Time of the Enterprises

Safe and sound or maybe not

In 2266 I finally awoke from my coma. Do you want to know what I woke up to? Oh well, I am going to show it anyway. I had done the last repairs to my brain and felt all the internal power just drain away. My whole brain was like a forest that was turned into a puzzle and had some machinery that had to be well kept. Some of the long walk ways were the ones that connected some parts to different places. I had trial and error conducting my repairs and had to listen to sound and feeling to know if the repairs were working.

"Miss Karen..."


"Would you like a cupcake?"


Clara Karen.

"Yes," Karen said.

"...Care...in..." I whispered feeling my eyes move but they were not opening.


Did I bust some eye nerve during my repairs?

"Yes, I am here," Karen said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because..." Karen said. "Professor, if you ever decide to turn to Colo...There is no First Academy. It was destroyed a few..." Her voice was shaky. "A few days ago. I just got here. The plague you had made remained. It will take a decade for it to be repaired. Some other buildings were destroyed over Colo at the same time by a bomb."


I was...I was...I was enraged.

"I am sorry," Karen said. "Your assistant died."


Not Richard Stronghurst!

"His heart rate is increasing," I heard a man's voice.

"And all your students died," Karen said.

Richard Stronghurst was the guy who helped me. He was the guy who arranged my busy schedule for lectures, meetings, and class. Not like he ever lived with me but one time his house was destroyed by no surprise: The Kolosters. I had to 'branch out and befriend others' as McCoy had suggested before I departed the Enterprise. I let him stay at my house for a month. He was quite a impressionable and very likable young man. Very flawed but in fact a different ant out of the ant-hill.

Knowing Stronghurst, he probably was helping another instructor with some important task of the day.

"Goodbye, Photonic," Karen said.

I heard her light footsteps walk away.

Hell, the thing that started me to force myself awake was that news. I knew their parents quite well from a huge parent-teacher conference meeting. I felt so responsible for being part of their grieving process. I knew the Kolosters were responsible for this. The least I can do is send a families a message not to go on a vengeance mission. Their children would never wanted that to happen. I once had a two hour debate about time travel and vengeance missions in general with my students.

It was quite a healthy debate, I'll say.

They all voiced their opinions.

When it came down to their parents losing their lives; none of them would be pretty happy about it.

The Kolosters had a claim on this planet way before the Colonian colony was founded a couple hundred years ago. The mixed races and the Kolosters had a on-going dispute that went back to when technology was first introduced into Colo. That was roughly 2105. The brightest minds and intelligent life forms made getting advanced all that more possible. The Kolosters were so malicious in trying to send them packing.

But mixed races are like cockroaches.

They always survive just like humans.

Two days later my eyes opened to see a white ceiling with a rounded fixture similar to a holo-emitter displaying the image of the milky way. I push myself up seeing other beds lined along the wall all in a row. There were nurses tending to the other patients making sure they were comfortable. I realized then I am in a coma ward. Great. Just my luck. I look over to see a monitor that shows my vital signs. All of them were in the healthy range far as I knew. So what I do next? I attempted to walk.

I fell flat on my face. Yes, I forgot I am paralyzed. Repairing for so long being able to walk in my mind is a difficult thing to transition from. A nurse came to my aid then helped me back onto the bed but allowed me to sit upright. She had on uniform similar to the one that is worn on a far off planet by ladies with pink hair and creatures jump into balls in the form of red energy. Oh right, she reminds me of a Nurse Joy except instead of the uniform being white and red...It was white and blue.

She even had short blonde hair.

"What year is it?" I asked.

"2266," The nurse said. "Are you all right?"

"Fine," I said. "But I need to make a couple messages...in private."

I knew one parent who would do anything for their child. She was an only child. No siblings at all. The nurse checked my health, even with my insistence that I am healthy as a ox (that phrase I picked up from a friend of mine on Colo who went to the hospital every three days, what a hypocrite) in the most literal terms. One hour later I was allowed to make some messages in private.

My first message was for John-Luc.

The rest were for the family members.

Oh right, about the student who was siblingless.

Her name was Jessica Jahones.

"Mr Jahones," I said. "Whatever you are doing. Stop it, I know you are visiting the Kolo planet. I advise you turn back. Do you want to start a war between planets because of your only daughter? I knew her for a short time." I cleared my throat. "But she was a once in a lifetime kind of deal. The least you can do in her memory is forgiving the culprits. For all we know some Kolosters feel guilt! GUILT! In all its raw and tedious forms. It can pry, terrify, and haunt a man who was there for centuries or until his death. We all know those who are responsible will want to have attended it and done so. I heard your daughter..."

I had to pause right there thinking about what I was going to say.

How could I know this?

I am not omniscient right now.

Perhaps Trelane is giving me memories to go off as I go.

"I know your daughter saw a Koloster," I said. "Right before the bomb went off. He was there when she died. He was right there, in the dark smoke, looking over her. Do you know what she said to him?" I stared at the screen. "She didn't have feet,knees, or calves. She was bleeding. Part of her neck was missing. She was in pain. She was scared. Alone. But...But...But...She said, 'I forgive you.' and passed." I cleared my throat. "You don't have to carry this out, Mr Jahones. Guilt can kill a man. It can kill a Romulan, Vulcan, Klingon, and...It can kill anything. Your daughter wouldn't want you to die avenging her. That I am pretty sure about. You were lucky to have her. I was lucky to know her. I am so sorry for your loss...Grieve with your wife and family members. Sincerely, Professor Quarty."

I ended the message.

Now how does this relate to the shuttle going adrift in space wherever the hell it may be?

Just wait for it.

"Mr Quarty?" The nurse said after I did the last message.

"Yes," I said, wheeling around from the screen.

"You have a visitor from the Federation," The nurse said.

"In here," I said. "They can't press me here." I smiled. "They'll be mad."

"It is regarding a super human named Khan," The nurse said. "That is all I have been told."

Khan and his family was left on a planet similar to Australia. A hostile planet. Khan is rather hostile so the Enterprise crew figured the super human family would be able to pull through along with a not-so-super-human Enterprise woman. They are all like Superman's civilization except there is 73 of them in total. If only they could fly. I can already picture them saying 'I wish I can fly' and then killing Tinkier Bell when she comes along. Do you honestly think they would be kind for pixie dust? They would have to threaten Peter Pan for that! The boy who never ages.

Originally Never-Land ended with none of the kids returning.


They all died.

"Khan is none of their concern right now," I said.

"They are concerned by the sounds of it," The nurse said.

The blonde nurse left me.

People usually leave me when they cannot seem to understand why a godly being is visiting them or pulling tricks. They can't seem to understand the equation Pi as it does not go on for indefinite but honestly it is the biggest leap from small thinking to bigger thinking. Bigger thinking as in going on to other words. Pi actually leads an average person to the continuum after piecing together what each number represents. 3 stands for body,soul, and thoughts. 1 stands for being the most original and unique person in the universe. Four stands for four billion reasons why not to return to being a human. Most humans and computers use their meager 10 percent of their brain to attempt solving this equation. It will be considered indefinite until the day comes when a human puts the equation into a oddly made machine into a type writer.

I can't do that right now.

The period between 3 and 1 stands for the door between simple minded and vastly minded.

I wheeled right over to the table then put my hands into a ball on the table.

In walked a short man with cherry hair, blue eyes, freckles all over, and a dark suit. He wore a wrist watch that could not naturally be found on 21st century Earth if one tried to find it. It reminded me of the Apple Phone-Watch that was getting very close to the combadge in the 21st century. Humans were getting over their technological obstacles in the 23rd century getting ready for the one I really do like. The 24th century! Anyway he had side burns and a pretty long chin.

The man sat down into a chair in front of the desk.

The doorway was locked by a wall.

"My name is Carlson Geordin," Geordin said. "But call me Geordin."

"You may call me Professor Quarty, for now," I said.

"Star Fleet has heard about you," Geordin said. "And we must know everything you know of about Khan Noonien."

I folded my arms.

"How long has it been since I woke up?" I asked a trivial question.

"Three hours and twenty-three minutes," Geordin said.

"Three hours and twenty-three minutes," I said. "And the first thing you ask from me is about Khan." I used my right hand to mock someone speaking. "Oh no, we have a threat we created ourselves and we want to hear the future! The former Q! Yes, we shall use him to prevent casualties!" I put my hands down on the table. "My answer is no."

"You are in no position to say that," Geordin said.

"Of course I am," I said. "I am much like a Psychic for you. And I can deliver fall statements to you."

Geordin frowned.

"What can you tell me about Khan?" Geordin asked.

I smiled.

"In one timeline he is returned to chronostasis by a very different version of the Enterprise," I said. "Much younger crew. And I can tell you so much more than that such as the failed colony on Cardios-7, reasons why not to venture into the Andromeada Galaxy until the next five hundred some years, and enemies you face going to the Delta Quadrant."

"Tell us about Khan's future," Geordin said.

I leaned back into the wheelchair.

"Khan dies in 23 years," I lied.

Khan dies in 2285.

Good lie, eh?

"And?" Geordin asked.

I frowned.

"He dies," I said. "Simple as that. Imagine the worst thing possible murdering all 100."

"..One...Hundred..." Geordin repeated.

"Lives, yes, I know," I said. "Pity they had to go this way. Between you and I Khan's life is full of death and hurt to anyone he comes across. He makes a strongly compelling villain who can out wit anyone. It is not a battle of wits but the battle of lives when dealing with him. Some residents will attempt to leave the planet and some will not succeed."

"If what you say is true," Geordin said.

"It is true," I said.

"Then you are well aware it may cost a number of lives if what you say is a lie," Geordin said. "And you can be prosecuted for perjury."

"I am well aware," I said.

"Professor Quarty," Geordin said. "Star Fleet has more questions about the future."

"One condition," I said.

"Yes?" Geordin asked.

"I will not tell the aftermath of Captain's Kirk's adventures," I said. "I will avoid them at all cost because they are essential to history including a couple other top dogs. I will start with the little things and make my way to the major things."

If only I had known they would demand answers for rather different questions including regarding how Khan died, then I could have made a lie and fled to Colo shortly afterwards while they tried making sense. Colo was...Just a bit like a place I could stay. A bit like where I would be needed. I felt most at home on Colo than in the continuum. That means a lot of volumes coming from a former Q. Colo may have its problems but I find something good in it among the rubble.

Geordin nodded.

"Your terms have been accepted," Geordin said. "And if you have enemies in this era; we will do our best to protect you."

"I already have protection," I said. "Trelane."

At least for for the moment,at that time, I was safe.

"Your 'so-called son'," Geordin said. "He will not always be there for you."

"I used to be Q," I said. "Former Q's can very well take care of themselves without their Q protector."

"Well," Geordin said. "That sounds like you need plenty of help."

I glared a imaginary hole through Geordin's forehead.

"I won't admit that I need protection by my former home and my new home," I said.

"You are human," Geordin said. "They can't have their attention on you 24/7. So you must be of some value to the continuum if they have a protector on you."

"Good point," I said. "I better not be stalked by any of your agencies."

Geordin smiled.

"You won't," Geordin said.

But now in 2267: I am so not in the safe zone.

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