Time of the Enterprises

Message from the Enterprise

..2267...Planet Colo..

..December 26th...9:50 PM...

Shuttey in fact was able to find his Romulan Girlfriend on Colo and he had been quite the fighter combating against the threat of the tech puppies for the past three months. His girlfriend? Telien, it had a nice ring to it. But I really did not trust her. It was a struggle to shake her hand. Coming from a man who had been used by a Scalosian; that feeling does not go away. Picard has yet to know what happened in my exploits and I will tell him starting today after this message.

"Hello, Captain," Shuttey said. "Did you get my resignation?"

"What resignation?" Kirk asked.

"I left it on your desk." Shuttey said.

Kirk looked over off screen toward the direction of Spock then back.

"I never got your resignation letter," Kirk said. "Where is Ensign Karter?"

"Dead, sir." Shuttey reported.

Kirk put his right hand under his chin then rubbed at his chin.

"I am sure I will find these resignations." Kirk said.

"You will, Captain," Shuttey said.

"They are here." Telien whispered into Shuttey's ear.

"The chief is here." Shuttey said.

Shuttey and Telian scooted off the screen. Picard wheeled me right over to the gigantic screen. I saw from over Kirk's shoulder there is Uhura at her station and at the door way stood two security officers with their hands behind their backs appearing to be stoic. It had been awhile since I had seen the Enterprise. It seemed like this would be the last time I would ever see the original Enterprise.

"Captain," Picard said. "I intend to stay on Colo, and if I am correct on my assumption then my resignation too must not have been on your desk." He put one hand on my shoulder. "Quarty and I intend to stay here."

"You intend to stay here?" Kirk said.

"Yes," Picard said. "With Quarty."

Kirk lowered his hand down.

"Far as I've heard; Quarty died a couple months ago due to a shuttle mishap," Kirk said, as we had a sigh of relief. Uhura and Scotty looked over quite surprised to hear what is coming from Kirk. "We are not searching for a dead man and his grieving friend."

"Thank you, Captain Kirk," I said.

"We are going to be leaving orbit," Kirk said. "Goodbye Mr Pocirld."

Picard held his hand up and made the Vulcan hand sign.

"Live long and prosper," Picard said.

"Kirk out," Kirk said.

And the screen turned to black.

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