by Conjuctor."

"What did he do anyway?" Picard asked.

"He blew my mind," I said.

"This is not a time for jokes," Spock said.

"No, really," I said. "He blew my mind! I couldn't...I couldn't join my body for some reason."

"Mind being blown," McCoy said. "That is a first."

"What about the officers bodies?" Kirk asked.

"Good luck finding them," I said. "And you can stop staring at the sky. I am all around you."

They look down from the sky.

"Did you make this planet?" Kirk asked.

"I know which planets I create, Captain Kirk!" I said, mystifying my voice to the same one he first met me in. "AND I DID NOT CREATE THIS!"

"Oh look!" Chekov said. "A shuttle."

"That isn't real," I said.

"Let's try it out," Kirk said, leading the group toward the shuttle.

I sighed.

At first I did not want to intervene but they have Picard with them! And they are legendarily in the Star Fleet Federation in the future. I came to a nanosecond resolution about preventing anymore deaths. Oh, the deaths I have seen are disgusting! I wouldn't want to remember them at all. I would prefer if my memory was wiped clean of these disastrous ill-timed deaths.

"Do it and your dead," I said, dead serious as they continued.

"How are you sure about that?" Kirk asked.

"My first visitor died boarding a shuttle that crushed them," I said. "I have seen been trying to warn other visitors to leave and be on their way. Just take out your communicators and get your butts off this planet!"

The group came to a stop.

"So..." Kirk said. "It makes what we are thinking."

"That would be a logical deduction," Spock said.

"I was thinking of the same thing," Picard said.

"I prefer shuttles over being beamed into space," McCoy said. "Any day!"

"Maybe ze guards are in ze shuttle," Chekov theorized.

"Just go, please," I said.

The shuttle turned into a black van.

"Who's thinking of a black van?" Kirk asked.

"I am afraid that is me, Jim," McCoy said. "I was wondering what one looked like in the 21st century."

"Just go," I said,again. "Through the communicators!"

"...We are not leaving without you," Picard said.

"We have your body," McCoy said.

I felt delighted.

But it also explains the recent heat flare I encountered five minutes ago.

"No wonder I feel hot," I said. "I have been trying to exit the atmosphere but I just can't...Is there something very wrong with my body?" I began feeling concerned. The look on McCoy's face turned into a sad one. "Answer me!"

No one answered me for a bit there.

"It is your brain," McCoy finally said.

"What is wrong with my brain?" I asked.

"Many things are different," McCoy said. "It's...Been shattered in the components of its very being. It's like someone went into a occupied warehouse and wrecked it."

"Come back with a case," I said. "I will undo the damage that Conjuctor had done."

"Q," Kirk said. "If you should know. This planet is in our way."

"Oh," I said. "Ooooh."

"He just realized something," McCoy said.

It was q who made this planet.

I remember this because it was the first simple planet my son had created to house minds. How had I not realized? I haven't had any intelligent minds for the past 5,000 years. Picard voiced his desire not to leave yet the captain understood his request. Picard really didn't have to stay. 5,000 years being alone and isolated I've gone rusty on my people skills except for those who've passed by.

Who added the aspect that anything fictional would kill them?

Right, my son did.

We were teaching a civilization to grow up and appreciate reality. They still had imaginary friends! From then after placing their civilization for a week they promised never ever to rely on their imaginary friends to do everything because they were just magnetic gravitational pulls of their planet connected to electricity and enhanced their psychic skills. They did not know about their gifts. But a few years later they did find out.

My son's greatest achievement. I remember giving q a pat to the back and feeling really proud of him. That's before he screwed up and wanted explosions. I made q clean himself up after being stranded on the Voyager. It was my only choice at the time facing the idea of him being exiled from the Q Continuum.

Picard looked like himself, naturally.

Picard did not leave.

"Picard," I said. "You don't have to stay."

"I do," Picard said.

There is silence between us.

How long does it take for a human to find a case?

"So..." I said. "How is T'fara?"

"Q," Picard said. "There is something you must know...She is actually four years old."

"What?" I asked.

"Trelane has been taking her on visits," Picard said.

"He...Oh...That back-stabber," I said. "But how is she...overall?"

"She asks when she is going to see her Mommy again," Picard said. "I don't know what to tell her. I can't be always there for her."

"If I don't wake up within a day after being taken into my body," I said. "You have my permission to put her up for adoption. Vulcan adoption. I am a paralyzed man, I can't too take care of her since I am a complete total stranger."

"One day we'll have to tell her the truth," Picard said.

"What if she refuses to accept it?" I asked.

"She will," Picard said. "T'fara is a Picard and any Picard would accept you."

"Oh Picard, I could kiss you," I said.

Picard raised his brows.

"What if you could?" Picard asked.

"I can't," I said.

"A nonexistent image," Picard said. "A harmless one."

"Well, a fake human body that is just a image," I said. "That might not be harmful."

"I want you to appear as you," Picard said. "Let's be honest with each other."

"We'll have to imagine the form together," I said.

Picard smiled.

"I can do that," Picard said.

My chosen form was a man somewhere in his thirties, good looking, and with that curly brown hair. I lacked a goatee. My appearance is otherwise different yet similar though in Picard's eyes that version of what I could be in the alternate universe. Picard grabbed me into a kiss. My first kiss. Why yes, I have never kissed before. The Q did not need to show that kind of affection because we didn't have mouths. Like I told Kirk earlier; we are omniscient balls except connected to a hive of the sorts where all the minds are joined together. You may call it as the Q continuum when seeing it in my eyes. It is like soundwaves moving coherently together right out of a battery commercial or a science fiction ad shown on the TV.

It was a simple yet small steamy kiss.

Passionate, indeed.

Our hands wrapped around each other and I felt like I was floating when in fact I wasn't. It was free falling through the air except I couldn't stop myself. I felt a warm feeling inside that sparked something I had long not fed. What was that? The fire inside that I hadn't lighten up in only the universe knows how long? Was it...Love? No, I have already encountered love a long time ago. My pulse quickened. I felt so young right then like I could get away with anything like a human teenager from the 21st century. Back then they could get away with anything until around came phones and cameras.

Maybe this is a different form of love that many people find addicting. The make out? No. Because every time I think of the word 'make out' I imagine people getting undressed and ditching into the bed! Maybe this is the spark in the kissing that drives humans to do whatever hell love brings them. I am not a love expert but...Picard is a lovely kisser.

We broke the kiss.

"That was the most honest kiss I ever had," I said. "My first kiss in fact."

"You know nothing of how we mated...right?" Picard asked, just to be sure.

"I know nothing," I said.

My fingers let go of Picards.

Picard had his arms wrapped around my neck.

I don't know why but I felt comfortable staring into Picard's eyes. Was it the twinkle? The pretty look in his eye that got me so reeled in? No, it was not. It was Picard, all in his complex character. The one I had gone to know over two years. I built a form of trust with him that was more advanced than the one I had with Jean-Luc. Sure Jean-Luc is glad for our association at times but he has his own life.

It makes me happy knowing the other Picard got his mate.

"Oh Q," Picard said.

I heard the melody of beaming.

"Picard," I said. "McCoy is coming."

"You can arrange that," Picard said. "I want this to last a little longer."

"I...I can't," I said.

From the corner of my eye the beaming had stopped taking place and seemingly McCoy didn't appear.

"It seems you just did for me," Picard said.

I knew Picard wanted to keep this on for eternity.

If the damage was too extensive...Seeing him again would be a later date. Really later.

"Course," I lied.

"One more, just for luck?" Picard asked.

I smile.

"For you?" I asked. "Mon capitaine, I would be honored."

We shared another kiss. It was as steamy and passionate as the first. No wonder humans love it. It is addicting like the sentient potato salad joke. Try imaging the type of monks who see no humor in jokes like these. I, however, personally do not find it funny because of how it ended for the monks tragically.

The usual so sweet and smooth melody of beaming came across from us.

We must have been kissing for at least fifteen minutes.

"I got it-" McCoy started. "Oh...Damn it."

I broke the kiss with a smile.

"I will be waiting for you," Picard said, putting his hands down to his side.

"And I as well," I said.

The image Picard and I had constructed vanished all together.

I went into the case. McCoy closed the lid. McCoy made the usual command to be beamed up along with Picard. The scenery changed from the all too blinding whiteness into the cool shaded room. There stood Scotty behind the machine along with a Ensign. McCoy stepped foot off the transporter then went right out the doors.

People simply didn't notice what he was holding.

McCoy came into Sick Bay ten minutes later then put the container on the desk. He took off the lid and turned the item upside down right toward my head. There I fell through into a dark and trashy wilderness. Memories of course! I had to start the reconstruction within my brain by putting memories together. I love puzzles, this can easily be done in a hour.

An hour later, I realized my brain had been sent all over the universe.

Just after I put my memories together.

Rebuilding my brain by myself would naturally take a year.

Former Q's can do anything regarding their internal organs in a situation like this.

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