Time of the Enterprises

Reality thrown into the face

...September 1st,2267...

...3:40 PM...

"Hey Quarty!" Came a young boy's cry.

I looked over from the machine I was attending to see a boy. A short boy who appeared to be a Romulan but really is not. I stared at the young boy who held a bag in his arms, he had a big mole on the side of his face, and had some bruises on his knees. He had on shorts along with a unusual shirt I can't very well find a justified reason to be called a piece of art.

"Yes?" I said.

"We got some new tech for the robot armor," The boy said.

"And where did this come from?" I asked.

"The core!" The boy said, chipperly.

"The core...riight," I said. "Look little boy, this isn't cybertron or a TARDIS that can create machinery up at will."

"But it can Mr Q-"

"I have seen it for myself and there is nothing that comes out of it," I said. "I seen the molten lava, the moving tectonic plates, the dark raven dirt, and piles of coal far as the eye can see." The boy is getting teary-eyed. "Give it to someone else. Because whatever you have will save someone who really needs it. I have new tech. This planet may call itself inferior in technological advancements but it is not. Get it? I have the latest model."

The boy ran off crying.

I sighed, lowering my head.

Being a parent for T'fara was much easier than telling a child what they saw couldn't have been real. What is real is the threat against Colo. A threat that was dropped off by accident thanks to a cargo ship. The threat has multipled driving most of the civilization underground since August 13th. These beings are like robotic beings that have sludge similar to sludge puppies from Ben 10. Some of their dogs are smaller similar to a domestic dog bred on various planets and pretty small enough that it does not tower over their owner.

The red alarms went off.

That meant only one thing.

A group of idiot families just went up to the surface and are under attack. We have systems built to identify if there is a human being on the surface. I dropped the wrench onto the table along with the other tools. I flipped on the switch turning the levitation mode on. The inside of the machine opened up revealing a comfortable inside complete with leather, arm rest, and some cables connecting to some holes that were added in to connect my body and my brain to the machine itself. I slid into the machine. The wheelchair remained in place but drifted off to the side. I am part of Land Group 26. The other groups were killed by the Tech Pups.

The Tech Pups are monsters.

The cables connected into the holes in my body that is part of the machinery installed inside my body. The machine relies off brain waves to move and attack. The walls closed in around me. It is a lot like being inside a Dalek and a pokeball. Think 'open' and it opens. Now you may be wondering about the pokeball part.

"Screen on," I said.

The blue screen sizzled to life.

"Captain Quarty!" Came a older man's voice. He was Lieutenant General Taysleviestiky Colloter. "They are hiding in Sector three. We added a new weapon in. If you get the survivors then you must return to the base ASAP without your men!"

"What?" I said.

"We could end the battle today," Colloter said.

"I will not watch my men die without knowing why," I said. "I regretfully refuse to leave." I start the leading. "Map activate; display sector 3 with life forms. Activate: jet boosters in the foot." I heard the Colloter say 'No, you will not!'. "I adopted a motto a couple days ago: Never leave a man behind. End communication."

"Captain, are you ready?" Came Jose's voice over the communication.

"We have a lot to discuss," I said.

"Uh, such as?" Jose said.

"That new weapon you are carrying," I said. "Now,group, fly off to SECTOR THREE!"

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