Time of the Enterprises

Off and away

Chief Security Log: It turns out we are not on shore leave. We are on a rescue mission that surely does not mean the Klingon's are the culprits, surprisingly. Our mission? Find out what is going on from Commander Spock or Captain Kirk. End Log.

...Alakatra city..

...12:58 PM..

"Potter and Jarvis, you go search this part of the city," John-Luc said. "Shutey and Kurter, you take the left. I will go down straight this part of the city. Call me when you have something, all right?"

"Ay Chief," The Ensigns said.

"Let's split," John-Luc said.

The group of three splits up.

John-Luc's thoughts went to Quarty when he saw two kids playing with fake guns. Quarty would have easily turned the weapons into snapping turtles and made the children cry as they ran away. He did miss Quarty. He realized all those 'unlike Beverly' moments were all of Quarty's womenly side and his male side. John-Luc found himself attracted to that. There was something about it that drew him to Quarty.

Quarty was so complex and so lovable in a way.

What would have Quarty done if he were here?

Looked around and bought a reminder.

Or easily got abducted by some weird crazy group who he managed to elude after a couple hours then flee on the shuttle. Yes, that Quarty would have done. Jonn-Luc went inside a building that had a rather good atmosphere about it. He came to the front desk where there sat a purple woman with four eyes on her head,long dark hair with silver streaks in it, and a gray dress that had a reflection to it. He saw a strange kind of metal around her ears.

"Hello, I am Lewis Pocirld,"

"Hello,my name is Elegir,"



Now, that is a first for John-Luc.

A woman who's name means select in English.

"That is...Odd name,"

"Wait, Lewis Jerkey Pocirld?"


Elegir stood up.

"You have a message," Elegir said, taking his hand. "Follow me, Mr Pocirld."

John-Luc is tugged into a room.

This room seemed to be very relaxing provoking. He sat down on a bean bag that is purple then he grabbed a flower and smelled it. It was so sweet. John-Luc smiled letting go of the flower by the stem. The flower joined into the group of other flowers blending in quite well to the human eye. Elegir put in a device into the machine then walked out.

On the screen appeared Quarty.

"Hello John-Luc!" Quarty said, with a wave. He was drinking through a straw. "Ahhh, that hit the spot."

Quarty put the drink down.

"I recently was able to make contact with a USS Constapol and they'll be around in a couple hours to take me to Colo," Quarty said. "This planet is actually so relaxing and laid back. I have been on a few Paradise islands including Edan or is it Eden? I can't determine how it is spelled correctly." Quarty ate a piece of watermelon. "The natives of this planet are very...Interesting and stupid. I mean the slightest of all nice gesture can set them off into war mode!"

John-Luc stared at the screen.

"Damn me and my anger," Quarty said. He sighed. "I hope you've found this long after I am dead and taking our grandchildren on a visit to this certain planet. This planet is great for a one day visit but don't push your luck here. I saw some people die today trying to leave this planet." Quarty looked over. "Out Elegir. Don't you know privacy?"

"Sorry," Elegir had said.

"As I was saying," Quarty said."This planet is ideal to stay at if you want to avoid people and the Klingons had been the ones to make my idealistic air craft be bound." Quarty took a sip out of the cup. He lowered it. "The Constapol is willing to repair the damage along the way to Colo."

Quarty leaned forward.

"I am going to tell you this," Quarty said. "When we get to Scalos, I am going to take my chances and go on hyper mode to Colo. I know it is risky doing it to a shuttle and could cost more than my limbs." He showed his hand. "I don't have a right prosthetic arm right now. They actually believe it is a liable threat. My arm! A THREAT? Really?" He leaned back into the chair with a grunt. "In their dreams." Quarty sighed counting to ten mentally. "Anyway, I am going to get out of Federation hair even if it means by falsifying a few things. Colo has new rules these days."

Quarty leaned forward with a smile.

"Q..." John-Luc said.

"You can't abduct people off their planet," Quarty said. He sounded so smug and confident about any proceedings regarding his unplanned trip. "So I am really getting a new arm on Colo along a couple other things." Quarty took another sip of the cup and lowered it down. He wiped off what had been on his lips. "I will see you...Out there." He had a little wave at the screen. "Love you. Quarty out!"

John-Luc puts his hand on the screen.

"Quarty..." John-Luc said "I will find you somewhere along the way."

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