Time of the Enterprises

Flash to the past

We had to tell what transpired in the Castleverse. So that is what we did, taking turns. I was surprised to hear about Daniel and Teal'c side of the story. Driving up to Area 51 in the middle of the night using a stolen RV. The other two SG-1 members were out doing something else instead of listening. Let me just say, their story is very unique.

Now let's dive into the time span where they had a very rough night.

"Why would they take him here?" Daniel asked, looking through a pair of binoculars.

"He knows the future." Teal'c said.

"You heard what Alexis said," Daniel said. "He is losing his memory."

"Maybe they are experimenting on him," Teal'c theorized. "We must go in."

"And risk you getting shot; no," Daniel lowered the binoculars. "I really do not think you should go out."

"Are you suggesting you should go out?" Teal'c asked.

"Yes," Daniel said, putting the binoculars on the dashboard below the windshield.

"And get killed?" Teal'c asked.

Daniel nodded.

"I am." Daniel said.

"Q wouldn't want that." Teal'c said.

So true.

"Well, Q isn't here," Daniel said. "He is an old man and they don't heal that easily as we do after a surgery."

"He is exactly one hundred twenty human years old," Teal'c said. "He may have the appearance of a sixty year old but he generally has the luck to recover quickly."

"You are so sure." Daniel said.

"Not exactly," Teal'c said. "He does not have a Goa'uld. As I said; he has luck on his side."

"You have been listening to O'Neill, haven't you?" Daniel asked.

"Yes." Teal'c said.

"Old people get hurt easily," Daniel said. "And they require stitching more often."

"Give me a example." Teal'c said.

"A simple fall and they can't get up," Daniel said. "I've seen some great people with brilliant minds degrade. It is a miracle Q still has a clear mind at his age."

"He is Q, after all." Teal'c said.

Daniel got out of the RV.

"Drive off." Daniel said.

Teal'c grew alarmed.

"But that would raise alarms." Teal'c said.

"We have no idea what they are doing to Q," Daniel said. "What would he do if it were you?"

"Come back with armed forces." Teal'c said.

"He would go in and negotiate," Daniel said. "He wouldn't back down."

Daniel shut the door.

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