Time of the Enterprises

A recording that sheds light

...December 24th...Top secret building..

..2267...Planet Colo...3:50 PM...

Casey had the sheet pulled over on the body's chest.

"I hope this works," Casey said. "If this doesn't work...You owe me three months of my life."

She was staring down upon the recreated body of Quarty.

Casey put a metal like bowl device on his head then hooked in cables inside the holes coming out of a big rounded device resembling a squid except it is more metal. The lights were dim in the usually white room. Casey lifted the sheet up over where the right arm should be just to make sure the prosthetic arm was indeed added.

Casey sighed.

"Didn't screw that up," Casey said, relieved letting go of the sheet. She walked over to a machine. "Pocirld is going to thank me for this."

Casey put on a set of googles around her eyes then slid on a protective helmet. She flicked a vile sticking upside down connected to a chemistry set. The tools were eerily Frankenstein-futuristic provoking in a way. She pressed a few buttons, slid up a bar, and looked toward the table. Casey easily had a concern about her. She had a nagging worry it wouldn't succeed and all that she would get is a dead body to stare at. Casey cleared her throat getting a grip over herself.

"For Colo," Casey whispered.

Casey pressed a red button.

The machinery began making unusual noises.

"Yes..." Casey said, hearing the machinery making breaking kind of sounds. The stress of the project was taking its toll. "Yes!"

A soundwave with shades of blue erupted in the room right out of the replicated body making rings around the phenomenon as it went echoing through the building. A fire grew in the machine right above the body. Enormous power circulated through the device until the crystals themselves were glowing white. Casey leaned forward grabbing on to two handles as the atmosphere grew tense while the winds were screaming. Screaming as in making a powerful wind gust sending things flying. By the entrance of the building; chairs were being flipped over. Glass just about everywhere shattered. The bodies of dead insects were sent to the other sides of the room. Chairs tumbled into a mess in the corners of many rooms that did have them.

A loud explosion sent Casey back colliding against the wall.

By 4:05 PM, Casey was back up to see the back up generator was powering up. The room was still as was the body on the table. Casey trembled coming over to the body. She was scared whether it did not work. Did it work?, Casey thought,God let it have been successful. Her blonde curly hair was up in a mess. She had a bruise on the side of her face. Her glasses were tilted sideways.

Casey pulled back the sheet.

No signs of breathing.

Dismayed, Casey covered the body with the sheet. She turned away trembling in anger. She grabbed the vile and dropped it to the ground. She kicked at the main controlling machine with her foot then with her hands several times. Dents were made. Wounds were made in her knuckles. She smashed the buttons using her fists not speaking word. She went to the corner of the room ashamed in tears. She had tried to be God,again and failed.

Pocirld was right, Casey thought.

"It has to end here," Casey said to herself. "I am the last person connected to the tech puppies experiment." She almost thought she saw the chest moving the sheet up and down but it was only a trick of her eye. "It has to end here."

Casey wiped off her tears coming to a rather deadly solution.

"Three months of work," Casey said, standing up. "Three months of working on the body.." She stared at the table for a long while. "And this is what I get."

The spine itself was...Not much of a problem. When she created the body schematics the DNA inside the left hand had everything of Quarty. Chromosomes, red blood cells, and the neurons that still had the mapping of the body that they sent commands to; Including the spine. It was quite easy. The rest of Quarty was created in a tube with the spine inside. Three months of free floating in fetal position accelerated aging. She went over to the machine at the left hand side of the room and started the last log of her project.

Science Log: Project Q has failed. This body will degrade and be taken care of by the insects that roam here. I will lock the doors and get rid of the final connection to this horrible place that has been genetically engineered into the memory of tech puppies. Not the building. I oversaw it, I participated, and for that I have to terminate myself. I've realized now I am compromised. There is no way back for me. End Log.

Casey stood up.

A lone tear came down her cheek.

"I am sorry, Quarty," Casey said. "I hope you can forgive me for this."

Casey turned away then departed the room.

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