Time of the Enterprises

Round three begins


I decided to return to the planet Colo. Why? Why in the known Universe would I go back to a place I lost my right arm in? Maybe because the urgency I am not needed there. They do need people to teach how to use science correctly. I am unimportant but to the students I am important to them on a certain level. Their eyes all intent on me, listening, and learning.

I decided not to tell the Federation about my choice.

I had told them all they can stand and they refused to believe some of my historical accounts.

I took a one man ship to my destination.

I have been sharing daily correspondence with Picard since I awoke last year. His days as a red shirt are more interesting then my days on the boring planet Earth. He had his fair share of action, fighting against Klingons, and namely other things that will be noted in history for being part of Kirk's crew. He nearly was killed in all of these occasions and his partners died all the time.

I should have told him that is the curse of being a red shirt.

"...And I wish you best luck as Chief Security!" I said. "Quarty out."

I watched as the stars and planets passed me. I looked down toward my prosthetic hand then felt along the small scars alongside my face. How could people stand to look at them? I chose to keep these scars because they remind me how far I have gone in this life. T'fara, far as I know, has adjusted to her new life style. Life isn't fair. That T'fara will learn. I cup the side of my face using both my hands and drift asleep.

Why yes this air craft is in auto-pilot.

Could you blame me for staying up long hours just making a perfect excuse to leave Earth?

I don't know how long passed but suddenly red alarm went off.

My eyes flipped open.

"Emergency," The alarm wailed. "Federation Star Ship in the way."

I froze recognizing the starship that resembled a unique shovel.

"Voyager," I said.

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