Time of the Enterprises


Once upon a time there used to be a pandora's box. I was inside that. I was the one trapped in it for so long. I was the one who had done so many things. Once you let me out there is no going back in. I should have told the poor boy with a wish to have a genie that none of his wishes would come true in how he wanted them. The only thing I saw in the boy's eyes were greed and a shine I couldn't define.

The undefined shine.

That is quite precisely what I do know of about humans.

The undefined shine comes shortly before 1) something bad happens. 2) They screw up. 3) Before hell comes over a specific section of the planet. My experience tells me that when hell is going to be unleashed it will inflict harm onto everyone not involved. I didn't want everyone aboard the Voyager to be part of the greatest fight between a former Q and a Klingon.

I shot at The Klingon shuttle.

A phaser shot at the wing blade to my shuttle. My shuttle spun in circles. I fired another phaser at the Klingon shuttle. But instead that landed at the Klingon space ship not the shuttle. A torpedo fired at the Voyager. There is one thing you do not do when in phaser play with me. Don't fire at the innocent bystanders. I shot a phaser at the torpedo making it explode in space.

"Not on my watch," I said. "They have families to return to."

I steadied the shuttle.

Getting to Colo might not be possible.

The screen changed to the Klingon shuttle inside.

"You are out manned, Professor Quarty," Captain Worf said.

I smiled.

"As it turns out..." I said, setting a new destination in what best way I could. "I have plenty of man power." I shot at the wings to the Klingon shuttle. "Just goes to show how wrong you are, my stupid rival."

Captain Worf's eyes grew wide.

"What are you doing?" Captain Worf said, with a scowl on his face.

"Heading your way," I said.

"I am not stupid!" Captain Worf said. "I am the smartest elder son of my family!"

I had a laugh at Captain Worf.

"You are, technically," I said. "First; coming after me. Second; phaser-fighting me. Third; shooting the Voyager. Fourth; going all the way through time and being rescued by Trelane to kill me when you could be fighting the Enterprise."

"You are the only one in my range," Captain Worf said. "Makes my vengeance more clear."

"How did you know I was in the shuttle?" I asked.

"Trelane told me," Captain Worf said.

"Any last words?" I asked.

I saw the undefined shine in the Klingon's eye.

"Die!" Captain Worf boldly said.

Phasers erupted out of the Klingon shuttle. Another pair of phasers joined in stopping the blast from striking. I dodged the strike by spinning the shuttle doing so in a yet delicate but absurd pattern. I pictured the Voyager crew staring at the screen half wondering how in the world I could survive and that I could not survive such a attack. You are going to make it, I thought, I don't die today. Not today.

I crashed the shuttle through Captain Worf's shuttle.

I closed my eyes bracing for impact.

The sheer startling ba-booming sound shortly made me open my eyes to see fire, cords, and the inside of a alien shuttle craft being blown to bits. I saw a blue glow around my screen as the body of Captain Worf is being vaporized due to the intensity of the crash. I found myself frozen watching in slow motion the quick death of a Klingon. To me it seemed like five Q minutes had passed witnessing his death. I looked over seeing a reflection of the Voyager going toward a worm hole (under no surprise) in slow motion. I decided to do overkill to clear my path.

I pressed the phasers button numerous times.

Time resumed.

The phasers broke apart the Klingon space craft tearing through into the Klingon ship. I had to end it here and now. I can't have any trace of the future left behind in the past. It is a mighty insane decision to go after a Klingon ship without back up. I might be going mad at the time. A little bit.

The Bird-Of-Prey fired back.

I took a turn toward the left.

"Damn," I said.

"Engines have been hit," The computer indicated.

Perhaps I will die just not as a Ambassador.

"Merde," I said.

I anticipated imminent death. But the thing is death didn't come. Instead I was spared. Immobilized but I was spared. By whom would you ask? A pair of phasers came at once striking down the Klingon ship. The Klingon ship exploded into various pieces of scrap metal and what not. I was frozen there wondering who would intervene on my behalf.

Janeway's image appeared on screen.

"Good luck, Q," Janeway said.

"Good luck to you, Captain coffee beans," I said. "Quarty out."

I witnessed the Voyager fly off into a wormhole.

"Now..." I said. "Immobilized...Now how do I get my way to Colo? I can't seriously just drift in space!"

I put on a emergency alert.

Let's do some meditation and get some practice in.

I closed my eyes and cleared my mind.

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