Time of the Enterprises

A rude awakening

.2267...Planet Colo..

..December 26th...7:39 PM...

A rapid knocking sound awoke me.

"John-Luuuc," I said, in a tired voice. "There is someone at the door."

No response.

"Shakespeare lover, wake upppp!" I sang. "Data is here!" The knocking continued. "Wake up!" I tried shaking him.I heaved a sigh coming to a rather logical conclusion. "Damn you are a deep sleeper!"

I had to shove Picard off the bed to wake him up.

"Who's there!" Picard shouted, jumping up to his feet well alert.

I had a short laugh.

"A man at the door," I said.

"...We should definitely work on this system, Quarty," Picard said.

I smiled, leaning my elbow on the pillow.

"Don't you think?" I said. "I can start playing a violin just to wake you up next time."

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"I am coming!" Picard shouted, getting on his pants.

Picard put on his shirt that had some color to it; it was plain white and his jeans were black as a raven. I held up my right prosthetic hand bending my ring finger that has a engagement ring above the wedding ring. Did Trelane...Wait...So the entire time we were on Scottyia we were technically already engaged! I recall Picard, being the private romantic he is, proposing to me with the wooden ring. It was so priceless and adorable coming from him. The one I am wearing is infact the same wooden engagement ring! I had a closer look at the wedding ring to see it is made of golden inscribed with the words 'forever and always' in french. It reminded me of the one Picard poorly made on Scottyia thanks to a helpful swordsman.

"Beverly..." Picard had said, kneeling down to me. "Since I lost my..Band...Will you marry me again?"

My heart skipped a beat.

I wasn't aware at the time that they had been married.

I took the engagement ring, without thinking, and put it on my left hands wedding finger.

"I do," I said.

Maybe it was the hormones.

Maybe it was just the kindness out of my heart.

Perhaps it was just out of love on my part toward Picard not wanting to ruin the poor man's dream.

All the times that Picard had kissed me as Beverly were not technically real as they were made with Beverly so I never really did experience the sensation of kissing; that was all felt by Beverly. We did share a mind. Beverly wanted to be sure that it was safe for her mate. She should have told me about being married, damn human. She was a coward, that I will say. I understand now how couples feel during a real lovely kiss. It is full of steam that makes it so addicting. It is like adding fire to an addicting game on the internet and you play it more because of how fun it is.

I listened to Picard's voice and his feet.

Picard opened the door with one swing.

"What brings you here, Colloter?" Picard asked.

"We got a call from a ship claiming to be on a search for you." Colloter said.

"They are three months late." Picard said.

"They wish to speak with you regarding Ensign Karter's death," Colloter said.


"...I thought I already sent them a message regarding that." Picard said.

"You didn't," Colloter said. "I heard Quarty is back."

"Yes, he is." Picard said.

"You have to tell them," Colloter said. "The Federation wants him back."

"Long as they think he is dead..." Picard said. "I do not believe they will want him back."

"Vulcans cannot lie." Collloter said.

"I am not completely a Vulcan, General." Picard said.

"Right," Colloter said. "Quarty, whenever they get pissed off from something you did in the past; we are not going to stop them!"

I sighed lowering my head.

"We will cross that road when we come across it." Picard said.

"Captain Kirk wishes to speak with you," Colloter said. "And Quarty."

"No." Picard said.

"I don't think you have a choice," Colloter said. "Lying is not your nature."

"Please, stop with your accusations," Picard said.

"They are not," Collloter said. "They are the truth. What is up with you, Vulcan? Normally you would be-"

"That is enough, Colloter," Picard said. "You will not be given my new address for any future visits."

"I went through the trouble of finding you," Colloter said. "You were easy to find."

Picard shut the door on Colloter.

"Picard.." I said. "We have to tell."

Picard came back to the room with the wheelchair apparently worried.

"But they could come try taking you," Picard said.

"Me?" I said. "Need I remind you who is my husband?"

"I am." Picard said.

"Nobody will dare taking me from you." I said. "Now...Do you have a house nearby somewhere? I really need to take a bath...And get some new clothes."

Picard laughed.

"That can be arranged." Picard said.

It is nice to see Picard happy.

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