Time of the Enterprises

Not so delighted

...2265...6 months later...

"What do you want,Captain Kirk?" I asked, wheeling down the sidewalk.

"I just wanted to see how you are doing on this planet, that is all," Kirk said, then he stopped me forcefully by getting in my way and grabbed my wheels. "Come on, you've been avoiding me ever since you got out of Sick Bay."

I glared at him.

"Perhaps it is best we stray paths," I said.

"Now come on, Quarty," Kirk said. "What ever happened?"

6 months I have been on a planet that has inferior technology yet they manage to push onward slowly but tediously. My face has grown a goatee just to show how much a Q can really change living among humans for exactly six months. If I told Kirk then he would feel bad about himself and I wouldn't want that because he is the captain who makes sure the treaty between the Federation and Klingons goes smoothly.

Of course I have decided to build a life here.

I am interested in a woman in her mid-thirties.

"Kirk, if I told you," I said. "You wouldn't want to live with it."

"Such as what?" Kirk asked.

I had to lie.

"Your death," I lied. "I don't want your blood on my hands, Captain Kirk."

Kirk let go of my wheels.

"Trelane contacted you?" I asked.

"Yes," I said.

I wheeled around Kirk.

"What about my death?" Kirk asked.

"It can't be told," I said. "A wise woman once said 'It has to be lived'."

"Sorry,Quarty," Kirk said. "But I have to do this."

A pain erupted in my neck.

"...Kirk," I said, leaning to my side.

My eyes closed.

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