Time of the Enterprises

Pretty uncertain

...June 2nd...

...2295...4:48 AM...

I awoke to hear glass being shattered. I sat upright blinking in the darkness. Picard was still asleep in bed. He leaned more on his human side rather than his Vulcan side shortly after my restoration. I started to see his more human side on the first day of my return by lying to Colloter. For living with a Vulcan I have learned to Mind-Meld safely and with caution. Mind-Melds were considered personal to Vulcans long after their HIV-like thing for Mind Melds were cured. Such as one hundred years after the ailment had been been eradicated.

I slipped into my wheelchair.

Nowadays I only use Mind-Mind when extremely required.

I wheeled into the living room where there lay a rock with a note strapped around it.

"Hm. . .?" I said, picking up the rock off the living room table.

I unwrapped the letter off the rock.

SG-1 is in another part of the house fast asleep, and Teal'c is in deep meditation that lasts from eight to five. I put down the rock on the table then turned on the side lamp part of the arm rest. The light emitted from the arm rest brightening up the letter to my eyes. My hand started to tremble. I gulped back my fear looking up from the letter then crumb it up into a big useless ball of paper. I didn't feel tired at all.

The letter read: The truth is out there.

The truth really doesn't need to be said.

A little rock crashed through the window landing on the couch.

Damn it, do they not know of Private Messaging? I can't exactly trace anonymous IP addresses. I go over, pick up the rock, and unwrap the wrinkled mess around it. I held the letter from above the arm rest. This time the letter read: Tell or else. I frowned, then rolled an eye and dumped the letters into the trash can. I input new orders for the glass repairing the windows in the process. I hadn't told T'fara that her daughter died. I insisted to John-Luc that I do it. It was my fault. I feel guilt. Very guilty.

If that isn't obvious to you, anyway.

I decided then to take a shower, have early breakfast, and then make that call.

It took me half an hour to get ready. I read a book while taking a bath because I tend to enjoy the luxury while it lasts. I had a bad habit of licking my finger then turning the page on a good old fashioned book with pages. In the future (in 2300's) books are used in different versions such as Padds and Paper Back. Most people read on Padds and a good majority read on the Paper Back version. These are the two most common forms of reading that I know of not just because I bothered Jean-Luc one time in his Dixon Hill novels by inserting myself in the story just for kicks and giggles. By the Q continuum the looks he made were worth it. Including how Jean-Luc easily figured out it was me.

It was quite worth the 24 hours of Jean-Luc desperately trying to figure out why some of his fellow crew-mates dialogue were landing in the novel! Certain strings of dialogue that normally would be said on Star Ships. He didn't know this Dixon Hill addition was being written as it was read by no other than the most greatest teacher ever: ME! I wrote it in the tone of Dixon Hill so well I fooled him for two days! Two whole days! Oh well, off of that and to the present.

It took me five minutes to dry off and then ten minutes to get dressed without help.

Sometimes John-Luc would help me.

Sometimes, but not all the time.

What? Why are you staring at me for? I can still take care of myself without help. . . In some non-walking requiring moments. Getting dressed may be hell but it does provide a source of excercise in a way. It gives me a challenge to take care of. Something to distract my mind before embarking on the day. I like to think it makes me more determined. I wheeled out of the bathroom a little wet but otherwise fine.

I heard the TV is playing.

I saw Teal'cs figure on the couch beside the activated lampshade.

"Good morning, Quarty." Teal'c said.

"Today's weather is going to be bright and sunny in the high seventies. . ." The Colonian weather reporter continued on her forecast.

"Good morning." I said. "You are the first to wake up."

"Indeed." Teal'c said.

"June is so far forecasted to be a warm and wet," The weather woman said. "Now back to you, Jim."

Teal'c lowered the volume using the remote.

"Are you a rock collector?" Teal'c asked, turning his head toward me.

"No." I said.

"Then why do you have rocks on the living room table?" Teal'c said.

There was no point lying to Teal'c so I told him the truth. I only got a concerned look from him in respond to the story. I shook my hands in front of myself telling him not to fret about me but worry about his friends. His friends are more important to Earth's history in natural progression than a invasion of Cybermen and Borg working together.

Well, it was for fun!


It was a fun time dropping by to watch how The Doctor ( a Time Lord, no less) and the crew of the Enterprise D worked to get rid of the double threat. In the end all was fine and the damage were undone, as such the war between the Borg and the Cybermen was sent into a pocket universe. Only one Borg and one Cyberman remained until a while ago they both eliminated each other through unnatural means. It was a lot like a hunter being hunted.

I also meddled with humanity's evolution to become relatives of the Yautja and another race called Infernape from the Sinnoh Region in another reality. I got to meddle around with Jean-Luc Picard who had a flamed head and a really unique kind of face featuring pinchers; he looked nothing close to being human if not for the arms and legs. I suppose doing that was against the rules of the Q continuum. I guess it was against the rules.

"I have some bad news to tell someone. . ." I said. "So don't listen into the back door."

"I respect your decision." Teal'c said, with a nod.

"Thank you." I said.

I wheeled right into the other room where the door shut behind me. Sam, O'Neill, and Daniel are likely to wake up in five minutes or ten, but somewhere inbetween. The doors closed behind me. I came over to the keypad that had been built into the wooden furniture which is part of the great internet spanning all over the sector including Earth. I put my fingers on the keyboard then put in a address.

Five minutes later the screen came to life withu T'fara on the screen with red rosy hair curled on her shoulders. She had on a black suit that had light blue outlines and pockets on her thighs. She moved her bangs out of her eyes right to the side appearing perplexed by the sudden call. Behind T'fara is a business like room where behind her is a unusual painting showing a naked man with a bat chasing after a strange werewolf creature. Normally a werewolf would be the one chasing the human but it is taking on the role of a coward.

"Yes mother?" T'fara asked.

I sighed.

"It is about Jessie,Tara." I said.

Jessie was not named after T'fara's best friend.

Her best friend on Scottyia was Charlie. They did a lot of things together. She named the child 'Jessie' on the spot because it was her bosses name. She wanted to honor her human related boss by that. In fact she made her boss Jessie's godmother.

"What did she do now?" T'fara asked.

I lowered my head.

"It is what I did." I said.

"Mother . . ." T'fara said. "What happened?"

I looked up.

"Jessie is dead." I said.

I explained to her what had happened. The layers and layers of guilt lifted once telling her. But there will always be a hole in my heart from losing Jessie. My shoulders sulked once I came to the ending; at least the long story that Sam had told me. How Jessie came to her death, how she threatened Earth, how she got herself killed. And I told T'fara her last words. T'fara seemed to be upset then the screen turned off.

I looked over to see it had been ten minutes since I went in.

I wheeled out of the room, slowly.

I didn't know if T'fara would call back afterward.

I decided to visit Jessie's room for the last time. I wheeled my way to her room. The room she usually slept in. Her bed was made. I leaned against the doorway recalling a little memory of Jessie when she was nine years old. She was drawing on drawing pad using some old styled pencils and had her pet dog Jack resting beside her.

Jessie looked up.

"Hey grandpa," Jessie said. "I was drawing a picture of our family."

"Go to sleep, Jessie." I said.

"Aww," Jessie whined. "I can't sleep!"

I wheeled my way into her bedroom.

"Perhaps a story from Sky Trek will do?" I asked.

"Story time, story time, story time!" Jessie said, excitedly then got under the bed sheet. I put the picture and the pencils on the counter. Jack went to the corner of the bed then put his head down on his blonde covered paws. "Tell me a story about Quartasia."

I snickered.

"You do know she died." I said.

"No one really dies in your stories,Grandpa" Jessie reminded me.

"Right," I said. "How could I have forgotten?"

"Aw Grandpa," Jessie said. "You are messing with me."

"True that." I said.

"I am ready,Grandpa." Jessie said.

"The year was 2374. . ." I said.

I was smiling at the memory playing out.

"You really loved her." Sam said.

I leaned my elbow alongside the doorway.

"Yes," I said. "I did."

Sam was right behind me.

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