Time of the Enterprises

Not always going to be safe and sound

..October 14th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 2:58 PM. . .

I only know the following event below happened because of the live airing report on TV regarding a shoot out at some avenue and street where a building conjoins them together. I saw Castle's car park at a parking spot. The blonde news woman had the microphone below her mouth. She had on a blue dress with sun flower designs all over along with a black jacket and a golden necklace.

Castle got out of the car then approached the two detectives,being Esposito and Ryan, appearing to be concerned.

I can read lips.

"What happened?" Castle asked. "Where is Alexis?"

"She is fine, Castle," Esposito said. "Go home."

"What about Quarty?" Castle asked.

"Quarty wasn't here," Ryan said, as Esposito gives him a 'why-didn't-you-tell-me-you-redirected-the-lunatic-to-Castle?' kind of look. "He fled without her."

"Alone?" Castle repeated. "This man has nothing in this world. I doubt he would get himself a place."

From behind a TV I was leaned forward with my hands below my chin and a grin on my face.

"So contrary, Mr Castle." I said.

I had a short laugh taking out a Iphone.

I have knowledge about everything including hacking my way to getting a hotel room, a thousand dollars in cash, a Iphone, and a identity. I made up a fake version of John-Luc that I was married to including a decent back story. However, whoever was chasing me knew my background through and through so nothing could change their mind. Not even being around innocent people. I believe this person followed me from Colo. Or they came here before me. But how? How did they know I would come.

I dialed Richard Castle's number and put it on speaker.

Castle turned away from the two detectives putting the phone to his ear.

"Alexis?" Castle asked.

"Through a hail of bullets and a couple gas grenades: she is fine." I said.

"Q," Castle said, his voice turning grim. "What do you want?"

"I just want to tell you I have a Iphone and I have mad hacking skills," I said. "So don't worry about me because I will find this culprit after me and you will clear my friend's name." I saw Castle turn toward his friend appearing to be concerned then turned away heading to his car keeping the phone to his ear. "I can't do the name clearing. I can not allow any Castle's to be around me. Because the only thing that will hit them is death."

"Just tell me where you are." Castle said.

"I am afraid not." I said.

"Come on, you can't hide forever." Castle said.

"I do not intend to, young man," I said. "I am Quarty and I am not a coward. I will face what my past actions have lead me to." I will face trial. I will face jail time. I will go to Earth, my Earth, to face a trial of my own peers. "You have a life ahead of you. Your daughter is no exception to following me. I will shake her off my tracks. Do not trace this call, Ricard. You have my number when you have solved the case. I am not leaving without Daniel Jackson."

I pressed the red button then lowered the phone.

Castle smacked the roof of the car then he got in and he drove off.

Boy, do I have ways of pissing off everyone.

"It is for your own good." I said.

The device that initiates the brain wave commanding to the wheelchair is a bit hard to describe to someone who can't see it. It is a lot like a head band put in the other direction making it almost cover the forehead. It is painful at first connecting to a set of transmitters that connect right into the brain but afterwards it is not that harmful after the many other times have been done. I have two small transmitters built into the side of my head along my hairline. My hairline has since receded from the time I had these machines installed into my skull for the second time.

I wheeled my way to the restroom.

Why would I tell everyone what I do in the restroom when it involves relieving myself?

Thank you for understanding my point.

Five minutes afterwards I wheeled out of the restroom hearing the toilet flush then left the door ajar. I turned the TV off using the remote then placed the remote on the table beside the bed. I had only a large stash of cash in a wallet. I had made a program set to put up a 'deceased' notice for my existence in this world within a month. A old former Q does have tricks up their sleeves as do I. I set up a relatively realistic holoprogram capable of operating thanks to car keys that had a machine that could carry the program around.

"Send Alexis on a goosechase," I said. "And steal a car while you are at it."

"Program set," The holoprogram replied.

I am a genius with the IQ of 2005, of course.

I watched the holoprogram wheel out of the building. I waited hearing the first vehicle speed off then the second vehicle followed after it. I made a hologram to disguise myself when driving and that includes my voice. I put the gun into my sheath expecting the culprit who shot after me and the young woman to not be convinced. I am a little too 'self-preservation' myself so I would never just go out to get caught. I made it clear to myself I wouldn't get into the arms of a innocent bystander while being a target. It just does not make sense doing that.

I went out of the room looking both ways.

I moved my glasses up from the bridge of my nose after it slid down. My eyesight over the years has been failing such as everything from the distance becomes a blur. My memory is still relatively 'clear' but there are some parts in my memory that are failing. For example how old Geordi was when he first boarded the Enterprise. The name of the Doctor stationed on the original Enterprise. I don't remember. Who was the engineer of the Original Enterprise? I do not remember.

I got into the car noticing a black van starting up.

I caught the glimpse of a blonde man with a crest on his forehead and horns poking out of his hair from the driver's seat.

This will be his final hours.

He will be out of the picture so I won't be worrying and I can face the consequences of my actions.

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