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.2295...June 1st...

..Planet Colo...6:00 PM..

There are few instances where human beings visit unworldly alien being markets in the world of television. Well, that's exactly where SG-1 (minus Teal'c) and John-Luc went. Except they went in common typical everyday clothing without their uniforms and guns. Their guns were placed in a box quite neatly.

This was a unique culture, that Daniel knew.

Full of beings that SG-1 had yet to discover and those they had discovered recently.

"Good afternoon, Mr Pocirld." Angelese Da'Zaeo said, with a short wave from the fruit stand.

O'Neill winced seeing a stack of green apples in a crate that were MOVING! He could tell they were worms because of the little thin black sticks sticking out of their mouths as they wiggled from side to side. They made little in-distinctive cries similar to crickets. After exploring alien worlds for so long O'Neill is able to take in his surroundings.

"Worm apples, yuck." O'Neill said.

"Actually those are Zequini and they are very delicious," John-Luc said. "Good afternoon, Angel!"

Sam stared at the unusually still blue sky that hadn't darkened at all nor had the sun started to set.

"Why is the sky not dark?" Sam asked.

"It will be dark in forty-five minutes," John-Luc said. "And you must really see this. I didn't know where this shuttle came from but it makes more sense after seeing you."

"Shuttle?" O'Niell said, sounding concerned. "What kinda shuttle are you talking about?"

"The name rusted off long ago." John-Luc said. "I remember. . ." His voice lowered. "Tripping over this machine fleeing from Tech Puppies decades ago." He seemed rather adjusted to the crowd unlike the group. "It has the Stargate emblem. That's why I am bringing you to it in hopes you can possibly take it back."

Suddenly the crowd strangely dispersed as the small group came to a antique store. John-Luc stayed at the doorway apparently wary. It wasn't usual for something like this to happen during the late afternoon that usually would be covered in sprawling activity. He usually would see a steady line of visitors heading into 'Bob's Antique shop of history' that contained items from all over the globe (being Colo) remaining artifacts of the earlier civilizations that once lived on this planet before the Colonian Colony had been established. The Antique store had designs all over around making a perfect circle along a background that resembled a forest with animal life and a river rolling by.

"I do not see any shuttle around here," Daniel said.

John-Luc entered the room.

"Just down the hall," John-Luc said. "Second door to the right."

O'Neill shared a strange look toward John-Luc as Daniel took lead.

"Are you coming?" Sam asked.

John-Luc shook his head.

"I prefer to stand guard," John-Luc said. "Rather than be caught off guard. Today seems rather . . . Bad."

Sam shrugged then followed the directions to the tea.

The doors closed behind Sam.

Inside the room was a prototype shuttle for a decoy commonly used to check if whatever outside the gate is safe. Daniel felt along the metal staring at in shock. O'Neill seemed to be rather not surprised but the model did seem like it was from 1999 due to a old time stamp indicating when it had been sent off. It was registered to team SG-8. It was sent October 1st, 1999. The team, far as O'Neill was aware, were still alive. General Hammond had not mentioned about the newer spider-checker models in the past few years. O'Neill sometimes called these machines 'spider-checkers' for short.

Rather than their well known label as 'probe'.

Probe sounded colorless and not so 'appealing'.

Ten minutes later O'Neill came out of the room pinching his nose.

"Oh yuck," O'Neill said.

"How's Senator Quarty these days?" The antique owner asked.

O'Neill looked toward the counter to see John-Luc standing there across from a rather ugly gray being resembling a human-elephant complete with a trunk and floppy ears that had several folds and wrinkles along with it. John-Luc had a small smile. A smile that usually wouldn't be seen on a Vulcan.

"He has been fine. . ." John-Luc said.

"And your granddaughter?" The antique owner asked.

John-Luc looked down and his smile had faded.

"Dead." John-Luc said.

"Oh," The antique owner said. He looked at the Vulcan. "I grieve with thee."

"Thank you." John-Luc said. He looked up toward the store owner. "You know that shuttle you've been keeping for the past three decades?"

"Why yes, what about it?" The store owner said.

John-Luc looked over toward O'Neill's direction then back toward the antique store owner.

"The owners of it are here." John-Luc said.

"Ohhhh," The store owner said. "...Er. . .I might have. . . Used it as a microwave for a period of time."

"How is that possible?" O'Neill said.

"It is, when you on a planet that has backfiring technology every day." The store owner said, proudly. "We are the only planet in this sector to have tackled the tech puppies and lived to tell the tale!"

"Well, probes cannot be used as cooking tools." O'Neill said.

The store owner gasped.

"Wait. . . That was a probe?" The store owner said, in shock.

"Uh huh." O'Neill said, with a nod coming down the hall. "And I am fairly certain the people who made it did not intend for the probe be used as kitchenware."

"It broke when I cooked Lasagna," The store owner said. "With gravy."

"You put Lasagna with gravy inside a probe that you adjusted for cooking. . .Oh god." O'Neill said, then he rubbed his forehead. "You broke a highly expensive machine by trying to cook: LASAGNA WITH GRAVY!"

". . .Yes." The store owner said.

"I am pretty sure the machine couldn't stand the gravy's nice texture," John-Luc joked.

"And you were aware of this, Mr Picard?" O'Neill asked.

"No," John-Luc said. "This is the first time I ever heard that he used it for cooking."

"This is unbelievable." O'Neill said.

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