Time of the Enterprises

Loneliness can be replaced

...October 17th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 9:58 AM. .

I was surprised to find my next visitor to be Esposito. I turned the TV off using the nearby remote. No one questioned my empty wheelchair's technology, my prosthetic arm, and the implants in the temple of my head.

"Hello, Detective." I said.

"Look, I am sorry but we had to tell her." Esposito said.

"That I am a liar?" I asked. "Couldn't you have told her that I was on the run from a man who wanted me dead and my friend was hiding out with me when the bleeding man came to our hiding place in the museum?"

"No." Esposito said.

I sighed.

"At least the TV isn't a back stabber," I said. "I wanted to start clean in this universe and now you make me sound like a criminal." My voice had lowered and started to tremble. In fact it started to crack up. "That was not what I wanted in my brief visit here!"

At first I thought Esposito had blinked.

"Well, it sure ain't brief." Esposito said.

I lowered my gaze toward my hands.

"You got that right . . ." I said. "I just want to go home."

Esposito came to my side.

"Do you know where Teal'c and Daniel would go?" Esposito asked.

"Home, probably." I said, with a depressed sigh.

"We got a lead after your attack," Esposito said. "Kevin and I think that Castle has a hunch."

I looked up toward Esposito.

"Then follow his lead."

"We can't work with him."

"That doesn't mean you cannot track Castle's car."


"Where is he now?"

"Garbage-ville,Barber shop."

I smiled.

"I almost blind compared to most old men. . ." I said. "And you are here for another reason. Your partner is out investigating with Castle. You know where Teal'c and Daniel are; you are just lying to keep them safe."

"In fact, I am not." Esposito said, walking around the bed. " I just wanted to visit you."

I raised a brow following his walking figure.

"Pardon me?" I asked.

"Visit you," Esposito said. "This must be very . . . Stressful time for you."

"Alexis coached you," I said. "Didn't she?"

"No one persuaded me to visit you," Esposito said. "I just came to realize you might want someone to chat with. You need a friend in this very unsure period in your life."

I lowered my head.

"There are many times where I thought this would never be possible," I said. "Hearing the man himself say he wants to be my friend." I had a short laugh. "This is a first. Someone willing to be my friend." I shook my head. "Better late than never."

"What is the universe like for a Q?" Esposito asked, sitting down into a chair.

I cleared my throat.

"The universe is a multi universe to the Q," I said. "We can weave it as we see fit. We can mess around while still obeying our own rules. We don't want a tidal time wave affect where one little detail is messed up to the point that history is changed forever. We can undo mistakes by a thought. It is under our control that universes can be born, grow, and live long as there are anchors that ensure its existence. Anchors are all different kinds of races depending on one persons timeline. One person can be part of many lives. For instance, no Richard Castle in your lives. Just imagine how many people would not have got answers for the crimes that happened to their beloved because Captain Beckett did not have her fated husband."

Esposito rubbed his chin.

"She would be . . . Still on her mother's case and in politics." Esposito said.

"You got it, kid." I said.

"That is sad." Esposito noted.

"It is sad, Espo." I said.

"May I call you Q?" Esposito asked.

I glared toward Esposito.

"Call me Q and we are not friends." I said.

"That is a tough package to keep but I will try." Esposito said.

"Mr Quarty, what is my future like?" Esposito asked.

"I can't divulge your future," I said. "This is not a wild timeline."

"Wild timeline?" Esposito repeated.

"There is only one kind of timeline where we can freely enact a out of character/unexpected event on certain civilizations and not have to worry about what fate has in store," I said. "Everyone has their own wild timelines namely being me."

"I don't want to know what you did to land into a wild timeline powerless." Esposito said.

"Good," I said, with a little smile.

"Are there aliens out there: outside our world?" Esposito asked.

"Outside of this solar system . . . there is life," I said. "There are a lot of Klingons who exist in this universe." I glanced over to my wheelchair. "My wheelchair is a product of a man who used to have the IQ of 2005. My IQ is not that good anymore, I admit. I have the IQ of a typical human being."

"Except it is degrading." Esposito said.

"Correct, Esposito." I said.

"Does our world have a version similar to Star Fleet in the future?" Esposito asked.

"I assume not," I said. "I don't know the future to this timeline . . . I use to know but the memory has slipped." I cleared my throat. "I just remember there is . . . A relative of the Enterprise called the Enterprisa captained by Kevin Ryan's grandson."

Esposito slid his hand down his face.

"You mean to tell me in two hundred plus years my friend is going to have a Kirk or Picard kind of legacy?"

"More on the Kirk side," I said. "Why yes."

Esposito put his hands under his chin.

"Woah," Esposito said. "Kirk? That legendary?"

"Yes," I said, with a nod.

"Enterprisa sounds a lot like a woman than a gender nutrual name." Esposito said.

"It was to be Enterprise but a whole majority of women petitioned it to be named Enterprisa," I explained. "There was a third option, of course, to change the name to Yorktown."

"Yorktown doesn't sound close to being cool." Esposito said.

I snickered.

A couple days ago I had known how to create a device that can project a holoprogram for a duration of time but now I have no memory of it. It is quite sad, really. Old age creeping up on me. It is probably speeding up because I am a former Q. Former Q in their old age tend to have hell. Death comes a lot quicker. Misery tends to increase.

"Anything would have sounded cool to your humans during that time," I said. "You called me a lunatic now what other than 'being a friend for a old man' brings you here?"

"I saw something I shouldn't have," Esposito said. "Something entirely impossible. In fact I saw more than that after seeing what should be strictly on TV. I went through that temple, pressed the coordinates, and god." Esposito shook his head. "It was. . . Out of this world. I went right back in and dialed my reality."

"How long were you there?" I asked.

"I didn't interact with any of them," Esposito said. "Not my reality."

I smiled.

"You came to apologize." I said.

"I am sorry." Esposito apologized.

"Apology accepted." I said.

My eyes felt heavy, strangely.

I was wide awake and I started to experience confusion. One minute I knew who Esposito was then the next I hadn't a clue. It was like someone had taken a memory from me. My eyes grew wide. With blurry vision I can still tell appearance through the attire not just the face. I also was able to tell this wasn't some-one I knew for a long time due to his skin color. Because I normally do not befriend those kind of people. In fact getting them to trust me is not. easy. at. all.

Klingons for example. I think it is the skin color that divides us because of the classic skin color stereotype that typically haunts them because usually the white people who meddle with them are Star Fleet and Vulcans and other alien races. I really hate the stereotypical hate as it is no fun. Dead serious. Dull. Boring. Lessonless. Not-so-amusing to play around with.

I had a vague feeling I knew this man.

Also that I should trust him.

I heard beeps coming from a machine.

"Senator Quarty?" The man asked, standing up.

The beeps became rapid as my eyes started to close.

The man went to the door and shouted, "Hey, we need some help here!"

Where am I, though?

My world went into the realm of darkness.

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