Time of the Enterprises


...October 17th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 10: 20 AM. .

Dan Jackelson turned out to be quite the shady guy. Castle got a phone call from Esposito regarding Quarty's condition. The Doctors had no idea how to help Quarty as the source of his condition couldn't be detected. Though they had a slight idea where it may be originating inside; the brain. Somewhere around the temporal lobe. The temporal lobe is known for being a source of ESP and other abnormalities exploited a lot in media.

ESP means Extra Sensory Perception.

"How is he?" Ryan asked.

Castle lowered his phone appearing to be concerned then he put the phone away.

"Not good," Castle said. He looked over in the direction of a crooked door laying ahead of a metal staircase. "Dan should come out any moment."

"I don't know about you Castle," Ryan said, taking out his gun. "But my gut says he isn't coming out."

"Let's go-" Castle started, stepping forward.

Kevn held his hand out stopping Castle in his tracks.

"Castle, no offense but . . ." Ryan said. "You are a PI. And Beckett would kill me if you died because you were with me."

"You know I will just go in the other door." Castle said.

"Without me," Ryan said. "That is the point. Surprise the suspect."

"Five bucks he shoots his foot." Castle said.

"Ten bucks that doesn't happen!" Ryan bet.

"Deal!" Castle said.

The two split up.

Kevin went up the metal stair case holding the gun close to himself yet aimed down at the ground. He can feel chills down his back. There was a bad feeling about this suspect and it wasn't because Castle was here. From the corner of his eye he saw the door be moved a bit slightly wider. He came to the side of the door then said, "Detective Kevin Ryan, I would like to speak with you Mr Jackelson."

"Screw you!" Jackelson shouted.

A hail of bullets flew out the crack.

"Daniel?" Ryan said, now further away from the door pretty frightened in adorable kind of way.

Kevin almost look like a cute frightened tom cat humanized.

"It is Dan, cop!" Dan shouted.

"I am a Detective, Mr Jackelson," Ryan said.

"Same thing!" Dan said.

"Actually, a police officer would be in uniform," Ryan said. "Detectives on the other hand are not."

"I don't believe you." Dan said.

"I am here to ask you about the morning of October 14th," Ryan said. "Where were you at 5:46 AM?"

"Here, as usual!" Dan lied.

Kevin sighed.

"I need proof." Ryan said.

"Proof?" Dan repeated. He then muttered, "I should have brought a human accomplice."

"Who is your accomplice?" Ryan asked.

"Come in through the door and I will tell." Dan said.

"Not if you put down your gun."Ryan said.

"Then I sure ain't leaving this apartment!" Dan replied.

Ryan had a little girl back home along with a pregnant wife. Dan and Kevin were at a standstill. Castle came to Dan's other door that was part of a hallway. The hallway has yellow wallpaper and dark blue rug. There were paintings hanging from the wall varying in style, color, and individuals. Castle usually wasn't the one who kicked the door down that would be Esposito or Kevin who do that.

Luckily enough for Castle the door was ajar. Castle could hear that neither of the two were up for a deadly confrontation. Castle opened the door carefully but not enough apparently as it drew the attention of Dan. The door was left wide open revealing a lousy living room, a odd looking kitchen that seemed so circular, another room joined to the living room, and a dining room where Dan is standing holding what seems to be a stealth gun in his left hand.

Dan raised his gun up.

Across from Dan is the nearly opened back door which is what Ryan is behind.

Castle made the first shot at Dan's gun making it fall out of his hands to the floor then shot at both of Dan's hands.

"You shot me!" Dan shouted.

Ryan came into the building, gun out, demanding "Hands up where I can see them!"

"HE SHOT MY HANDS!" Dan shouted. "God they hurt!"

Ryan looked over to Castle.

"Nice aim." Ryan said.

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