Time of the Enterprises

No words to say


..Colo..June 1st..

Ten years ago T'fara brought a human baby girl into the world. Her name was Jessie Jenkins Janeway. She was quite the little gem and her ears were human. Her eyebrows were the typical shape that humans had as well. Robby brought her to visit every summer (well, their decision not to stay is reasonable at best due to the threat of Kolosters) without a fail.

I had a really bad day today.

You see there was a recent skirmish over a illegal Koloster arriving to Colo for sanctuary a couple days ago and the laws currently state that whenever a Koloster was caught that they should be put to death. Put to death. For the past decades I have been wanting to change this law to 'if a Koloster was caught they should be fined and sent back to their home world along with finger trapping devices'. Now the way most illegal Koloster's face their death here would be the most cruelest punishment yet.

Death by Tech Puppies.

Only four Kolosters have been subject to this punishment over the years. Now let's make that five because I failed to convince a good number of Colonians to stay his execution. I may hate the Kolosters with a burning passion but tossing them into a cage full of Tech Puppies will not bring anyone back. The memory of Colonian First Academy falling to the ground hadn't left the survivors minds. For a few years after the war I taught high schoolers instead of college kids in what had been a former war room.

"Grandpaa!" Jessie called.

"Yes?" I called, trimming a plant.

"The gate is moving," Jessie said.

The ground trembled beneath the wheelchair's wheels and the plants on the table were shaking. I dropped the cutting tool feeling the blood drain from my face. My hands went straight down to the cold metal wheels. I wheeled away from the plants to Jessie's direction hearing the blast of the gate surging out and then I heard Jessie's terrified scream.

"Jessie!" I shouted.

I came to a deserted scenery.

"Jessie?" I called.

I was alone in horror realizing as it sunk in that Jessie was lost. I saw the gate's symbols change automatically. I wheeled over to the Dial Home Device the put a different set of coordinates. Jessie wouldn't have understood how to operate a Stargate. The plants grown over the gate were burned away. The Stargate made the ground shake cracking off the pieces of dirt crawling up to the sides. I watched in horror seeing it come to activating. I didn't know who was on the other side of the Stargate.

I decided to get in the way of the Stargate.

The next I am sent rolling down the metal floor without my wheelchair. I heard the wheelchair crash against the glass and the sound of guns being raised. I raised myself up looking around to see men in uniform aiming their guns down at my direction. I looked over seeing a very familiar group at the door prepared to leave.

Stargate SG-1.

"Hello!" I said, with a little wave.

"Lower your weapons!" O'Neil shouted.

"Q." Teal'c said.

"You shouldn't be here," Daniel said. "We left you in the land of the light."

I smiled.

"No way to treat a old friend." I said.

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