Time of the Enterprises

Shore leave

...August 7th,2267...

..Alacakra Planet...Class M...

"You will enjoy this, chief," Shuttey said.

"I heard it is good," Kurter added.

"I will believe it when I see it," John-Luc said.

Along came Ensign Jarvis (a red shirt) and Ensign Potter (who is also a red shirt) to the transporter. They had been granted shore leave by the captain. John-Luc found it startling that Captain Kirk decided it be best that a planet riddled with problems be the place for everyone to relax on. The birds flew sideways, flying in shuttle was not optional, some of the inhabitant an animal were quite lethal, and some of the residents did not want the crew. Apparently Kirk was swayed it is a good planet with its flaws.

"Ready to energize?" Ensign Karti asked behind the machine.

John-Luc nodded.

"Energize," John-Luc said.

The group are beamed down to the planet surface at a desert. The security team took out their phasers alarmed by the sudden difference in what they were expecting.

"This is so not a relaxing place," Shuttey said.

"Reminds me of death valley," Kurter added. "In the movies."

John-Luc flipped out his communicator.

"Pocirld to Enterprise, Pocirld to Enterprise," John-Luc said. "Do you read me?"

They were met with silence on the other end.

"Have we been duped?" Kurter added, in fear.

"We've been transported to the wrong place," John-Luc said.

"Chief, it says we are on the planet," Jarvis said, looking down to her tricorder device.

"Let's find the center hub or the city," John-Luc said. "We might have been transported to the wrong place."

The group of Ensigns followed their chief down the rock covered path. Following the instincts of a Vulcan can turn out to be a rather good choice as the landing party normally relied on their guts when exploring new worlds or in the middle of a war covered location. The group hid under rocks upon noticing a flying shuttle craft that is so not Federation issued. Kurter and John-Luc look over the boulders with their eyes.

"Klingon craft," John-Luc said. "22nd century."

Sure enough around came forehead ridge-less Klingons holding weapons.

"I think we weren't sent on shoreleave," Shuttey added.

"We are getting to the bottom of this," John-Luc said. "Set your phasers on stun and fire on my order."

They put their phasers on stun mode then aim at the Klingons. At this time the Klingons resembled human beings because of a virus that afflicted their ridges on the forehead. John-Luc learned of this through Quarty during one of their corresponding messages last year. He is also aware that Klingons had a constant body temperature of 104. Quarty had referred to it as the 'Klingon augment virus' that had afflicted 50% of the civilization until a cure was found for it.

Klingons didn't talk about it much, well, they never did in John-Luc's time.

They never told outsiders.

The Ensigns and Security Chief surrounded the Klingon's ever so silently.

"Stun!" John-Luc ordered.

The Klingon's colllasped to the ground.

John-Luc felt a tingle of victory.

It reminded him of the time Mr Data had pretended that his captain had died to draw out the Klingons. John-Luc fired the first phaser at the standing Klingon. The second Klingon drew alert at what happened to his companion then proceeded to shoot Data. John-Luc, from his hiding place, shot the Klingon down. He remembered quite well because Data congratulated him on his improved aiming. Data was the one in fact teaching him how to fire from a distance as it wasn't part of the academy lessons.

"Tie them up," John-Luc said.

"Ay chief," The Ensigns said.

Soon enough the Klingons were brought back into the shuttle tied up.

"They must have a pretty good reason to be here," Shuttey acknowledged.

Jarvis got onto the computer.

"You know Klingon, girl?" Kurter asked.

"I am very fluent in Klingonese," Jarvis said. "My parents love exploring other cultures."

"Good to have you with us, Ensign Jarvis," John-Luc said.

"No, the honor is mine," Jarvis said. "Hm...Chief...This planet is under tight security from the Klingons because it is very hostile planet and not so welcoming." She looked over to the unconscious Klingons. "These are just watchers."

That puzzled the group.

"Then how come we haven't got any communication from them earlier?" Potter asked.

"Klingons are so secretive," John-Luc said.

"But the captain is here," Shuttey said. "I don't understand this."

"It is not logical," John-Luc said. "Leave them in their ship...With their daggers up on the console so they can free themselves."

"Are you proposing we search for them, chief?" Shuttey asked.

"There is a resort city a couple miles away," Jarvis said. "The hub of it all."

"Why yes, Ensign Shuttey," John-Luc said. "I am."

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