Time of the Enterprises

Not going to believe this

...October 14th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 12:48 PM. . .

I waited outside the door fumbling with my fingers.

A human named Kevin Ryan took me to a building which had a agency called Castle Investigations. He sounded reluctant to take me there but really by the tone of his voice there wasn't any logical choice. I looked up toward the glass that had the text in black letters on the silver screen.

Richard Castle.

The crime fighting novelist who defies the universe.

He is the most typical man in existence.

Goes about his days trying to win over Katherine Beckett (who he is married to) a Captain of a precinct.


The door opened.

"Come in, Mr Quarty." Ryan said.

Ryan has a Irish accent that isn't very obvious and it is so light that one can barely tell if they don't pay close attention to his voice. I wheeled into the room where there stood at the second door Richard Castle with his arms folded appearing to be a little suspicious. Castle glanced over to me then back to Ryan.

"So this is the client you want me to meet?" Castle asked.

"Tell him what you told me." Ryan said.

"My name is Photonic Riker Quarty," I said. "And I come from the future."

"Really?" Castle asked.

"Yes." I said.

Castle put his arms to his side.

"Tell me what happens to Beckett and I." Castle said, in his most serious composure.

"It is very obvious you two stick together," I said. "I know everything about you and your friends. In fact I am a former Q but I prefer to be called Quarty rather than the label of the 'all power omnipotent great liar and trickster'."

Castle brought over a chair then sat down in it.

"What's your case?" Castle asked.

"Good luck." Ryan said.

"Hey, where did you find this guy?" Castle asked.

"At the museum." Ryan said. "He ranted about Stargate and Star Trek so I figured this would be at your level of expertise. I wasn't here."

Ryan left the room.

"My friend, Daniel Jackson, was framed." I said.

"The one from Stargate SG-1?" Castle asked.

"Yes." I said.

"Woah!" Castle said. "This is soo cool!"

"I want your help to prove that he is innocent and someone else is responsible for the murder of David Proctor Wrong," I said, handing a package to Castle. "The detectives claim it is a close and shut case. He looks a lot like the man on the sketch but he isn't the man!"

Castle took the package.

"Got anywhere to stay for the night?" Castle asked.

"No." I said.

"'Tell me. . . How did you get into our world?" Castle said.

"Daniel pressed some text on the wall and then. . . Our scenery changed," I explained. "At least the one behind us. It might have changed again and someone else is there like John-Luc! John-Luc would be treated different. People would consider him mad or a freak of nature due to his Vulcan half."

Castle put one hand on my shoulder.

"You can stay at my place," Castle said. "Don't worry."

"I have to worry," I said. "He is my husband."

Castle raised a brow taking his hand off my shoulder.

"You. . . are married?" Castle said.

I nodded.

"Why yes,I am." I said.

Castle blinked at first in disbelief.

"Woah, it is just . . ."

"Shocking to hear from the man you considered fictional telling you he is married."

"Congratulations." Castle said.

I had a short laugh.

"You are twenty-seven years late." I said. "We were wedded by Trelane for forever."

As it turned out I didn't need to explain why I was a former Q to Castle. He frankly wanted to remain mystified about my past. I knew a lot about his future and the other various timelines it could make if only he made different choices. This is the Prime Timeline around the original course of history in the Castleverse. I read a book in the lobby while Castle was out doing some investigating.

A woman with red hair walked into Castle Investigations.

"Hello, Alexis." I said, lowering the book.

Alexis stopped, abruptly in her tracks then faced me.

"How do you know my name?" Alexis asked.

"I know everything about everyone, human." I said.

"You are an alien." Alexis said.

"Coooorrreeeeeect!" I said. "Now this would be much more entertaining if I could summon a rock band behind me."

Alexis squinted then rubbed her eyes.

"You are Q." Alexis said, shortly after pinching herself.

I laughed.

"I am your father's client," I said. "Call me Senator Quarty. Or just Quarty."

Alexis came over to the desk then sat in it across from me.

"You are in a wheelchair." Alexis said.

"Good observation," I said. "Tell me why."

"Because you are paralyzed and you are a human." Alexis said.

I smiled, leaning forward putting my hands on my knee.

"Tell how you know I am a human." I said, with my hands together in a circle

"You have receding hair, your hair is almost white right now, you have wrinkles on your face that only a aging man would have, and your shoes are untied," Alexis said. "You also have a prosthetic right hand. You are also wearing glasses so I assume your eye sight has decreased. A guy who happens to be immortal wouldn't be in this vulnerable state."

"You are correct." I said.

"And you are married, too." Alexis said.

I snickered.

"That is very obvious," I said.

"And you were in some kind of accident that left your face covered by scars." Alexis said.

I nodded.

"You are very warm," I said. "But it wasn't an accident."

Alexis was surprised.

"What do you mean?" Alexis asked.

"You were thinking of WheelJack." I said.

"I don't know who WheelJack is." Alexis said.

"Transformers Generation 1." I reminded her.

"OOoh!" Alexis said. "I get it."

"It was a science experiment gone wrong by one of my students," I started to explain. "It is responsible for the loss of my right arm. I have burn mark all over my left arm because of it." At least I had them on my original body. "And it was well worth going out to save their lives."

"You were a hero," Alexis said. "That is sweet."

"It is." I said.

Suddenly out of the blue came a smoke grenade that crashed through the window. I turned on levitation mode. Three other smoke grenades crashed through emitting out smoke from the various little holes. Alexis coughed. I turned on brainwave mode then grabbed the coughing woman by the arms and towed her out of the room. The first question she asked was, "Who exactly do you have connections to?".

To which I replied, "No one in this world!"

I heard the sound of bullets and so we fled.

I didn't know why we were being chased.

It just did not make sense.

Why the sudden attack now?

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