Time of the Enterprises

No one dies today

..December 25th...Sector 39..

..2267...Planet Colo...11:47 AM...

What does it mean to be human? To be human...As I have learned...Is to have compassion and mortality. Compassion means a lot of things to beings who have a short life span and can easily get hurt. Those who have a extended life span don't really have the heart to share what short lived beings have. To be human is to have mercy, feelings, life, spirit, and capable of dying. Humanity, in a sense, is having morals or sometimes used to describe human beings as a whole.

Captain Cody is leading a group of young experienced soldiers to Sector 39 that once had been a city. That city was named Stargata after a gate claimed to be a gate way to the stars way before the time of the spaceships. Stargata's 'gate' has long been lost in history as has the passage leading to it. I have seen Stargates among my travels throughout time and space; I even bumped into the man and his big blue box. I know a couple men who are referred to as 'The Doctor' but they are totally different people.

"Captain Cody!" Called Mike Cellular. "I found the nest!"

"Where?" Cody asked.

"City Hall," Cellular said. "Right by McDonalds and Taco Bell."

"Taco Hell," Cody said.

"Yeah, same thing," Cellular said.

"My kind refers to it as Taco Hell," Cody said.

"I wonder why," Cellular said, sarcastically.

"Team, move to City Hall," Cody said. "We have a high priority extermination mission to conduct and this time we are not going back."

"Yes sir," Came most of the replies.

The group slowly made their way through the tech puppy infested street. The street is littered in tech puppy bodies and bodies related to other human related species were discarded on the ground. Cody felt thankful he couldn't smell through the armor. It was one of the luxuries to being in a Robo-Armor suit. It was created by their best scientists and metal facilities located in a classified underground location away from public view. Colo wanted to keep the reputation that it was a technological inferior planet.

It still did have plenty of technological backfiring and made some injuries.

That is all because Colonians did testing.

They have this terminology 'blue shirts' for those who die on the job of testing the new advancements.

"Captain!" Haustoff shouted. "Captain!"

Cody hadn't moved while the others had been moving.

"Captain Cody?" Cellular said, turning toward the lone Jaffa.

A domesticated (Or that's what it seemed to the group) Tech Puppy ran over to Cody's black and blue robo-armor that is at least taller than the average human. How tall would the bulk of armor be considered for the average viewer? At least the ones seen in The Matrix movies and the movie Aliens except more covered in armor that can open at will. The armor is like a gigantic Iron Man suit. The 'toes' to the machine are elongated, sharp, and connected to gears in the shape of wheels kept together by a single band that is also part of the inside to the robo-armor.

"Captain!' Haustoff shouted.

Cody bent down and rubbed where there should be a ear on the tech puppy's head.

"Captain?" Cellular said.

Then they heard a very amused laugh over their communicators.

"...Quarty?" Cody finally said.

In the domesticated Tech Puppy's mouth is what appears to be a needle. It ran about like a dog just without it's front legs and acted kind of like a frog. The only way it seemed 'domestic' was because of the dog collar wrapped around the tech puppies neck covered in scrap metal ever so terribly bent in the shapes of thorns.

"Merry Christmas!" I said over their communicators. "And nobody is dying today!"

"But...But you are dead," Cody said.

"Why thank you,Captain Obvious," I said. "I am well aware of that."

"Is this former Captain of Group 26 communicating with us beyond the grave?" Cellular asked.

"Why of course not," I said. "I am no where close to being in the grave so I am BEYOND the grave idiots! Don't bother searching for Captain Casey; she committed suicide by Tech Puppies."

"No wonder I have been reaching her cell message," Cody said. "Captain, where are you?"

"Currently wheeling my way out of a building set to be demolished," I said. "By the way...Tell Pocirld to visit the place I told him a lot about in our corresponding messages. I will be there without incident. The Genetically modified Tech Puppy will inject the needle into the queen. The genetic virus can be handed down by as it implies. Now; get ready to leave explosives. You are retaking the planet back, Mr Jaffa. Also, have a merry Christmas!"

I ended the communication feeling really good about myself.

I wheeled right out of the building holding the denotative as the wheelchair levitates above the ground.

"Hasta la vista,hell," I said.

I pressed the denotative.

Now it is really over for those who had been part of the tech puppies experiments. It can never be salvaged,ever. A warm feeling is carried up my chest, through my neck, and up into my brain. There is a clear wide path of tech puppies hissing at me. Not only was my efforts well known but I had made enemies out of them three months ago. It seemed very clear to me that I had a new enemy on the line of extinction.

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