Time of the Enterprises

In where is hope

..August 12th,2267...

..Dead planet...

"This planet used to be alive, a long time ago," Kirk said.

John-Luc had his eye out for random Klingons.

"Captain," John-Luc said. "I do not mean to be condescending...But this planet's sun will go into supernova in one hour."

"Exactly why we are here," Kirk said, now facing John-Luc. "If you had fourteen minutes to live; what would you do?"

"Signal for help," John-Luc said.

"We got a call for help, Chief," Kirk said. "And there's not a sign that someone had been here."

The ground is barren and dark. The sky is littered in dark clouds. There are abandoned buildings with cracks seeped inside. Flags were being blown in the air by weak feeble winds passing through. John-Luc raised a dark brow up at Kirk, a little confused what he is alluding to.

"Are you requesting I launch a one man search?" John-Luc said.

"I trust you'll cover more ground than Spock and I could," Kirk said.

John-Luc lowered his brow with a nod.

"I accept," John-Luc said.

Kirk smiled.

"Thank you for doing this,Chief," Kirk said. Kirk stepped back then flipped his communicator out. "Kirk to Enterprise.

"Enterprise here," Scotty's voice came over.

"One to beam up," Kirk said. "Kirk out."

Kirk flipped off the communicator and he was beamed back to the Enterprise.

"What would Quarty do if he did come to this planet," John-Luc said.

John-Luc knelt down then he observed a trail of wheels John-Luc smiled, but it fades once he saw smaller foot prints. He stood up following the trail into a building. John-Luc took out his phaser leaning against the wall listening to the voices from the room. One sounded familiar. It had been awhile since he heard that voice with a certain bass to it. He looked over the edge of the doorway to see holoprograms huddled in a circle along with a holoprogram of a man hushing them shaking his hands.

"I told you, don't be scared," Came Quarty's voice.

John-Luc's heart raced.

"But we're gonna die," Came another holoprogram.

Quarty frowned.

"By the time you are dead; you will be a old woman," Quarty said.

John-Luc lowered the phaser coming into the room.

"Mr Q," Came the holoprogram of a child said. "The holoprogram has been set off."

Quarty lowered his hands then wheeled around.

"I have set this holoprogram for whoever finds this room," Quarty said. "Oh, John-Luc!" He had a wide smile. "I have set everyone else, except for me, in the transporter. Their patterns are stuck in it and this trip will be somewhat of a unusual time jump."

"Stuck...in it?" John-Luc asked.

"Yes," Quarty nodded. "And since you are here, this will make things much easier." He put his hands together. Quarty had a new prosthetic hand that seemed very unique and had most of the machine parts visible. He even kept the scars on his face for the holoprogram. "Listen good...Because I will not repeat myself."

John-Luc listened intently.

Ten minutes afterwards the holoprogram ended.

John-Luc went over to a machine that is big enough to be considered a pod that has enough room for two people to stand in. John-Luc set the date; July 1st, 2367 at 3:47 PM. The inside of the machine glowed a light hue of purple. His eyes glanced off the green text to inside the machine that has the top glowing inside at the ceiling. He closed the panel carefully then walked into the machine.

The door closed.

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