Time of the Enterprises

When we get


...USS Enterprise...

"And these are your assigned quarters, sir," The security guard said.

I rolled right into the quarters using a wheelchair that is powered by a different kind of battery. I look around the room feeling a bit of loneliness. It felt unlike the Enterprise I had grown to known visiting occasionally when no one was alarmed. I had to be familiar with the Enterprise just in case I ever decided to other the crew members other than the ones on the bridge. I am referring to the one built 99 years from now.

"Thank you," I said. "I won't be leaving anytime soon."

The security guard left.

My stomach grumbled.

Why is it grumbling?


"Enter!" I said.

In came Spock.

"Hello," Spock said.

"What are you here for?" I asked. "A game of logic?"

"No," Spock said. "I am interested...Why here? It is not logical for Trelane to come with his father and not leave a game."

"To Trelane; it was the logical choice, Spock," I said, this time with my stomach grumbling. "We do not get along easily."

"You are hungry," Spock said.

I looked up at Spock.

For being a Q we had a short appetite and we ate without the encouragements of our stomach. I do love to eat a delicacy but not when my stomach demands so. Before I could make my desired occasional snack with a thought or a snap. You see we don't have that 'bodily demand' or illnesses in our bodies, because frankly for being Omnipotent nothing happens! Well, except for when it is taken away we are much like humans.

"What about it?" I asked.

I do not need to be ordered around by my damn stomach!

"It seems you need to refuel yourself," Spock said. "There is a replicator capable of giving you what you want using cards."

"Cards?" I asked.

"Yes, cards," Spock said.

"The replicator I am aware of replicates what the speaker wants," I said.

Spock took out a red card from a cabinet then opened a gray box with a yellow screen, checked for something, and put the red card into the slit. After a minute Spock opened the door to reveal a good tasty meal with lettuce, chicken, carrots, and strawberries. Spock put the plate on the table.

"When did we meet?" Spock asked.

"Logically, everywhere," I said.

"That does not explain how you knew me," Spock said.

I sighed.

"Everyone knows you in the future I am from," I said. My stomach grumbled. "I met you...Near to the end of your days. I respectfully decline telling you why I visited." Spock stared at me. "Fine...It was to see your friends again."

"Why?" Spock asked.

"It had been two hundred years since you saw your friends. I dropped by under a favor from my pal Picard," I said. "Your only wish was to see them one last time. I was able to keep your mind together for one last time with your friends."

"One last time," Spock repeated, looking down toward the table.

I nodded.

"Indeed," I said.

"That is logical," Spock said. Spock turned his head toward my direction. "May I see you in my future?"

"No," I said. "I have been exiled here in a timeline that is wild and unpredictable. There is no Prime Directive here."

"Hm...Interesting," Spock said. "What about Chekov?"

I shrugged.

I didn't really keep tabs on the Russian fanatic.

"His fate is unknown," I said.

"Thank you for this information," Spock said. "It was rather helpful."

"Spock," I said. "With this timeline; you'll never see them on your last day alive."

"I can see them in my mind," Spock said, tapping the side of his forehead. "Locked in time."

Spock left me.

I saw a fork on the side of the plate.

"Bon appetite," I said, then take a stab at the lettuce using the fork.

I have some seen clueless humans munch on lettuce using their hands and many use their forks that are nearby. Within the hour I finished the delicious meal using the fork. I went over to a bulky version of the computer usually seen in every quarters being fine, solid, and sleek among the white paint. All that is left of the meal is bones.

I put the bones into the dispensary along with the plate.

The plate loses the waste and it vanished.

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