Time of the Enterprises

Idiot Scalosians

...July 26th,2267...

I was going back on my original course, again. The USS Constapol was ever so grateful to pick me up from Alakacktra in the nick of time! I could have been dust if it weren't for the chief engineer Mr Salavatore Degreens. Mr Degreens preferred to be called 'Skull' by his friends but only 'Degreens' by everyone who isn't his friend. My shuttle took a two days repair. I felt that it was more urgent than before to get to my destination.

Before Captain Pratt messages Star Fleet.

It would take three weeks or so for Star Fleet to reply.

Anyway; back to the story in hand.

"Good luck, Quarty," Doctor Sarah Speller said,holding her hand out.

I shook her hand (Not using my hand that is holding the cup of milk) using my free right hand.

"Good luck to you," I said. "Getting the Captain's attention from sick bay isn't easy."

Speller laughed.

"You are right about that," Speller said, as our hand shake ended.

I smiled taking a sip from the milk.

"I am usually right," I said. "Sometimes I hate being Mr Right."

Speller smiled.

"That makes two of us," Speller said.

I wheeled right into the shuttle, closed the door, and got into position in front of the controls. The doors closed. But not as fast as they should. I put down the cup on the counter noticing the doors hasn't closed. I pressed the close button multiple times and nothing happened! I grew panicked. I pressed it repeatedly.

"You can stop, Quarty," Came a woman's soft voice.

I wheeled around to see a woman with light brown hair in a uniform that I hadn't seen before.

"Have we met?" I asked.

The woman smiled.

"I have known you for quite a while," The woman said. "My name is Alian."

"You are not any Q I know of," I said. "Now, please leave, I have a planet to attend to."

"I am afraid that is not possible," Alian said. "You are one of us."

"One of..." I looked at her noticing the garments around her arm. My eyes widened. "Scalosian."

Alian smiled.

"The Q knows of us?" Alian asked.

"You...You are the first human beings to go through time acceleration," I said. "And you have stolen human beings off space ships! We are very well aware of your meddling in time progression with other races!"

"I can kill everyone aboard this ship with a flip of a switch," Alian said, holding up a square device that has a red button.

"The threat card," I said. "How dare you pull a cliche."

"This is not a joke, Professor," Alian said.

"I am being serious as this situation calls for," I said. "I may be human but that does not mean I can let you pass me into a time accelerated being! I am sapient and have a conscience. I have rights and none of my rights will be broken for the sake of procreating!"

"You will find our civilization is more...suitable then what you find this society as," Alian said.

"I have a life here," I said. "I can't just leave it."

"You have nothing,Professor," Alian said.

"I will refuse, scratch my way, and be stubborn as the next person you abduct! Because I will NEVER ever do this easily. In fact you'll find me quite the man you can't live with. I am going to be the worst ass-hole you ever knew." I explained to Alian in a fit of rage. "Your men are sterile...Hey what's that for?" I notice slide out of her arm garment. Alian approached me slowly with intent in her eyes. I saw the undefined shine. "Don't come near me with that tranquilizer!"

"You can serve my species purpose by giving me what I want," Alian said, as I saw the needle enter my wrist. "Just imagine how good it will be when you get acquainted to everyone on Scalos. You'll love the change."

"No-" I started but the next I was out.

The next I saw was of the shuttle (from the sky) flying out of range.

1) How is this possible?

2) The shuttle needs a pilot in order to go anywhere.

3) This really must be a bad dream.

"Your shuttle is on auto self destruct," Alian said, from behind me.

I couldn't move my arms.

Why is it that?

Alian came into my view.

"We are going to have strong and healthy babies," Alian said.

"You are the most brainwashed idiot I ever met," Is what I could have said. But I didn't say anything? I couldn't say a word. I just judged here right then; a desperate low life seeking to keep her species alive. How come she was able to board the Constapol? Nobody, that I knew of, had beamed down to the surface. I noticed just then that there are some red shirts being guided to rather fancy buildings. They were probably abducted against their own will and will get Stockholm syndrome. It is a common thing for kidnapped people to believe their kidnapper fell in love with them or they are in love with their kidnapper.

Stolkholm syndrome is serious business and should never be taken lightly.

I am disgusted by Fan Fiction rotating around Stolkholm syndrome.

Lady Q dared me to read it because I claimed to be capable of reading anything.

Bad move on my part.

John-Luc...I watch the USS Constapol beginning to warp off into space.

"And everyone will believe you are dead," Alian said. "No one to bother little old us!"

I felt fear, a intangible emotion.

But I am not dead.

I felt horrified.

"Let's begin the rest of our lives by a visit to the museum!" Alian said, moving the wheel chair away.

Only Trelane knows what position I am frozen on.

...I look like the over-genius Stephen Hawking!

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