Time of the Enterprises

Family matters


..Location: unknown...3:48 PM..

I had my hands together leaning my elbows on the table lost in thought. Did she ever have children? How long did Jessie plan to find her way back home? How many times had she tried and failed? I had the box below my hands with my eyes closed contemplating what the symbiote made her do. So many things Jessie could have done against her will. There are so many things a parasite that is capable of great power and control over one person can do.

How many times had she asked around for her grandparents?

I breathed a shaky sigh.

I am in control of my emotions. My emotions cannot control me. I reopened my eyes to see General Hammond standing at the doorway looking at me suspiciously. I would have had a irritated sigh at his confused look but I am not up for frustration right now. I am up for grieving. I just lost my granddaughter.

"What do you want, General?" I asked.

"I want to know if you are telling the truth." General Hammond said.

"So they've told you about our first encounter." I said, with a smile.

"They have field reports for this." General Hammond said as my smile faded.

I slide my hand down my face onto the closed lid of the box where I had put the photograph inside.

"To me," I said. "I just lost a ten year old granddaughter. My world has been turned upside down and all I want is to go home." I felt along the golden rims of the box. "I made a promise to my beloved." My voice lowered. "I intend to keep that promise."

General Hammond walked in.

"This planet you claim to be from. . ." General Hammond said. "It has a gate."

"Yes." I said.

"Is there any way that SG-1 can visit this planet?" General Hammond asked.

"Well," I said. "Someone will have to dial this planet and someone else would have to dial to my planet." I lifted my head up. "I may be a genius but doesn't that seem off sending people who don't belong in that time to a different universe?"

"Mr Jackson would like to visit this planet you claim to be from," Hammond said. "'Scientific breakthroughs could be there' as he put it."

I leaned back.

"Your 'scientific breakthroughs' are seriously out of definition." I said.

"They are quite in date." General Hammond said.

"Just how many of your first team are interested in Colo?" I asked.

"All of them." General Hammond said.

"You will let me leave if I give you the coordinates." I said.

"With SG-1." General Hammond said.

I rolled an eye.

"'With SG-1'," I repeated. "Huh. Sounds like a requirement for a TV movie."

General Hammond glared right through me.

"Just because you fit the description of a man a Goa'uld knew-"

"SHE WASN'T A GOA'ULD!" I shouted. "She was a human being and she died a human being in my eyes."

"You weren't there when she sent a invasion on Earth." General Hammond said.

"That was not her." I said.

"Look, you are not going anyway if you don't act nice." General Hammond said.

"I find it hard to trust people after some...Conflict...I had." I said.

"You can trust us." General Hammond said.

I am not sure I can.

Sure I had some level of respect for Sam.

"Do not back stab me, General." I said. I had a good glare at the man. "I am in the position to give the wrong coordinates. So please don't make it a 'interfere in the affairs of others' mission. Just. . .I am done with exploring and meddling with others in this state. I am done."

"I wouldn't think of it." General Hammond said.

"Thank you." I whispered.

I will be back before you know it, John-Luc.

It will be like I never left.

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