Time of the Enterprises

Q the escape

...July 28th,2267...

To me; time has gone by incredibly fast. The Scalosians have a unique sense of time where the orbit of their moon and suns move slower than they should be. But to them time goes very slow and they are so accelerated in time. Perhaps the Q continuum should have fixed the Scalosian's little problem by progressing them into regular time just with a thought. Q can do anything they wish. I no longer represent the continuum but it was a general option beside let them suffer and learn from their mistakes.

We were very wrong.

They would never learn to die off and living to old age without children.

Can't they just pair up and be happy they are with each other?

Whatever Alian had used on me wore off.

"Where are you going, Q?" Alian asked.

I stopped, enraged.

"Stop...Calling...Me...Q!" I shouted. "Q does not apply to me! My name is Quarty. It is Photonic Riker Quarty not Q, you may call me Professor but never Q long as I am human and on your planet. I will never forgive you and the Scalosians for what happened to me. You..." I held my hand up pointing at Alian. "Took my dignity away. You made everyone think I AM DEAD!"

"I never did," Alian said. "It was-"

"Screw your culture!" I interrupted, exasperated. "I am never going to be happy on this planet! If at all, it will be a sad and sappy life." I waved my index finger up and down. "Face it! Your children will have a unhappy father."

Alian appeared to be surprised.

"How do you know I am pregnant?" Alian asked. "I haven't even told you,"

"Wild guess," I said. "I never want to see your face again."

I heard the slow melody of beaming.

I looked over witnessing a couple Klingons coming into shape.

"Don't say that about your forever wife!" Alian said, visibly hurt.

"Forever is a eternity, Alian," I said. "I am forever and compared to Picard; you are nothing!" I rolled the wheelchair over to the Klingon Captain. "You took away what trust I had in woman and I will never be able to recover for that. You should have known who you were dealing with before taking me."

"You will never progress back to your natural time..." Alian strted

"I'll die," I finished.

"Yes," Alian said, with a nod.

My face grew dark.

"But I am Quarty," I said. "And I can't exactly die easily."

Alian grew puzzled.

"All people can die," Alian said.

"There are many people who can attest on my behalf on my mortality and dodging death," I said. I yank out a needle from my pocket then inject the needle into the Klingon Second in Command standing alongside the Klingon Captain. "And now you will get along quite easily with this person!"

I dodged a quick blow from the Klingon.

"The Q!" The second in command said, recognizing me.

"I am not Q, for your information!" I said, doging another strike.

"STAND STILL, YOU ARROGANT GOD!" The second in command said.

"Pardon me," I said. "But I am no God."

The second in command took his blade out and started to lunge at me.

"Stop!" Alian shouted, stopping him by grabbing his blade by the handle. "You Klingon, there is no honor in attacking a opponent who cannot fend for themselves." The second in command lowered his dagger. "You will have stained your house for that."

The second in command growled.

"You have a point," The second in command said, letting go of the dagger.

The dagger fell to the ground.

"Ookay lovey dovey couple," I said. "You are going to have one interesting future."

The Klingons are moving in slow motion save for Alian and her new Second in Command Klingon captive. I am referring to him as a captive right now because he can't go back to his time but maybe I can. Klingons sure do have a chance of having a science lab. If I am to arrive at my destination then I'll have to follow my own word: falsifying a few things. I guess faking my death makes Star Fleet less likely to put me on trial in 2285.

I just have to keep a low profile for a couple decades.

"How much are you of a warrior?" The second commander asked.

"I can kill on the spot," Alian said.

"Proove that to me," The second commander said.

"Would you prefer if I murdered your captain?" Alian asked.

"Don't. you. dare." The second commander said.

"Touchy there," Alian said.

"It is my duty to replace the captain if he dies," The second commander said.

"Well, he'll be getting a new one once being beamed back," Alian said, walking over to the Klingon Captain. She took out a blade. "I can just end his life here..." I can see the fear in the second comander's eyes. "And no one will ever know who did it.'

The second commander grabbed Alian's dagger by the handle.

"Don't you dare," The second commander said. "That is not honorable killing one when they cannot fight."

"That is the way of the Klingon," Alian said. "That is your way. But not mine!" She yanked her arm out of his grip. "I have picked my target and he will fall right here on this planet. And there is nothing your friends can do about it!"

Alian stabbed the blade into the captain's chest then yanked it out.

In very slow motion the Klingon captain bent forward crying out at first being silence until it turned into a very distressful cry. Alian grinned at her successful kill while the second commander just came up the Scalosian and slapped her for it. Alian fell to the ground with cuts on her face. These two are going to have a rocky relationship, that I know. She has no morals and conscience at all.

"My name is Alian," Alian said.

"Your name is Alien,and mine is Kurva. You have stained your honor and I will have no part in you!"

Did Kurva just make a pun?

I grabbed hold onto one of the hands to the Klingons while they were being beamed. Slowly but gradually the scenery changed from the massive magnificent industrialized city to the inside of a dark Klingonship. I became fully solid as did the Klingons. I saw other Klingons gather at the Transporter appearing to be concerned and stepping forward toward the Captain who is not in good shape. I realized then I had to make my escape quickly after getting a cure created in here. I turned on levitation mode then flew off out of the room.

I wheeled my way into the lab.

"Must hurry," I said to myself, searching for some items that are part of the cure.

I only found one of the required ingredients.

"Damn it," I said. "I have to visit some planets."

But that would mean to go out in a shuttle. Great, now I need to find some ingredients for that! I managed to find the required items to make a shuttle phase into my time stream then wheeled my way out of the lab. I looked over my shoulder to see the Klingons headed my way holding their Captain arm in arm. Their looks are surely panicked.

I felt scared.

Who wouldn't be?

I have to rush before a stampede of Klingons trample me to death!

"I really wish I added some rockets!" I said, wheeling faster to the shuttle bay.

I came to a screeching halt skidding to the side.

I looked over seeing the group had taken a turn straight to sick bay. I put my hand on the panel, allow it to do a slow in progress scan. The screen glowed blue then it faded into the main color of the machine. The doors opened swiftly revealing a shuttle bay. I wheeled quickly into shuttle bay. Come on Quarty, I thought, get to the shuttle before a Scalosian is beamed aboard!

The Scalosians are so not my problem.

I wheeled into the shuttle craft.

Don't ask how I managed to phase the shuttle into my time stream because it is very complicated.

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