Time of the Enterprises

A really freaky call

.2295...June 1st...

..Planet Colo...5:30 PM..

"This is interesting. . ." Teal'c noted, holding a Spear Blaster 2.0 in his hands. "A upgraded Goa'uld weapon."

"It is a Colonian Jaffa addition." I said.

"We call them spears." Teal'c said.

I had a short laugh.

"Your kind names things ever so oddly and simply," I said. "I almost envy you for that."

"The green eyed beast is a curious thing." Teal'c said, putting down the Spear Blaster 2.0 on the table. "It has a good grip. Who handed this to you?"

I smiled,wheeling away from the table with cookie dough all over my hands.

"Cody," I said. "He was a. . .Fine warrior. He gave it to me on the battlefield when the war ceased between Colonians and Tech Puppies."

"The name makes them sound so. . ." Teal'c started, at first at a loss for words.

"Decieving." I finished.

"Yes," Teal'c said. "I almost thought of a dog."

"Their species name is Cauistofkocheo," I said. "For scientific purposes. We all call them Tech Puppies for short due to their technological being and domestic like dog appearance."

"But the Cauistof-kache I saw had the mouth of a worm." Teal'c said.

"Not all Tech Puppies share the same mouth," I said. "Nice try with the name. I didn't get the name down until my. . .fifteenth try." I cleaned my hands awaiting for the oven to finish baking the cookies. "Someday I would like to know what planet the cargo ship came from."

"If you can pronounce the name correctly, why do you call them Tech Puppies?" Teal'c asked.

"It is so much better than Cauistofkocheo." I said.

"If you say so." Teal'c said.

I put the towel into a towel basket.

"Besides, it sounds like a type of drink served at McCdonalds and Starbucks."

"McDonalds and I do not share quite the history."

"I know I am going to regret asking; but why?"

"I tried to free the chickens."

I shook my head with a short laugh.

"Wrong place to free the chickens," I said. "There are several McDonald Chicken farms that mistreat their hens and roosters."

"I was not aware the roosters were subject to their treatment." Teal'c said.

"Well, you are now." I said.

I heard the phone from the living room ring. I wheeled out of the kitchen. Well, you might be asking, 'Why does Quarty have a Spear Blaster in his kitchen instead of the basement?' in this current scene. It is pretty simple. We need all the defensive weapons in case there is some day where people try to kill us! Like a zombie invasion, alien invasion, potatoes-with-teeth invasion,werewolf invasion, and so on. One time in my days venturing Earth I turned myself into a hen just to see the life of a chicken. Now the problem the humans had were trying to kill me as any metal subjected to my feathers were bent or destroyed then rendered very useless. Think of a knife hitting a wall. Now imagine that wall is a chicken. The chicken feed was delicious.

My lesson?

Chickens can gang up and kill you.

No ifs, no butts, and no mercy about it.

I tapped on the ipad like device's screen.

"Quarty here," I said. "What are you calling for?"

There is a long pause on the other end.

"I am calling for you, Senator Q."

My whole body froze and my hand didn't move. No one outside of Colo knew my real name. Only John-Luc and I are quite aware. So is T'Fara and Robby. My daughter and her husband have made a promise not tell the world about my secret. If everyone knew the truth then the trust would degrade between me and the public. My public approval rating would plummet. No one would ever trust a former Q.

Except for Picard.

We have layer upon layer of trust.

"Who is this?" I asked easing my movable body parts.

I heard a laugh.

"I know you let a little girl die today," My hands began to bend into fists against the palm of my hand. "I saw you go through the Stargate in Stargata." Why yes, Picard and I live in Stargata as a family. "I know your little secret. How you lied about the death of Khan. How you let so many people die. If you don't tell Colonians who their Senator is then I will."

I slammed my hand on the counter.

"That wasn't my business to stop!" I shouted. "Changing Spock's initial death would have pulled disastrous consequences on EVERYONE'S future! Meaning Spock,Kirk,Chekov, and McCoy among other people. The future of Star Fleet relied on that to happen! This impacted on their desire to remain a peaceful civilization not a empire that took away free will and relied on assassinations for people to go up the chain of command!"

"You could have stopped the death of Kirk's son."

"There was nothing I could do about that! Time must take it's course."

"And interfering the death of Kirk isn't one of them?"

"Death can always be averted for the Captain."

"You expect me to believe the deaths of a thousand men could be avoided?"

My hands clutched on the wooden edge to the table.

"That. did. not. happen."

I heard a snicker.

"Oh yes, it did."

My right prosthetic hand made dents into the wood.

"Who is this?"

"All I can say is that he and his people killed an entire federation colony. You cannot always avoid trial forever, Senator Q. I have my sources."

The screen turned black.

Trelane usually kept his word so it couldn't be him. He wouldn't threaten to expose my current position. My right prosthetic hand let go of the wood. Thank the Q continuum that it is only I and Teal'c inside the house. I looked up to see the Jaffa staring quite blankly in my direction with his left eyebrow raised up. He approached me.

"You are a Senator. . ." Teal'c said.

"Yes." I said, with a nod.

"What part of this planet do you represent?" Teal'c asked.

"There is not just one part I represent of Stargata. . ." I said. "Teal'c, do me favor and do not tell your friends about what you heard. For now; I will share this knowledge with my husband John-Luc."

"I agree," Teal'c said.

Someone in the government knew my background, my real background. Someone from Star Fleet who can make their way around. Someone obsessed with getting even against me. Who would that be? Someone related to a person who died because of me. Maybe a relative of one of the 1,000 colonists on the unknown planet.

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