Time of the Enterprises

All about the eyes


..USS Enterprise...3:15 PM...

I was making a little log house using pieces of toothpicks.


"Come in," I said.

With a whish the doors flew open and in came someone I didn't know. I had only two guesses: Spock and Kirk. I kept my eyes on the pile of wooden toothpicks. His boots made the oddest of all sounds that sounded like squeak,squeak,squeak. I heaved a sigh glancing up to who had entered.

Captain James T Kirk.

"What brings you here, Captain?" I asked.

"Gary had the universe in his eyes," Kirk said. "Why do you not?"

"Because your perception on our kind is different," I said. "When someone is being turned into a Q through an accident; their eyes changing is one of the side effects." I put both hands on the table in a ball. "I am very sorry for your loss."

"Our perception?" Kirk repeated.

I wanted to facepalm myself.

"You see..." I started. "If you want to understand what we are. We are sphere balls capable of anything."

"What about communication?" Kirk asked.

"Telepathic," I said. "In a way."

"I thought you had some ear phone like devices in your ear," Kirk admitted.

"My son likes to include technology in his games," I said. "Cruel games."

"You can say that again," Kirk said.

Suddenly my view became dark. I felt like I was free falling through the darkness without any form of anything to stop me. Trelane had plunged me into darkness. I saw a red dot coming to at the end of this darkness. The cold weather in the darkness began to strip away for the warm weather. I shielded myself using my forearms. My arms burned cruelly like a flash of extreme temperature.

My eyes reopened to find myself on the floor.

"His body is covered in burns," Kirk said, into his communicator. "Get here, quick. He was fine a minute ago and he randomly, out of the blue, got covered in them."

"Coming Jim," Came McCoy's voice.

"Trelane..." I said, seeing a reflection of Trelane's face in the metal leg to the table. "Picard..."

My world became incredibly bright light. I still could not stand on my two feet but I was in a wheelchair more advanced than ever then the one. Where was I? I looked around noticing I am in a white enclosed area. Next a blue figure appeared that eventually turned into a coat making the other colors be dimmer. Trelane came into focus with a wide smile on his face and he looked more plead than I had seen him last time.

"Trelane, why?" I asked.

"Punishing you for what you did to me is only right," Trelane said.

"No, it is not," I said.

"Aww," Trelane said. "It seems one of your toys has rubbed off on you!"

"Picard is not a toy!" I shouted back at him. "He is a human being!"

Trelane smirked.

"My captain is better than your captain!" Trelane said.

"We played chess with them," I said. "They are both good captains. Enough with your bragging and get to the point."

"I want to play a game," Trelane said, flatly. "Put the whole universe in jeopardy for it."

"No," I said. "You wouldn't."

Trelane's smile did not fade.

"I would," Trelane said.

"Give me a stick," I said.

"Sure!" Trelane said, stupidly.

I grabbed hold of a walking stick then repeatedly hit Trelane with it.

"FATHER, STOP IT!" Trelane demanded.

"You are not the road runner!" I shouted, flying after Trelane. "I can't hurt you in reality but I can give you bruises!"

Trelane vanished.

The stick became a snake.

"Ah, snake!" I tossed the snake to the floor.

"Got rid of it," Trelane said,behind me. "Now let's give you a whirr."

"Trelane, don't you dare insult my captain again," I said.

"Picard should be a ambassador not a captain," Trelane said.

"I agree," I said.

"He's so not a soldier," Trelane said. "I am so glad your captain is going to die in this timeline. Hopefully someone better will captain the USS Enterprise D."

I never felt so enraged about a simple insult before directed toward a human.

He just insulted Jean-Luc!


In the next passing minutes I found myself managing to flip Trelane over and delivering punches to his rather pristine face. About five minutes into it I am frozen this time he had vanished. Trelane reappeared rubbing his chin looking at me curiously. A curious rotten child who will never grow up, mentally.

"You are so protective over him," Trelane said. "There's got to be more than friendship between you two."

I glare back at Trelane.

"Well, is there?" Trelane asked.

I did not move an inch while Trelane searched my eyes.

"If someone were to insult my captain, I wouldn't go that far," Trelane said. "In fact, Kirk is just a role model."

"Role model," I repeated. "He's not your role model!"

Trelane smiled.

"How did you guess?" Trelane said.

"Role models are someone who influences others," I said. "To do good things."

Trelane leaned forward.

"You are an ideal role model along with Kirk," Trelane said. "The bad Kirk."

Trelane's eyes are full of delight and a battery that I cannot come close to understanding.

"No," I said. "I cannot be."

"Yes, you are," Trelane said. "It is time I wake you up and unleash your world of hell on Colo."

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