Time of the Enterprises

A return

. .June 5th . . .2295 . . .

. . . 3:22 PM . . . Planet Colo . . .

I wheeled out of the temple slowly.

I had bad news in a package.

I looked down to the arm rest of the wheelchair indicating what time it was for this reality. It had been two hours. I let Daniel wheel me back to my place with my head lowered. Getting the news that someone had purposely injected you with an alien virus intended to kill me in the worst way possible can really take the life out of a man. I had to do things, very important things starting today. I honestly felt depressed. Sad. Exhausted. I am technically a dead man with a incurable disease.

But today got worse.

'How?', you might ask.

Turns out modern day Jaffa can sense a Goa'uld inside a Jaffa one mile away.

"He has a Goa'uld!" A woman Jaffa screamed.

All attention shifted to us.

"Better get going,fast." I said to Daniel.

Cody once told me that Jaffa despise the Goa'uld for what they had done to them until two centuries ago. Enslavement for a very long time. It had only ended three centuries ago with the help of SG-1. The Goa'uld had long been extinct as had the star system lords. They are afraid of Goa'uld repopulating let alone being it a male without a mate. Queen Goa'uld needed DNA of hosts and then they are set.

The three of us went into the Ambassy.

"Senator Quarty?" Came a woman from reception.

"Erm, this was unexpected." Daniel said.

"Are my people free in this time?" Teal'c asked.

"Yes, they are." I said.

The receptionist came from the desk.

"What brings you here today?" The receptionist asked. "Are you here to speak with Ambassador Ronald?"

"No," I said. "We are just hiding out from a trigger-furious-crowd."

Ambassador Ronald represents another half of Colo the dire hate toward Goa'uld,Tech Puppies,Star Fleet, and Kolosters. In fact I really believe he represents the entire planet rather than one nation. That many titles of Ambassador should be merged into one. At the time being Colo has many Ambassador titles. There is one civilization that I will so called 'represent' as a Ambassador. Hell, I won't be one in my upcoming future! That is a future that will never happen, ever.

"Ambassador Ronald is out having a conversation with Captain Sulu." The receptionist said.

I sighed.

"Does the embassy still have underground tunnels?" I asked.

The receptionist smiled.

"Why we still do," The receptionist said. "We haven't removed since two years ago."

Two years ago Jessie and I undug various tunnels.

Jessie was very persistent and stubborn. She had a knack for history and digging stuff up. She had her Vulcan Granfather's Archaeologist side. I like to believe it wasn't just genetics she picked that up. She must have watched some movies like The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, or one of those movies that feature digging/bones/ancient culture/ and artifacts. Jessie had the tendency to watch some god-awful horrifying movies and come back squealing over the characters making it out of a terrible situation. Robby once told me Jessie searches for a plot in the movies and real knowledge too.

Jessie started digging two years ago outside her bedroom.


"Because I am bored." Jessie told me.

I frowned.

"Jessie, be honest with me. . . " I said. "I can tell."

Jessie sighed and her shoulders went down.

"I have a strange gut feeling .. . ." Jessie said, scoping out dirt from the ground using a shovel. "That something cool is underneath." She looked up toward me with a certain glow in her eyes. A fond kind of glow. "I can't really fool my grandpa, now can I?"

"Nope, you can't." I said.

Jessie reminded me a lot of my Picard. The original in aspects only a girl. I made a vow to myself not to tell Jean-Luc about what happened during my exile. He wouldn't understand perhaps find it odd, maybe a little unnerving. Perhaps a little awkward to be standing in front of a married man wed to another version of yourself who turned out to be gay. Just imagine the awkwardness we would share from time to time.

If I wanted to make a awkward timeline in a splinter universe I might do that.

Just without John-Luc present making him take my word as a grain of sand.

"Do you want to help me, Grandpa?" Jessie asked.

I smiled.

"I'll get your other grandfather for this," I said. "More the merrier, right?"

Jessie pouted.

"But Grandfather doesn't like digging for no reason," Jessie said.

"Hold on that thought," I said. "I need a few things and a object displacement machine. Be right back."

In the end John-Luc and Jessie had fun digging up all sorts of objects. John-Luc approached me one week later thanking me for giving him one of the best weeks of his life with our granddaughter. I was in a good mood right when I entered the senate building one hour after leaving the house to join a Senate debate about allowing children costumes, tarantulas, further Klingon immigrants, and a new vaccine for a disease called Minus One be allowed on Colo. The specifications of a couple new Star Ships were to be decided. So currently we have 15 Colonian ships out there with different purposes such as cargo, medical ship, and scientific vessel. Leave them alone for a few centuries and they advance into a helpful civilization eager to help while leaving exploration for Star Fleet.

"Nice tunnel," Daniel said. "Almost looks ancient."

"My husband and my granddaughter made it two years ago," I said. "They did most of the wall painting."

Teal'c was looking around the chipped and cracked wall surface.

"They did well," Teal'c said. "How long did it take?"

"Two weeks," I said. "Follow the lights on the wall."

It was all Jessie's idea to install lights leading to our place.

"I am curious, where were you for the past few days?" Daniel asked.

"I have no idea," I said. "He wouldn't give me an answer."

There was a backpack strapped to the back of my wheelchair containing specimens of the alien being in jars so they can be properly tested. It was all George's idea. Because I don't know how I got out of the building only that I grew drowsy and my vision was blurry not because my glasses were taken off (Even though I still had my glasses), I found myself in the hospital room in the corner of the waiting room feeling sick. They injected me with some kind of experimental sedative.

"Interesting," Teal'c said. "It seems you have allies when you are certain you have none."

I sighed.

"Not exactly my allies there," I said. "The ones I know in the Castleverse are the Castle family and the two Detectives."

"You really need more friends," Daniel said.

"I have plenty of friends in this reality," I said.

"Name them," Daniel said.

"Colloter, Fred, Angelese,Willie Wonka, Ambassador Arnold Reagen, Doctor Cavally, Ashilda . . ." I began to list.

Right beside Jessie's former room is what has been turned into a fairly large closet. It was Picard's insistence to build over it in case we have one of those invasions and that we need a hiding place in the chaos that ensues. He was perfectly right, as usual. I feel relieved sometimes not to be Mr Right all the time.

Being Mr Right is a pain in the ass.

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