Time of the Enterprises

Mark bound to be left

...October 16th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 7:58 PM. . .A Rental flat . . .

I was in a bathtub enjoying the warmth and the bubbles. I washed my shoulder using soap until around came a bump. I looked over to my right shoulder that still has the robotic prosthetic right hand attached. It is so attached the device can not be removed through regular means; I tried that a long time ago. My eyes peered over to see a small rounded infected wound on my right shoulder.

Where did I get that?

I get the toilet plunger then lift up the shirt toward me and observe for any little holes to big holes. I didn't see any holes that stood out. I tossed the shirt away from the rug perplexed how that could have happened. I recalled the sound of plastic meeting the pavement in the car. Many plastic objects can make that sound. Must have been a Diet Pepsi can. Stupid pollution killing animals. There is one turtle that was very unlucky and became disfigured due to the object keeping the bottles together in a group being set afloat. Poor little guy, I could have fixed him and sent him off his way but being disfigured is what changes society and urges them to stop their pollution. Fixed time, a point that cannot and will not be changed.

I closed my eyes.

I had a shaky image of the Enterprise-D except it had white paint, the chairs were otherwise more comfortable appealing, and the turbo lift was set dead in the center similar to the Constitution class in the parallel universe where Nero wrecked the timelines. I hadn't the heart to see Spock wither away in many versions of the timeline so I did my fair share of 'helping' reunite old Kirk with old Spock in many timelines. I just let them (As in the old and new versions of Kirk and Spock) do all the hardwork after I usually had set the events in motion. This image of the Enterprise D still had the interior Bridge design. It only seemed more savvy. I wasn't aware of this memory. Perhaps I am making up. Not the first time I have made up fake memories for myself to relish in.

I opened my eyes.

"Sick Bay," I said. "Enterprise D."

I closed my eyes and I couldn't picture Sick Bay.

Sad to see my old age is catching up with me.

I opened my eyes.

"Figures." I said.

I had recently washed mu hair so I finished the bodily cleaning that no ones want to hear about except if they were a body pervert. There are such kind of people who are harmless body wash perverts who are a lot like peeping toms and get aroused by seeing a body being roused. There is not a proper name for them yet, that I can recall. Wait, I think they do. But the name is so far away. I yanked out the plug to the bath tub. I mean I would be laughing at a paralyzed person attempting to get out the bath tub alone but this is very not funny for me in this case.

I had to figure how to get out of the bat tub.

I have a custom made tub on Colo just for my disadvantage.

"All right, Quarty. . ." I said. "How do we get out of a bath tub?"

I forgot how I got out of the tub for the past two nights.

I feel tired.

How did I get in the first place?

Sitting on the toilet and slipping in.

I tapped on the side of the tub contemplating. How in the past few years did I push through being a Senator for Colo as an old man? I have note Padds to remind me what is on the menu and what I had already done earlier. Old age can really bite out a huge chunk of the young apple. I used to be so resistant against the common cold but now it is a ailment I deeply (Might I add: thoroughly) avoid at all costs. I brought the sickness home one time, which made John-Luc and I sick for two weeks. John-Luc, however, went into his trance one week into the illness and required to be slapped out of it once his health had recovered. For the rest of the two weeks, John-Luc was out and about taking care of me.

Thank the stars Jessie was with her parents during that time.

I had to slap John-Luc awake.

I miss John-Luc.

I slid out of the bath tub landing on the rug. My wheelchair was right by the sink. I get on my boxers, socks,and a shirt. Pretty simple, right? Yes, it is. I get into my wheelchair grabbing my dirty laundry in my right hand. I dump the clothes into a bucket. I brush my teeth, comb my hair, and put my glasses into a black container. I put the black container along my side then wheel my way out of the bathroom. I shut the door behind me. I went over to the counter alongside the bed. I can feel a heavy personalized presence right across from me by the window.

I put the container on the counter.

"I know you are there." I said.

I heard a deep young laugh that belonged to a male.

"It is not over, Fake God." Came Kurva's voice.

I looked over to see a blurry brown face.

"I may be old, but I am no god." I said.

Kurva had a deep growl.

"You should have thought about that before you injected me!" Kurva snapped.

"I had no choice." I said.

Kurva growled.

"You had a choice!" Kurva shouted.

"And you are here," I said. "You had a choice to not come."

"I am not here," Kurva said, walking out of the shadows. "I am not here at all."

Kurva's figure sizzled.

"Holoprogram . . ." I said. My eyes widened. "That hasn't been thoroughly developed yet!"

"I came across a man calling himself the Traveler," Kurva said. I was left horrified. "He gave me this device."

I sighed briefly lowering my head.

"He has gone against the rules," I said. "Again."

"So he is a fake god like you?" Kurva asked.

I lifted my head up toward Kurva with a scowl.

"Yes," I said. "A very old and idiot Q."

"So are you." Kurva said.

"Respect your elders, Klingon." I said, warningly.

My eyes were their usual size, once more.

"You are no elderly to me." Kurva said.

I frowned.

"Don't you see what time has done to me?" I asked.

Kurva folded his arms.

"I see a young fool before my eyes." Kurva said.

"Did you lead a survivor of Khan's attack to my secret?" I asked.

Kurva laughed, as his shoulders rolled up and down.

"I have no business in your affairs!" Kurva said. "I only thought this would be a proper way of making myself clear that the rest of your lifetime will be hell." He cleared his throat. "The messenger . . . Of course . . . Was just an added bonus and unexpected. I didn't really believe he would harass you, honestly."

"Your messenger murdered a man and framed a man I was with." I said.

"Did you honestly think he went alone?" Kurva asked, as I heard the door creak.

I was afraid to look over my shoulder.

"Yes." I said.

Kurva had a soft laugh.

"You are wrong, Fake God." Kurva said, as his image flickers.

The object projecting his image began to disappear before my eyes.

"What is his partner supposed to do?" I asked.

"Do what I cannot in the other universe you have seemingly crossed in," Kurva said. "Until we meet again . . .Farewell."

Kurva vanished before my poor eyesight.

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