Time of the Enterprises

Drawing near Colo

...September 1st,2267...

...3:58 PM

John-Luc awoke from his meditation feeling a itch. It wasn't just a ordinary itch. He can feel. It was like a presence. He can feel Quarty is somewhere close by. He went over to the computer feeling joy. Joy. The feeling that when someone is expecting to see what they haven't seen in a very long time.

"Computer," John-Luc said. "What planet are we nearby?"

"Planet Colo," The computer said. "The Enterprise is in orbit."

Quarty is on the planet surface, somewhere.

His heart raced at the thought of seeing Quarty alive once more. He can feel a certain tense that didn't belong to him. It was like 'do or die', followed by a streak of determination that he only encountered in his days as a Warship captain. It was the feeling one experienced during a war. He couldn't assume the worst.

"This is Captain Kirk here," Came Kirk's voice. "We are not beaming anyone down to the planet surface because of orders from Star Fleet. If we are going there we will send only a select group. Kirk out."

"Sorry captain," John-Luc said to himself. "To hell with their orders."

John-Luc left his communicator on the table along with his phaser and vaporizer.

Logically, if there was a conflict going down there then he would have to fight fire with fire not tech against tech. He would have to use the weapons used on the colonized planet of mixed races. He went out of his quarters then walk down the corridor sharing last glances in the original Enterprise. He would miss the crew, everyone mainly, but the honor of serving Kirk made John-Luc's lifetime even rich.

"Hey chief," Shuttey said, along with Karter following him. "Did you hear the announcement?"

"Yes," John-Luc said.

"I have a girlfriend on that planet and I am sure as hell not going to stick around doing nothing," Shuttey said.

"And you, Mr Karter?" John-Luc asked.

"I just want a piece of the action, chief," Karter said.

John-Luc turned around.

"Between us," John-Luc said. "My name is John-Luc Picard and I will be responsible for whatever happens to you. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," The two said.

"Good," John-Luc said.

"Chief," Karter said. "We won't ask."

"And we are not taking our weapons with us," Shuttey asked.

John-Luc smiled.

"You are very fine officers," John-Luc said. "I'll put it on your recommendations after this." He turned around. "Let's make it so!"

The three manage to keep a very casual walk to the transporter sharing 'Hi','Hello', 'good afternoon', and some 'how's *insert name* doing?'. John-Luc went in first. The Ensign at the transporter appeared to be surprised. The Ensign happened to be Clara Oswaald.

"Sir, you are not supposed to be here," Oswaald said.

"Why yes I am," John-Luc said,approaching Oswaald.

John-Luc delivered the Vulcan nerve pinch as the two Officers approached the Transporter. He set the coordinates to the planet surface. He felt so much hope. He felt glee. Shuttey, on the other hand, was merely worried. Karter was anxious for the action to start. John-Luc looked up toward the two then nodded.

John-Luc slid up the bars.

The three boarded the Transporter and were beamed down to Colo.

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