Time of the Enterprises

What a muse

..8:20 PM. . .

. . . Outside New York City . . .

On Colo, the one color attire style has changed to: purple,pink,red,black,white, gray and so on. The most preferred shirt by young men on Colo are white shirts, gray jacket, gray matching pants, and various kinds of shirts. Lets say I chose a short sleeved shirt and blue jeans. I even chose black socks and tied up my shoelaces. Colo has evolved since I first was left there by the Federation. I learn new things everyday and I slowly forget things everyday: Perhaps John-Luc notices my failing memory.

I didn't forget why I was driving.

My Iphone plays the song 'Locked away' to indicate it is ringing.

I came to the side of the road in the pitch black, hit ignore, then slide the gun to my side. I rolled down the window. The anticipation was building up for me. The Iphone rang, again, in the eerie silence. I used my left hand to pick up the phone then answer it. I grumbled asking, "What can be more important right now?"

"Don't shoot him!" Daniel said. "It is part of his plan."

I rolled my eye seeing the man had parked.

"For me to get rid of a pest?" I asked. "So far he is succeeding."

"No, really, Q-" Daniel started but I interjected heatedly.

"I told you to CALL ME QUARTY!" I shouted.

Bad force of habit for Daniel.

The life of Q seems like a distant memory for me. A foggy and shady past I wouldn't want to revisit as a old man. It is like looking back at your past knowing what you were, stood for, and missed. In the heart I am still young but physically I am an old man like John-Luc. I heard a apologetic reply from Daniel.

"Senator, do this and you are dooming yourself to a lot of vengeful family members." Daniel said.

"If you had a past like me and everyone really hated you; would you not want everyone to hate you in your most vulnerable and aged unrecognizable form?" I asked.

"Quarty, don't do this to me!" Daniel said.

"Put yourself in my position," I said. "When I get back. I am resigning." I lowered the phone. "See you in a couple hours, Jackson."

I ended the call by pressing the red button.

I heard plastic meet the ground so I turned toward the window where I saw the one stalking me clear as day. I raised the gun and pressed the trigger. The blonde man with a crest on his forehead and black horns fell over landing on the ground. The defeaning sound of the bullet shattering what glass that had been up rung in my ears. I saw it started to rain. I looked over the window seeing the collasped body of a Calosapian. A couple years ago the federation had granted them access into Star Fleet as civilians and neighbors to all those peaceful planets.

I felt relieved.

It was over.

I watched the blood pour down the pavement as I leaned back into the seat taking a sigh of relief. I can happily start my retirement plans. Everything after the trial on Earth in 2295. My memory is fading so I have to give them the reasons why I did what I did before they slip from me. I smiled staring at the ceiling. Joy. Utter joy. I closed my eyes then lowered my head whispering, "Forgive me,Jessie."

The phone rang this time playing a random song that was mellow and smooth.

It was 'You don't know me' by Ricky Wilson.

I opened my eyes then picked up the phone and slid the bar. I put the phone to my ear.

"Hello, Mr Castle," I said. "What can I do for you?"

"The box is working." Castle said.

I raised my brows.

"Thinking inside the box is not worth the time," I said. "Even though there is stories that can be told and it can become a club house."

"What are you talking about?" Castle asked.

I am quite surprised. Perhaps playing out that childs world featuring a character named Pinky Dinky Doo and her adventures have been wearing out my sense of logic and reason. I knew the fine line between reality and fiction. It was something I have known for far too long.

"Nothing," I lied. "What are you talking about?"

"The box you handed me," Castle said. "I will play the message."

I waited.

"Fake god, I am back." I heard a distinctive Klingonese voice.

That was Kurva.

"So, do you know how Doctor Proctor got his hands on a Klingon message box?"Castle asked.

I was unable to move in shock.

How long had he been alive in regular time?

"Uh, Mr Quarty?" Castle said. "Mr Quarty?"

I cleared my throat, terrified.

You can't kill a Klingon so easily except if you are a Romulan.

Romulans are apparently good at dispatching Klingons.

"I don't know," I said. "But someone murdered Doctor Proctor and I want you to find out who did it."

I knew it wasn't the one stalking me.

I have a feeling in my gut it was some one else.

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