Time of the Enterprises

I keep no secrets

..2000...11:59 AM..

...Location: Unknown...

I was in a gray room with my wheelchair in tact. My side did hurt from striking the ground at a increasingly and uncomfortable fast velocity. There were men at the door standing guard for little ol' me. I had my hands on the table looking down. What could I have done to prevent my granddaughters unexpected disappearance? I could have fascinated her with a story about talking trees that helped two hobbit isolate a bad wizard.

The door opened.

In came the famous Jack O'Neil.

"Hello, Jack." I said.

"I told you to call me O'Neil." O'Neil said. "How about you tell me what you are and perhaps, just maybe, I can give you a little leniency. What is your plan now? Trick us?" My hands were trembling. "I am not in the position to believe you right now-"

I slammed my fist on the table.

"I am not in the mood for YOUR QUESTIONS!" I shouted, leaning forward in rage. "I have to find my granddaughter and I will appreciate it if you sent me back to where I was coming from!"

O'Niel cocked his brow leaning back folding his arms.

"I am sorry," O'Neil said. "But the planet you come from doesn't exist."

"DOES NOT EXIST?" I shouted. "Then transport me to the land of the intelligent living or the Nox!"

O'Neil furrowed his eyebrows.

"What's your problem?" O'Neil said.

"You wouldn't understand." I said.

"Huh," O'Neil said. "Last time you said that; turned out I could."

"Jack," I said. "I am not cooperating until you let me go through that gate."

"I am not in the position to do that, Q." O'Neil said.

"STOP CALLING ME BY THAT NAME!" I shouted, pushing myself upwards to make it seem I could walk. "I am not Q anymore. Not all powerful, not all pure, not all capable of playing around like old times sake. I have responsibilities and my GRANDDAUGHTER is MISSING! I want to have the gate she vanished from buried. I would LOVE to mess with you but I am not in the mood to play mind games." I growled. "I dialed a random number to prevent whatever was trying to come."

"Did it ever occur to you it might be your granddaughter?" O'Neil asked.

I narrowed my eyes toward O'Neil.

"Unlike you and your friends," I said. "'We never messed with the Stargate."


"Aren't you going to get that?" I asked.

"No." O'Neil said.


"It is Teal'c," I said. "Perhaps he'll understand what I am going through...Well...NOT!"


O'Niel looked over and saw Sam.

"Your Captain is knocking for you, Jack." I said.

O'Niel turned away from Sam toward my direction.

"I am afraid it isn't what you think." O'Neil said.

"I think a lot of things, General O'Neil." I said.

"It is Colonel." O'Neil said.

"Yeah, whatever." I said.

O'Neil stood up then walked out of the room.

I sat back down into the wheelchair.

I had a sigh.

"Oh Tara..." I said. "I lost your daughter."

I heard the door close while my eyes faced toward the table. I saw drops of water landing on the usually dark gray table. I realized a second later it was coming from me. I was afraid that I lost the little treasure chest full of life and brightness to it. My hands went through my hairs as I closed my eyes. I lost Jessie. How dare I go back without her? I wiped off the tears to my face.

It was right in my race to stop who-ever were coming that perhaps the gate malfunctioned and I was sent to the past while Jessie went into the hands of some present day alien beings. Alien beings can do a lot to a child. I'll find her and when I do; I am never to go let her go away that easily again. I will watch her like a hawk. In fact...I can't believe she is gone. One moment she was a baby in my arms and the next she is a ten year old girl with a need for speed.

The door opened and I made the tears go away quickly as it came.

Captain Sam, oh of course.

"Hello, Captain." I said.

Sam sat down.

"Do you know this little girl?" Sam asked, sliding forth a aged and old paper.

The little girl in the picture looked happy in between a couple but there was something about her eyes. Loneliness. I felt along the frame of the picture. The couple had a forehead band that Cody had on when I knew him. The tears were coming back. She had the looks of Jessie. She had Jessie's unusual wide smile. She had those big ears. She had the knack to wear loose clothing that didn't restrain her.

"Jessie..." I said.

"Is that her real name?" Sam asked.

"Yes." I said, softly.

"I am sorry," Sam said, in a low voice. "The Goa'ruld took her as a host years ago..." I stared at the woman in horror. "We had to kill her a couple months ago. She wasn't a child but a fully grown woman. She talked about some other memories that was held back by her host. Memories that she tried to forget. Her name, the name of the symbiotic, was Quartasia. It was the host's insistence in-fact as she told me."

I had a character named Quartasia in Sky Trek.

"She remembered a man in a wheelchair with scars on his face," Sam said. "She had fond memories of him. She landed in the home world of the Goa'ruld when they tried dialing to the unknown designated planet when someone was else dialing there too. The home world had black and white pictures there too. She...She missed her family. "

My mouth was open.

My granddaughter...Dead like that.

"She wanted me to tell that man in the wheelchair; she had the best summer vacation, ever." Sam said, sliding forth a metal item. "I realized you were him...The man in the wheelchair. After I saw the scars on your face. Just like the ones she described you with."

I took the item back.

It was a square box of mementos.

"Jessie..." I said. I looked up with red eyes. "What was her last words?"

"I miss my family." Sam said.

I lowered my head to the table.

"The Goa'uld will someday visit my planet..." I said. "I had a Jaffa friend who died a few years back. Colo was colonized with all sorts of alien beings that appeared to be human but were not. His name was Cody." I looked up. "I'll have to deliver the news to..." My voice was cracking up. "My daughter."

"I am so sorry." Sam said, getting up.

"Please...Leave." I said.

I heard the door close.

And I cried.

"Jessie..." I cried. "Oh Jessie...You were so young."

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