Time of the Enterprises

Round two passed


..USS Enterprise..

Humans decide to do the stupidest things. Including mind probing. As it turned out Doctor McCoy is interested in my progress is going. He should know! He is the Doctor! A man capable of scanning brain waves and doing scans of the head to see what in the world is going on. I fear he might be hesitant of intruding my mind.

McCoy got curious on this single day.

I could not blame him.

So, I had to chose a memory he can see while I did my repairs.

"What are you doing,Bones?" Kirk asked, curious.

"I am using this break through device to see how The Professor's progress is doing," McCoy said. He had on a big device that wrapped around his head, had big google like lenses, and had a machine strapped around my head. There were two bolts to the side of his machine. "I can't just stare at a former Q and do nothing."

"You are curious," Kirk said. "And you have gone mad."

"I have not!" McCoy said. "And who says I have?"

"Your nurses," Kirk said. "Maybe you need to talk with Pocirld about this..."

"I don't need no talk, Jim!" McCoy said. "I am fine long as I get to see at least."

"You will only spend an hour with this mad mind probing, Doctor," Kirk said. "No more and you will not do it again."

"And if I don't, you will put me on shoreleave," McCoy said.

"Exactly," Kirk said.

"All right, Jim," McCoy said. "I agree to the terms."

"And you will destroy that machine afterwards," Kirk said, pointing to the machine strapped around McCoy's head.

"I will, Jim," McCoy said.

"Good luck, Bones," Kirk said.

Kirk left sick bay, but before he did he addressed the nurses concerns by reassuring them the equipment will be destroyed and the Doctor knows what he is doing. I knew the perfect memory for McCoy to see. He'll probably get the message! The last scene will be my own choice that happened between Picard and I.


I appeared in the most unheard of place. It was dark and full of technology. I realized then, for some reason, I was drawn here. Why in the universe would Jean-Luc come here? Perhaps he is just visiting! Yes, that must be it. I cupped my hands around my mouth and shouted, "Hello? Picard? Riker? Data?" and I only heard my voice in reply. I thought of one person, 'Jean-Luc' to appear at.

I found myself in what could be defined as the bridge where in front of a screen stood a man and along side the walls stood Borgs.

"Jean-Luc?" I said, stepping forward.

The man turned around.

"I am Locutus," Locutus said.

My face turned pale.

"No," I said. "Your name is NOT Locutus!" I grabbed Locutus by the shoulders. "What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing is wrong with me," Locutus said. "State your identity."

I felt enraged taking my hands off his shoulders.


"You are Q," Locutus said.

I heard the Borg surrounding me.

"Picard," I said. "If you can hear me...SLAP ME!"

"State the emergency," Locutus said.

I frowned.

"Jean-Luc Picard, the coward,the tea lover!" I said, turning away. "Guess I should have thought otherwise about you being one of the greatest captains in the fleet and a very good role model for the federation!" I paced back and forth feeling like a genius on a role. "No wonder you are so good. You are a coward." I waved my index finger. "You hide your fear and pretend that you are brave when in fact you are not!"

"Q," Locutus said.

I turned around.


I landed on the ground after a punch to the face.

"Do not insult me," Locutus said

I smiled, rubbing the side of my face.

"You just used a Borg to punch me," I said, getting up right. "Coward."

"Violence is necessary," Locutus said.

"But the Picard I know would just deliver a slap," I said. "You hear me? A slap! You are feeding off his anger," I came to a stop at making my point. "Does the name William T Riker ring a bell?"

"There is no such unit as William T Riker," Locutus said.

"What does the T stand for?" I asked.

"We do not know," Locutus said.

I walked around Locutus.

"Back on my point," I said. "The Picard I know is feeling guilt,sadness, and regret. He wants out of that body and he feels furious at what he has done! Whenever he is furious at me more than anyone else you just use it to get your way! What is the point of the collective?"

"To survive," Locutus said.

I narrowed my eyes toward Locutus.

"WRONG!" I shouted.

"I do not understand," Locutus said.

"To boldly meet new cultures and assimilate them," I said. "And you have done exactly the opposite!" I came close to where his audios should be. "You are a killer. A lethal weapon known widely in the universe for their assimilation and killings. You take their young. You rip their families apart. You destroy advanced civilizations that you fear may be superior to you." I came into his view. "What does that say about your humanity Picard? Are you willing to stay another minute inside that Borg body of yours and risk seeing more people die?"

"No," This time I knew it was Picard. "My humanity is together."

"Data showed me my humanity," I said.

"Data is not assimilated," Jean-Luc said.

"Picard," I said. "If Data is still out there; do you think he is trying to end this war?"

"Yes," Jean-Luc said, as a tear comes down his cheek.

"We are the Borg," Several Borgs said.

I took a breath turning toward the group.

"Fine,fine, fine," I said. "I will leave you be."

I shook my hands back and forth in front of myself with my head lowered. I turned back toward Picard who was reaching his harm out to me. I had to shatter through my fear as well to take his. He and I vanished in thin air into the open space around what remains of Earth. I had to make a living place for him to stay so I made the Galaxy model Enterprise.

I could tell Locutus is in control as he stared around.

"Where is my home?" Locutus said.

"This is your home," I said. "You are the captain of this ship and I will do my best to help you. I promise." I squeezed his hand that was still held out. "It is going to take awhile for you to be all human but that time will be appreciated."

I took him to Sick Bay.

"I cannot hear my collective," Locutus said. "What have you done!"

"You are a human, Picard," I said. "And I owe you that."

Locutus was strapped to the table.

I tapped on the communicator.

"Q to Commander Data," I said.

"Q?" Data said. "Where have you been?"

"Now,now," I said. "I wasn't aware this timeline existed."

"...Oh, you are not the Q I know," Data said.

"I have sent the coordinates of the new Enterprise to you," I said. "Locutus is slowly becoming Picard. I will make it my mission to help you resurrect the Federation."

"You can just think and you get it," Data said.

"We can't undo everything that has the Borg done in one snap," I said. "It takes time and collective effort from everyone." I looked down toward my hand. I made the Borg infection go away just with a thought. "Before it is too late."

"On my way," Data said. "...Q."

"Yes?" I said.

"It is nice to meet you," Data said. "You are nicer than the other Q. Data out."

I felt so touched by the Android.

I decided to make the inside of the galaxy set model sickbay wider and much more appealing like the one on Voyager except there is more room. The room turned into a tone of white and blue that went together smoothly. I made holo-emitters throughout the ship. I decided to create a Emergency Medical Hologram.

"State your emergency," The EMH said.

"Tend to that patient," I said. "He needs a new right eye and a couple others."

The EMH stared at me.

"Where are the other Doctors and Nurses?" The EMH asked.

"Assimilated by the Borg," I said. "And I am not a nurse...But I..." I smiled. "Know someone who can be your Nurse and In Training Medic Assistant!" I snapped my fingers making two people appear. "Oh, and that Neelix fellow."

I made Neelix appear because this woman is attracted to him.

They had been in the Delta Quadrant and had not been aware of the invasion.

"Who are you!" Tom said.

"Q," I said. "And I just saved your butt from a Borg. Now you must do everything this Doctor wants of you." I turned toward the embracing couple. "Kes, Neelix, I don't do exactly give orders but you will need to keep an eye on Picard."

Sadly...Deanna Troi is beyond return.

"Picard?" Neelix said.

"Don't make me repeat myself, unknown being!" I said. "All the files are available to you on the computer, and Tom Paris knows his way around Star Ships."

Now realize I am putting considerable effort to helping the Federation defeat the Borg. A cure had to be made so the best scientists had to be created in where could be the best place possible. I quickly supplied the ship full of people essential to this mission. I gifted the ship the exact power shared by the Borg to absorb the damage from the Borg. I even made it be capable of repairing itself when coming across the Borg just to make it seem better than it was in reality.

I vanished.

I had to find that damn Q who saved Riker's ancestor and convince him to do so!

The whole Alpha Quadrant rests on Riker!


..USS Enterprise..

I made the scenery turn white all around me. I had my utmost serious expression on my face making the viewer be no other than McCoy. Normally Q's have their ways of preventing anyone un-Q from probing their mind but since I am a human that is not any time for an argument except learning how to make the barriers.

"Get out of my mind, McCoy," I said. "Your hour is up."

McCoy quickly left my mind and the machinery just broke apart.

"Hahahaha!" I heard Trelane's laughter.

"Trelane, leave me be," I said.

"You just passed round two, Father," Trelane said.

"So you were the one who left me on the white planet!" I accused him.

"Ah hahaha," Trelane said. "No, I wasn't. That was Lady Q."

I folded my arms.

"What was the point of round two?" I asked.

"That you love Picard," Trelane said. "And that I was right."

I frowned, steaming red feeling my fingers squeeze against the palm of my hand.

"And round one?" I asked.

"You still have some fight left in you despite being cornered," Trelane said. "Admit it! We are alike in moments that call for death, injuries, and explosions!"

"q almost became you," I said. "I stopped that from happening."

"Why?" Trelane asked,

"Because he is my son," I said. "And you...You...Of all people! You tricked him into killing an entire planet! You told him a tale of your own version what happened on that day with the original Enterprise, vaguely! You have the heart of evil. q has the heart of a innocent boy who wants to have fun."

"We all have evil inside,father!" Trelane pointed out.

"Yours is more sinister and cruel," I said. "I should have been there when you were a kid but I wasn't."

Trelane frowned.

"Round three will begin," Trelane said. "In two years."

"Don't tell me," I said. "It is moving on."

"No," Trelane said, with a snicker. "Not exactly."

Trelane vanished leaving me to the wreckage in my brain.

I felt so alone.

"...Because you are never alone," I heard Picard's voice.

I realize then that someone is squeezing my real hand.


"I will visit you when I can," Picard said. "And T'fara is going to be taken into a family on Vulcan." He rubbed around my hand. "But you are always going to be on my mind wherever I go."


Mental tears are coming out of my eyes.

"I will see you next time," Picard said.

I felt a kiss on my forehead.

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