Time of the Enterprises

Staying in town for awhile

...October 16th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 5:58 PM. . .A Rental flat . . .

New York City is the most attacked city on the face of the Earth. Right up with LA, California, Hollywood, Las Vegas,Gotham, Metropolis, and Florida just to name a few. Small cities in different states and nations don't get that much attention because it is the only major states that do in fact get invaded. One time I asked a Cybermen why they were attacking London when they could start their subtle invasion in Alaska then off to Toronto (next to the rainbow bridge that connects America to Canada) instead. The only reply I recieved was, "It is more logical and convenient."

I really wished they were not obeying the rule book.

Sheesh, someone should throw that rule book out of the window!

I got the same reply from the Borgs.

Where did the Borgs attack first? Both sides of Vietnam. China and Japan easily kicked out the Borgs from their side of the continent. That was the third place to start at for them. I recall laughing at the Borgs fleeing fast as they could from the furious natives and how they all did this without good old Godzilla and King Kong. There are some memories I have for my time as Q that I am fond of. There are many things I am proud of that I did as a Omnipotent entity and there are several acts I am not proud of.

"Senator?" Alexis asked.

"Call me Quarty, please." I said, staring at a fish tank with some unique fish.

A child could tell stories with these little creatures that forget two seconds after meeting each other. They forget everything. It is a lot like "Hi, hello, nice to see you here!" and then repeat for when they are the same genders. When they are male and female the conversations go like this. "Hi, hot stuff." "Hello, attractive fish flipper." "Oh my, that has to be the best compliment I ever heard!" "Same here!" "Wanna hook up?" or "We are twinsies!".

Alexis came over to my side.

"You have been staring at it for over an hour." Alexis said.

"Liar," I said. "Two hours and thirty minutes."

"You still have not lost your attitude," Alexis said. "If you weren't so . . ."

"Carried away and being old I would make more friends," I said. "Truth is; outside of my world under the identity of . . ." I looked away from the tank to the rug. "Photonic Riker Quarty, I have made more friends than I can count. Ones whom I can trust but not with my real idenity. I am afraid of losing friends. As a Q . . . I only had one friend I considered: Jean-Luc."

John-Luc must be worried about me.

"I see . . ." Alexis said. "You don't want to be alone."

"Yes," I said. "You are quite right."

"How many people had to die for your secret to be kept?" Alexis asked.

I turned my head toward Alexis with a grim look in my eyes.

"One," I said. "And I don't want anymore people to die because of it."

"The way I see it, Senator," Alexis said. "More people will die."

"It won't be important for everyone to know after my resignation," I said. "They won't need to know. I won't become an Ambassador. I just won't accept it."

Alexis sighed.

"Ambassador?" Alexis repeated.

"Yes," I said. "Apparently it is in my future. I really believe a forgetful man should not have that title."

"But that is a wonderful thing to happen," Alexis said. "Everyone calling you Ambassador of . . ."

"Colo." I finished for her.

"Ambassador of Colo!" Alexis said. "It has a ring to it!"

"Not to me." I said.

"Come on, get out of that depressed turtle shell," Alexis said. "You represent a planet."

I closed my eyes turning my head away from Alexis.

"Not yet and never will." I said, wheeling away from the fish tank.

"Why?" Alexis asked, tailing after me. "Why do you think that?"

I felt a tear come out so I turned around opening my eyes.

"Because I have Alzheimer's, Alexis!" I shouted. "It has been spreading over the couple years to my memory. You might think remembering little details is not important BUT IT IS!" I went on. "I can't remember the regulations to Star Fleet. A couple days ago I was confused about who was Sam Carter. She was like a complete stranger to me! I wouldn't want a entire planet to be represented by someone who is barely able to remember their age. I don't remember my age, Alexis."

"You almost make me feel sad for you," Alexis said. "But you have to be lying about that."

"Why would I lie about Alzheimer's, Alexis?" I asked, point blank. "Why would I do that?"

Alexis cleared her throat.

"I don't know." Alexis said.

"Go take your theories to your father." I said, wheeling into the bedroom.

I shut the door behind me.

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