Time of the Enterprises

What Trelane didn't do

...2367. .

. . . Enterprise . . .

Data had just finished night watch when he came into his quarters. There was not a sound in the room. Not a purr so to speak. Nor a meow. The doors closed behind Data ever so swiftly leaving him inside his dark quarters. It was puzzling at first. Naturally Data's first command to the computer was, "Computer, lights on."

"The lights ever so gracefully refuse to be turned on," Came Trelane's voice.

Data turned his head toward Trelane.

Now at the time Data had no idea or clue who Trelane is or was.

"'Why are you in my quarters?" Data asked.

"Paying a visit, dear android." Trelane said,

"I prefer to be called by my name, unknown being." Data said.

Data felt rude doing name calling.

It wasn't polite but he had no name in his processor to refer to Trelane at the time and it was the best name he could think of.

"Fine then, 'Data'," Trelane said as his position in the room was brightend. He seemed to be leaning against the wall with arms folded. "I have only come to pay you a visit by the one and only former General of Gothos."

"What do you call yourself now?" Data asked.

"Eck, you don't deserve to know my name, YET!" Trelane said.

The room is rearranged and now the entire room is suddenly glowing white. Trelane sat in a chair sipping out of a glass with a smirk well placed on his face. He had a brown cane with a white tip leaned against the icicle like table. He gestured over to a chair beckoning Data to come over. Data looked at him warily then came over to the table. Trelane seemed so casual and worry free which kind of was 'frightening'.

"Don't worry about me, little android."


"You know there are thousands of Data's out there and thousands of previous identities your past can come up with."

"I do not see the point in being told this information."

Trelane cupped his hands together then he rubbed the side of his forehead using his right hand.

"Oh. . .Data." Trelane said, lowering his head. "You wouldn't understand." Trelane's voice began to crack up and turn to sobs. "I never expected to find my . . ." He cleared his throat, trying at least trying, to keep his composure. "Father degrading before me."

Data nodded.

"I saw my father die." Data said.

"No!" Trelane said. "This is a different kind of degrading, Mr Data."

Trelane stood up.

"How so?" Data asked.

Trelane right into the middle of the room rubbing his chin then turned toward Data.

"Let me tell you this; if there was a way to prevent someone from no longer forgetting everyone around them, what would you do?" Trelane asked.

"You are avoiding my question, sir." Data said.

"I have my reasons to avoid that question, Mr Data!" The room grew darker and the walls became lined in rock like shapes. He picked up the walking stick. "We are in the most darkest and perhaps boring place in the entire universe." Data blinked. "We are in the cave at the center of the universe!"

"Sir, are you intending there to be a party?" Data asked.

"No," Trelane said. "Why do you ask?"

"When someone is about to show off they usually do a gesture of throwing their arms in the air with a dark background like you have done," Data explained. "You have made that same gesture as I have observed. I am not up for games or tricks that you have in store, so please, take me back to my quarters."

Trelane smirking clapping his hands.

"Bravo," Trelane said. "Picard has been rubbing off on you."

"I learn quickly." Data said.

Trelane slowed down his clap and stopped all together.

"That you do," Trelane said. His confident smile faded. "It is heartbreaking to see someone you care break apart. I understand how my father feels whenever a Q or a M try to destroy his toys."

"I am waiting for that answer to my question." Data said.

"I just gave you it, platypus!" Trelane said.

If Data had been insulted; he didn't show.

"The correct use would be a 'elephant', sir." Data said, politely.

"Wormhole appears on August 23rd, 2296," Trelane said. "Leads to a very isolated Voyager. Tell the halfbreed that." He stepped back. "I am not going to lie but I did not send you to wherever you go in two weeks. Squire's word!"

"Scout's word, sir." Data corrected Trelane.

"Yes,sure, whatever." Trelane said. "You know . . . Why is everyone correcting me on the term 'squires word'?"

"Because the word is more commonly used for scouts honor such as boy scouts,girl scouts, bear scouts, Klingon Scouts, Vulcan Scouts, Romulan Scouts, and Cipallon scouts." Data replied, calmly and smoothly.

"Hmm. . . And there are more types of scouts other than them?" Trelane said.

"Yes." Data said.

The scenery around them changed to a beach.

"Enjoy yourself!" Trelane said.

A wave of mighty proportion crashed landed on the beach.

"No, I will not," Data said. "Return me to the Enterprise or my cooperation will be very limited, Squire."

"You are not fun." Trelane said, leaning forward on the cane in the sand.

"I can be when I want to," Data said. "You are not fun. Matter of speaking."

"That is mean!" Trelane said.

"I was programmed to be polite and nothing but honest," Data said. "Refusing to take me back to the Enterprise is ruining your image that you are attempting to convey as a friendly passer by in my processor."

Trelane frowned.

"Fine," Trelane said. "But can we play a innocent game afterwards? I swear over my father's-" Data just looked at him blankly. "Over my grandparent's grave that no harm will come to your friends."

"Specify the game." Data said.

"Well, I will tell you when I figure that out." Trelane said.

"The truth game." Data said.

"Hm?" Trelane said.

"Finding the truth. That can be a game." Data said.

Trelane frowned.

"But that would make you older than your friends!" Trelane said.

"I am an android," Data said. "I do not age."

"Finding the truth in my games takes years, developing relationships,friendships, and conflicts but at the end it is very rewarding as my . . .Former friend. . . " Trelane faked a cough. "Chekov," Trelane faked another cough. "Told me."

"You should take care of that cough." Data said.

"Did you just hear what I said?" Trelane asked, baffled.

"I am only concerned for others well being." Data said.

"Okay, in two months we'll do a 'search for the truth game' and I will transport you back ASAP after you complete the game five seconds after leaving," Trelane said. He rubbed his hands together acting mischievously with a gleam in his eyes. "I have a game to prepare for."

Data appeared in his quarters.

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