Time of the Enterprises

Considered a villain, again

...October 17th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 7:58 AM. .

I was attacked in my sleep about two hours after the confrontation. After Kurva's holoprogram had ended I saw no one in the room save for me. Now I am paying for believing that it was only a bluff. The nerve his accomplice had to get in order to attack a old man in his sleep. I saw my attacker outside of my body. It was odd standing outside of my body staring at the man cleaning his hands up.

His face reminded me of Daniel Jackson.


That is his counterpart Dan Jackelson.

A guy who failed just about everything Daniel is good at.

The next I see are patterns of light disappearing and then reappearing. I heard voices to my sides ever so classically like the scenes where someone is being wheeled down the hall in a gurney. I was out of it turning my head away. Someone reportedly discovered my body shortly at 1:29 AM. They didn't mention who it was. I must have lost a good deal of blood due to the care that the world had for me. Being alone in the universe is the worst a individual a person can ever have. Isolation from people. Humans are social creatures like cats and dogs.

My head turned, this time forwards.

I saw a woman with long hair draped to her shoulders, a trench coat,a blouse and pants. She had one leg folded over the other. I couldn't see her face. I had a vague feeling to who she may be. Who was she? I couldn't see straight. Damn old age! I blink trying to adjust my eye-sight to the Q-awful wallpaper.

"Hello, I am Captain Beckett," Beckett said. "I understand you are connected to a case."

"Mrs Castle . . ." I said. "I am nothing short of being connected to your case."

"I have two detectives who say otherwise," Beckett said. "I am not in the position to accept that you were just recently, randomly, attacked in your room shortly after the report that our suspect had gone missing."

I smiled.

"Teal'c got him out," I said. "Didn't he?"

"I cannot confirm this," Beckett said. "But whatever you have been telling Castle-"

"I tell the truth and nothing but the truth, young lady." I said, one hand on my waist.

Beckett stood up.

"Castle has told me a wild story about a old man yearning to be a young man with a dark past coming after him," Beckett said. "What were you trying to steal in that building?" She came to my side. "What is the real name of your accomplice?"

I looked up toward Beckett.

"I cannot see properly without my glasses, Captain." I said.

"I need the name." Beckett said.

"I won't give you the name so easily," I said. "Because then I will be implicated on a crime I did not commit and so would my friends."

I couldn't tell if Beckett was frowning.

"You are a suspect now,Mr Quarty . . ." Beckett said. She started toward the door but came to a pause halfway. She turned halfway my direction. "Do not leave town."

I grumbled, "I was not considering at this phase in life."

I saw Beckett leave the room.

I felt so alone.

And felt so angry to be considered a villain! I knew it she thought I was the bad guy just by the tone of her voice and her words. Words alone can hurt people in more ways than one not just visually and physically. They didn't have my glasses. Where were my glasses, anyway? Were they still back at the rental apartment? Foolish humans for forgetting my glasses! I had worked years to get rid of the label 'villain' off my back.

This is what I get for being the 'good guy'.

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