Time of the Enterprises

Out of the temple to earth

It had been no later than a hour since Daniel and Quarty had left. Left where? To a place called the temple. Teal'c wanted to see this temple. Not that it was rumored to have been created by some rogue group of Jaffa way before the days when the Federation deposited the Colonian Colony. His boots made the sand be dragged into the temple. Teal'c shook out the sand from his shoe leaning against the wall. Teal'c wouldn't admit to O'Neill that the sand was annoying because he once said to him, "Sand is just a distraction. Best to ignore it." and he claimed to be very skilled at ignoring sand.

Teal'c put his boot on then he looked forward.

The temple has a series of columns at the front supporting the ceiling. At the front is the gigantic statue of a Jaffa in the most well known signature suit featuring a serpent. There were holes in the with cracked vases, shattered plates, and remains of what seemed to be mummified sphinxes. It was impossible that humans had previously inhabited this planet because far as the Federation was concerned the Colo Colony was the first certified civilization. Things went well establishing buildings, retrieving metal and rock for various purposes. Teal'c ignored the mummified Sphinxes. They had the body of lions and the heads of humans even noted for having wing which it lacked. In the Greek tradition these mythical beings are known for their lion hunches,the head of a human, and great powerful wings of birds.

There are some bed time stories that talked about the reality changing room in the Jaffa. Teal'c had long considered it to be the works of fictional and very unrealistic of existing. To use this such device: It required pressing on four symbols. Each of these unique and different symbols stood for a different reality's coordinates. It was like a home address similar to the Dial Home Machine except it was discarded because of the mess it lead the Goa'uld into. It was strictly forbidden to ever use afterwards and it was buried. Teal'c had his spear in one hand as he approached the rounded fixture. He saw four symbols had recently lost a days worth of dust.

"Hm . . . " Teal'c said tilting his head at the glowing red symbols.

Teal'c pressed in the symbols.

The ground trembled.

Teal'c turned around to see a strange sight. It was of a museum, at least the inside of one. There was a gigantic skeleton of a T-Rex in the dead center of the room. Alongside the entrance to the cave was a duplicate skeletal remains of an iconic scene where a T-rex faces off against a Sauropod. Teal'c stepped forward to which he heard a slight crack.

He looked down to see the camera that wasn't there before. That was Daniel's camera. He recognized it because of the scratches on the side that were made by a curious civilization puzzled by the machine during SG-1's one of many explorations on different planets. Teal'c picked up the small camera. Teal'c walked out of the cave holding the camera and the spear. One would say he looked startled because: one, he hasn't been to a museum before,; two, Teal'c has just entered without wearing a disguise,; three, no one is noticing him. He saw the chalk image of a body on the floor so he walked around it.

Sam had mentioned one time about going to a museum. A museum basically was a place where history was frozen, replicated, and displayed often with printed words alongside it. Sometimes it would be on the plague. Sometimes it would be on the wall in front of the viewers.

Teal'c came by a clock that read 6:48 PM.

"Where would Daniel Jackson and Senator Quarty go after finding themselves on Earth?" Teal'c asked himself. "The police."

He walked past a penguin exhibit, an electricity exhibit, and a little group (who were seriously little people) staring at a display of Teddy Roosevelt on a horse. The way they were staring at him seemed like they waited for him to spring to life. Teal'c fought back on the impulse to point that out. Teal'c learned that some people found it mean to be the one who pointed out a fact they over looked as one time he pointed that out and Daniel was upset at first. That is another story for a different time.

Teal'c walked by the security guard station then out of the building.

So this is what New York City looks in real life.

Teal'c had to get directions from someone.

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