Time of the Enterprises

Hello, old friend

..October 17th. . . 2015 . . .

. . . New York City . . . 12:32 PM. .

My eyes opened. The strange dark man had long gone. My chest felt like it had been burned. I can still feel the electricity coursing through my veins. A man in a different kind of uniform that seems military-ish kind of uniform complete with medals. I saw a pair of glasses headed my way and then they were on.

I barely recognized the man.

He had hair; dark brown hair that had long changed to turn gray at the sides. He had short hair. He also had a fake right eye that didn't move while the left eye was able to move. He put one hand on my shoulder with a smile. I saw the blinds were closed. Where was I? I knew better than to alert someone of a rather stupid question and make them believe my memory is degrading rapidly.

"Hello, old friend." The British man said.

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"Yes," The British man took out a cigarette, lit it, then put the cigarette into his mouth. "In fact you have visited us numerous times when you were younger." I noticed the wallpaper is blue instead of the other color and there isn't a television set to the corner of the room. "You are so . . .weak."

The smoke drew out of the cigarette.

"I am not in a public place, ain't I?" I asked.

"You are not," The British man said. "You are in the best place to find your diagnoses."

"I have alzheimer's." I said.

The British man shook his head.

"Your memory, by our standards, is not failing as it should be." The British man said.

I raised my eyebrows.

"What?" I asked.

"That does not rapidly affect a former god that. . . " The British man took his cigarette out then puffed out smoke. "Quickly." He walked around the bed. "You said it yourself a couple years back concerning one of your own pretending to be one of us."

"I would remember something like that." I said.

The British man frowned,putting one hand into his pocket.

"Are you calling me a liar?" The British man said.

"Yes, I am." I said.

"I protested against you taking out the memory," The British man said. "You could have been an asset to us! To prepare for the threats of other alien beings attempting to take over our planet with your help."

I sighed.

"No wonder I made myself forget," I said. "I have rules." I shook my head. "My home has rules, I mean. One of which to not help people cheat out on history."

"But you helped us on numerous occasions afterwards!" The British man said.

"Were they games?" I asked.

"Yes,but-" The British man said.

"That was me teaching you," I said. "You helped yourself."

The British man put the cigarette into his mouth.

"You haven't changed a bit," The British man said. "What do you call yourself these days? Mo,Jo,Chip,Clip, Johnny,Solo, Sulu, Blake Lively, Charles Manhunt?"

"Photonic . . . Quarty." I said.

The British man had a laugh.

"Would you prefer if I called you Quarty?" The British man said.

"I very much do,sir." I said.

"You are acting . . . Strange." The British man said.

"Strange how?" I asked.

"You always avoided being nice." The British man said, puffing out smoke.

"Smoking will give you lung cancer,sir." I said.

"We're going to give you the correct diagnoses for your illness, Mr Quarty." The British man said.

"I never asked for you to abduct me from where I was." I said.

"You don't know where you are." The British man said.

"Why do you think you are helping me?" I asked.

The British man came in front of the foot stool lowering his cigarette.

"We can't just stand by and watch a former god melt before our eyes because he has alzheimer's! Do you know what that feels to watch someone so superior to you allegedly become a fish in a sense? No. I don't think so. So you are getting our damn help whether you want it or not! You are getting straight answers from people who don't sugar coat your condition! You might have a case of alzheimer's but not as severe as you think. It could be something else doing to your brain, Mr Quarty."

The British man put his cigarette into his mouth.

At first I was flattered by his words.

"I didn't realize you considered me your idol." I said.

"To be frank, it is not me who ordered you be transferred here," The British man said. "You remember Clinton?"

"No." I said.

"Former secretary." The British man said.

"Not at all." I said.

"She was visiting this hospital. . ." The British man explained. "When she came upon your room. Door open. She recognized you. At first I was baffled and confused why you were a human but she made it clear there should not be any questions asked. I understand why she made it clear. I read your file."

"What file?" I asked.

"Everyone has a file," The British man said. "We monitor the entire world. Think we're not listening through the walls, pipes, and wood? In fact we do that kind of surveillance to ensure the protection of our people."

"I find it hard to believe." I said.

"We did it and it is possible." The British man said.

"Just tell me how it is possible." I said.

The British man blew smoke out of the cigarette.

"Classified." The British man said, taking the cigarette out of his mouth.

I frowned.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"Classified," The British man said, heading to the door. "It is nice to see you have aged well."

My eyes felt heavy.

Just like last time.

"If I knew you, I would say the same," I said. "I feel tired . . .But I should be wide awake."

The British man faced my direction with a smile.

My body wanted to rest.

"You will remember me,old friend." The British man said.

"You should add random REM sleep to the file." I said.

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement that occurs during sleep.

"That I will." The British man said.

And my eyes closed.

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