Time of the Enterprises

Not beyond the shadow

...June 5th...

...2295...1:22 PM...

A dark shadow followed me and Daniel.

Since the odd activity had surfaced I started to grow worry about SG-1's welfare. Maybe it was because I didn't want to be responsible for the loss of more lives. The recent activity had rocks being thrown, strange calls in the middle of the night, and short but to the point email coming down into my account. If it escalated into malicious activity and harmed the team I really wouldn't forgive myself for not sending them earlier.

I still haven't received a reply from T'fara.

"This is incredible. . ." Daniel said, observing the words on the wall.

I looked at a clearly English text reading 'Q'.

I frowned, recalling that conversation I had with Trelane.

Trelane denied any part in creating this planet and far as I knew no Q had made it. Perhaps I should ask John-Luc about artifacts with the letter 'Q' stamped on it. Well, I do have a science guy capable of reading the most ancient language of all time being the Egyptian. Daniel traced along the wall with his hands. He had insisted he take me there after session in the senate about allowing 'Earthlian' Ice-Cream being imported along with 'coconut Chocolate' and a few other things.

"I found this last year with Jessie." I finally said.

"How?" Daniel asked,recording the images using his camera.

"The gigantic serpent head at the entrance." I said.

"The tip of it?" Daniel asked.

"Yes." I said, with a small nod.

"How long did it take to unbury the temple?" Daniel asked.

"A month," I said. "That's the first thing she wanted to do each morning in June. Her mission everday? Restore that snake temple to its former glory!"

Daniel had a slow laugh.

"Hah, she had the energy." Daniel said.

"She devoted most of her days cleaning this up!" I said. "I helped her. . ." I looked over seeing the raised and elevated surface with letters I did not recognize. But this time they were glowing a strange color specifically red. Daniel rubbed his chin then took out his notebook along with a pen. "Clean out the wasted artifacts. Most of them are in John-Luc's collection."

Daniel pushed on one of the glowing text.

The building rumbled.

"Interesting." Daniel said.

Daniel pressed another text.

This time there was no rumble.

"Huh," Daniel said. "Did this ever happen?"

"We never touched it." I said. "All we did was hold Picard's 90th birthday inside this temple in July with a lot more decorations. It was Jessie's treat."

"Woah, he's ninety?" Daniel asked.

I nodded.

"John-Luc will be 91 on July 4th." I said.

The first time I met John-Luc was when he was sixty one. He spent thirty years in this timeline that I believe feels more accustomed to; not just because he has a good solid reason to shoot down Klingon spaceships and chase them out of the house waving a baseball bat. It is one of many things he does, really. We don't know what kind of beef these Klingons have against me but it has become a routine that every three days a trap gets set off. I can usually hear the side of the bed creak, John-Luc walking on his tippy toes, and the door closing behind him quietly.

Daniel pressed two other symbols.

I heard three rounds of gun shots.

I turned the wheelchair around to see a museum.

"Uh, Quarty. . ." Daniel said, turning around toward me.

"Where the hell are we?" I said, seeing fake museum pieces of a animal typically found on Earth.

I saw a man collapse to the floor holding a package.

"Hey!" Daniel shouted, running over to the man's side.

I wheeled my way out of the temple.

"Daniel, do not touch-" I started, and Daniel turned over the body. "The boy."

"Don't speak," Daniel said. "You are going to be all right."

The man grabbed Daniel's wrist then he pushed himself forward and whispered something into Daniel's ear. He let go of Daniel's wrist falling back on the floor. Blood continued to pour out of his chest. The medium sized square brown package fell out of the dead mans hands on to the floor. I saw a man in a dark blue security uniform come over holding a flashlight in one hand with another guy as he shouted in English, "Freeze! Hold your hands up!"

I held my hands up while Daniel did not.

"Uh, what planet are we on?" Daniel asked. "I am afraid this is a mistake."

"On the ground with hands behind your back!" The second officer shouted.

"Now!" The first officer shouted, now aiming a gun at Daniel.

"Daniel, I suggest you do what they request." I said.

I saw the flicker of a man's shadow from behind the men flee.

Daniel held his bloody hands up.

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