Time of the Enterprises

Some days are hard

..December 24th...

..2267...Planet Colo...

"Jose has passed away due to his injuries," Cody said.

"Damn it," Picard said, his hands on the table. "They are tearing through the armor more easily!"

"Sir, they are technological beings," Picard's assistant said. "They are advancing quickly as us."

Picard's eyes glanced over to a holographic image of a building considered high priority. Picard knew all the places that were high priority and he had known why except for that certain building. It was long wide, vast, and old. It had a basement once used to create pot when it was illegal two hundred years ago. Nowadays it is considered legal for legit medical use. People don't die these days due to overdoses on Earth; the nicotine and the thing that makes it addicting was taken away by scientists one hundred years ago.

It is very harmless nowadays.

"We have to make a genetic virus against them," Picard said. "It may be our only way."

"That would take years," Picard's assistant said.

The dark room has a soft glow coming from the table that is displaying holographic images of various sectors, buildings, and what is going on the surface. The people in this room were tense, concerned, or worried. There wasn't time to crack a joke. People were dying everyday on the surface from attempting to save some-one or foolishly going out to commit suicide by tech puppies.

Tech puppies were growing in size and their looks were getting more uglier by the minute.

"No," Came Casey's voice. "It would take a day."

Picard looked up toward the source of Casey's voice.

"What do you have in mind?" Picard asked.

"I have been conducting a little science experiment," Casey said. "The building that's classified..."

"The one I don't know about," Picard said.

"Affirmative, sir," Casey said.

Cody left the room along with some other officers that are part of group 28. Cody was assigned group leader by Picard two months ago because he saw something inside the Jaffa and it wasn't just a good warrior. Cody was in fact capable of being a leader. Cody liked to say he learned a lot from Quarty in the time he spent on Colo

Picard had a pause.

"What do you mean by a day, Casey?" Picard asked.

"I cannot tell," Casey said. "You have to see it, sir."

"Pocirld, I am not sure about this," Picard's assistant said. "Something tells me you might not like it."

"I'll have to see it before I do not like it," Picard said. "Tell Colloter; he has the reigns for now."

"Yes sir," Casey said.

Quarty had worked very hard to make it clear, in the days before his death, that only one Vulcan was up to the challenge of making great decisions. That Vulcan was Lewis Jerkey Pocirld. At first General Colloter found it silly that a Vulcan be named that and believed Quarty was joking so he added Pocirld in as a joke. General Colloter was very surprised to see a man that Quarty did describe. Quarty once told Colloter, "Pocirld has more experience in war than I do and he is more certified for this. Not me."

Casey and Picard left.

"Send your best agents," Picard's assistant whispered to another person in the room in a very low unheard of voice. "We can't lose our next to last hope."

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