Time of the Enterprises

A degrading man

. . . January 5th . . .

. . . 2296 . . .

I don't remember much about my past. These days I just barely have a grasp in what is going on. I was in a room with a couple other residents watching good old fashioned TV in color presenting fictional characters. I don't remember my own name, funny that. Of all the things I could possibly forget. I have forgotten who I am. I just remember a letter. One single letter in the entire alphabet.


"Q, you have a visitor."

For a reason I do not know I hated being called Q.



Why in the cosmos?

"Coming." I said.

I wheeled over to the visitors lounge. A man calling himself . . . I can't remember, was it Picard? A Picard fellow dropped me off here telling me he would see me again, in time, after I had my personal 'vacation'. It was a delightful vacation from being confused all the time where in the cosmos I was. Including these strange people I had come across. I had a ticking feeling about this man. I knew him but I didn't. I trusted him,unconditionally. I believed he knew what he was doing.

I came to the visitors lounge to see a man with dark cuirly hair sitting at a chair. He had his dark blue coat with golden designs on another seat. He had his hands together on the table with a smile. I stopped at first puzzled by the man. I felt a strange feeling distrust, shame, and unfamiliarity towards this fellow. I slowly wheeled myself toward the man dressed up in another era. He had a white shirt that had curly frills around the neck.

"Why hello there,Father," The man said. "How has life been treating you?"

I stared at him, blankfaced.

"I don't know you." I said.

I saw a amused look on his face.

"Don't do this to me," The man said. "You know I am your watcher. I know EVERYTHING you've been pushed through."

"You are God?" I asked.

The man's face became bewildered.

"No, Father!" The man said. "In a sense the Q are gods themselves." He played around with a random ball that appeared in his hands. "I have been wondering about having some fun of my own with your toys."

"I am not a child, young man," I said, feeling angry. "Don't you dare talk to me like a child!"

"But . . . That's how we refer to our play things." The man said, as he grew panicked.

"I have no idea who you are and why exactly I am suppose to visit someone in a hotel WHO TALKS TO ME LIKE A CHILD!" I shouted. "I am a old man. I don't play with plastic action figures, little balls, or bouncy scruncy objects." I began to draw attention to myself. "Who are you? I don't know you. I really have no idea who you are!"

The man stood up then put one hand on my shoulder.

"Please,stop it." The man plead.

I gawked at the man who had a nerve to talk to me about toys.

"Let go of my shoulder, young man." I said.

A hotel employee came over appearing to be concerned.

"Is something wrong?" The lady asked.

The man took his hand off my shoulder.

"No . . ." The man said.

"Yes, there is!" I said. "I have no idea who this man is and he claims to know me."

"I am . . . I am your son," His voice choked laced in a breaking tone. "Q."

"I don't have any sons far as I am aware." I said.

I saw the hurt in his eyes.

And I did not care about that.

"Mr . . ." The lady started.

I turned away taking my attention off the young man.

"T-Treylane," The man said. "I am his son."

I had a feeling that wasn't his name, really.

"Mr Pocirld did not mention about Mr Q having any relatives except for his daughter T'fara." The lady said.

I wheeled my way back to the viewing center along with all the other oldies.

"How . . . How long does he have?" The man asked, softly.

"At least a year." The lady said.

"A year." The man repeated.

"His memory decreasement has recently increased. It is spreading through his body." The lady said.

"What is spreading through his body?" The man asked.

She puckered her red lips then relaxed them.

"We don't know." The lady said.

"How can you NOT know what is happening to my father!" The man shouted.

"Look, we have had him tested." The lady said.

"Tested?" The man repeated.

"Yes, with samples." The lady said.

"He can't go out like this. . . " He pushed in his chair. "He can't . . . " He shook his head. "I can't bare to watch him suffer this way!"

"His spouse has given us permission to not let him suffer when it becomes painful." The lady said.

"Not let him suffer?" The man repeated, with a tinge of emotion in his voice. He had a terrified look on his face. "He can't die this way. If he dies again . . I can't bring him back a second time!" The lady grew a concerned look. "I just can't. I can't lose him a second time."

"Look," The lady said. "Mr Treylane, we have the best possible medical staff studying his case."

The young man put on his coat.

"Where is here anyway?" The man asked.

"Fort Madison on the Zako planet." The lady said.

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